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How to Connect Airpods to Peloton Bike? It’s Easy to Pair!

Airpods are an accessory of Apple gadgets, which are inserted in the ears for listening and talking, and also allow for communication with Siri, Apple’s digital assistant. The good news is that you can connect the Airpods to your peloton screen via its topnotch fast Bluetooth connectivity.

It has a microphone that filters external noise and allows you to listen to your audio without interruption, a feature that makes it a one of the great accessories for peloton classes. It is wireless, which makes it convenient for the intense spinning and stationary peloton cycling, since you will not have to worry about being careful.

Step-by-Step Guide to Pairing Airpods With Peloton Screen

Step 1: First of all, check if your bike is connected to another device or not. If it is connected then unpair all devices. You also have to ensure that the Airpods are to paired to your other iPhone or iPad, hence both gadgets free of other connections.

Step 2: Secondly, you need to open connectivity settings from the screen settings on your bike and turn it on. Now take your Airpods and flip the lid of the Airpod case open. Make sure both your Airpods are in it. Put the open case closest to your screen.

Step 3: At this point, press and hold the button behind your Airpod case until the light inside turns white. When the light turns white, that means that your Airpods are in pairing mode and ready to connect to other gadgets, just like all other Bluetooth ear sets. You will see an animated picture on your screen, which represents the Airpods Bluetooth connection. Tap on your Airpods name or picture representation on the screen of your Peloton bike.

Step 4: Start a test exercise to check whether your Airpods are properly connected or not. You can try listening to music from your peloton screen. If your Airpods are not yet connected, repeat the above steps again, the second time more carefully.

Step 5: Once you are set, enjoy having the smoothest possible listening time during your peloton trainings.

Once you connect your Airpods to your peloton Screen for the first time, you will not have to go back to the whole process, because the connectivity will be automatic whenever both gadgets Bluetooth is on. However, you will have to repeat this process if you also use the same Airpods on other gadgets after your workouts.

What are The Advantages of Pairing Airpods to Peloton Bike?

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  • Airpods are compatible with your peloton bike screen, hence suitable for peloton usage.
  • Airpods will enhance your exercise experience, given that the microphone reduces interference of external background noise. You will easily hear your instructor and listen to music and hence general workout concentration.
  • You will get 5 hours of battery service in one-time full charge. This is more than enough for a day’s peloton cycling or spinning exercise.
  • Airpods have zero wires. This feature gives you uninterrupted and carefree sessions, without the worry of damaging wires whenever you concentrate on your workout more than your listening accessory.
  • Airpods have a good quality microphone, which gives you the best quality of communication with your trainer and other participants.
  • Airpods also features noise cancelation which delivers you a clear sound during your workout, and you will not have to slow down to listen.
  • You definitely won’t get any sweat issue on it, thus comfortable throughout the exercise.
  • You will find that Airpods are small in size, a great aspect that makes it more comfortable during exercise on your Peloton bike. 


How to Solve Challenges if Airpods Won’t Connect to Peloton Bike

If you are facing the problem of pairing your Airpods with your peloton screen, or your Airpods do not appear on the Bluetooth list of your bike, then you need an ultimate solution. As long as both gadgets are in good condition, then the solve the problem yourself.

You can resolve the problem by following these few steps;

First, you need to check whether both your devices (Airpods and bike screen) Bluetooth connection is turned on or not.

Secondly, you need to make sure whether your Airpods are still connected to any previous device or not. If it is, then unpair it and turn off the Bluetooth on the other device to prevent reconnection.

You should have your Airpods case charged prior to usage. If your Bluetooth connectivity is challenging, checking the charge status of the Airpods is necessary.

Correcting the above three issues, your Airpods should ready for use. If you see the white indicative light after pressing the button behind the case that means your Airpods are ready to use. The screen should by this time also project the Airpods, showing readiness to pair.

Follow the connecting process above.

If the problem is persistent, try to restart your Airpods by pressing the button behind the charging case and try again the steps. If it is not faulty, then after restarting the process the connection should work.

Unpairing an Airpod from iPhone or iPad for Use on Peloton Screen

You will have to unpair or remove your Airpod from iPhone or iPad if you want to use it on your Peloton bike screen. Below is the quick unpairing process;

  • First, go to Bluetooth on the settings of your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap on the information button which you will find beside the Airpod name.
  • Now tap “Forget This Device” if you want to just remove the pods from your device.
  • If you want to remove iCloud as well, then tap twice on the “Forget Device” on the iPhone it will remove your iCloud as well.
  • If you just want to disconnect the Bluetooth connectivity but will want to use it later, simply put off the Bluetooth connectivity of the iPhone or iPad.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Airpods configure with other company’s smart TV?

Yes, Airpod is a Bluetooth device so you definitely can connect Airpods with other smart TV, as long as the smart TV supports Bluetooth audio. It just has some extra features for Apple products users.

How to configured Airpods with Apple smart TV?

If you logged in to your Apple TV with the same iCloud account then it can be configured automatically with the TV. If it is connected with different account, then it needs to connect manually. For that,

  • Have both Airpods in the case.
  • Hold the paring button until the light inside the case is active.
  • Open Remote and devices in the settings app on Apple TV, then go to Bluetooth.
  • Select Airpods from the device list.

Can you connect Airpods to the peloton screen and other Bluetooth gadgets simultaneously?

No, you can’t. you have to disconnect your Airpods from all other devices if you want it to connect to your Peloton bike screen. If you try pairing the Airpods to other gadgets, they will automatically disconnect from the peloton screen.

Do Airpods cause any health issues?

No, they don’t. This is simply because Airpods emit a low amount of radiation, just like mobile phones, which are not harmful. Its material is also comfortable for the ears, this will not hurt or cause friction with the ear. If you use the recommended sound levels, then your hearing safety is also guaranteed.

Is it necessary to be a cyclist to ride a Peloton?

No, it is not necessary to be a cyclist. Anyone can ride on it, as long as you are within the recommended height and weight. It also does not require any previous expertise in outdoor cycling. Nevertheless, those who love cycling will find it a perfect piece of gear for indoor spinning and cycling.

Final Word

Peloton workout is among the best indoor workouts today, and any health enthusiast will feel compelled to join. Moreover, with Airpods, which, unlike other earphones, are customized to fit the ear and ensure you remain comfortable regardless of the length of time you will have them on, your efforts will bear more fruits.

Listening to music during your peloton rides makes it a jovial experience. The Airpods further ensure that you improve your performance, as you block all external noise and concentrate on your instructor’s voice.

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