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Keiser M3i Vs Peloton; Which Bike Offers the Best Workout Experience?

When I decided on indoor cycling, I considered the diverse bike options available. The last two left standing were Peloton and Keiser M3i. Of course, Peloton was always a perfect choice for me, but I knew I could get the Peloton experience on the M3i using the Peloton digital app. 

Despite this, I still chose a Peloton bike because it had more benefits than Keiser M3i in the long run. But not before I had put the two bikes head to head, analyzing the features, benefits, and cons. I am sure you can use one too, so I will share my experience. So, let’s get down to it;

Head-to-Head Features and Tech Comparison: Keiser M3i Vs Peloton

Keiser M3i Vs Peloton What's the Difference?
Features and TechPeloton Keiser M3i
Specs:Footprint: 4’x 2’ ;
standard bike Dimensions: 59″ L x 53″ H x 23″ W; Weight: 135 lb
Bike plus Dimensions: 59″ L x 59″ H x 22″ W; Weight: 140 lb

Footprint: 4’x 2’ ;
HEIGHT: 49″ / 1245 mm; WIDTH: 26″ / 661 mm; DEPTH: 51″ / 1296 mm; WEIGHT:
92 lbs / 42 kg
DisplayTouchscreen  Bike: 21.5 inches Bike +: 23.8 inches(rotational)LED display
PedalLook DeltaSPD and toe cages
Shoes Look DeltaSPD or sneakers
Flywheel Poly-V® Drive BeltPoly-V® Drive Belt
4’11” to 6’4″4’10” to 7′
297lbs (135 kg)350 pounds (159 kg)
Speakers Bike: 2-Channel rear-facing stereo speaker system Bike +: 2.2 Channel front-facing stereo speakers and 2.2 rear-facing woofersNo speakers
the seat
the handlebars
You can use only the Peloton app Multiple apps 
Subscription costsAll-access: $39Varies with app
Bluetooth compatibleyesyes
dumbbell holderyesno
Heart rate
monitor compatible
water bottle holderyesyes
Media traynoyes
WarrantyFive years frame, 1-year parts, and laborTen years frame, 1-year labor, and parts
Distributors Peloton Inc.Multiple; Keiser, Amazon, among others

What is the Difference Between Keiser M3i and Peloton Flywheels?

Difference Between Keiser M3i and Peloton Flywheels

Indoor spinning bikes flywheels may have started as an imitation of the outdoor bike wheels, but they have upgraded over time. 

Basically, both Peloton and Keiser M3i bikes use strong yet minimal weight flywheels. They are made of Poly-V® Drive Belt, which combines with magnetic resistance to offer a quiet and smooth ride.

On top of that, with both bikes, the flywheel and its drive train don’t require many maintenance procedures, save for keeping it safe. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about replacements, oiling, or even greasing.

However, the difference between the two flywheels is that Peloton’s flywheel on both bikes is at the front, below the handlebars. On the contrary, the M3i flywheel is at the rear, which I love because it keeps it away from sweat. Actually, Keiser M3i innovative flywheel design is one of its best innovations that help beat the competition. 

Also, while both bikes have fairly light flywheels, Peloton’s flywheel is way heavier at 18 pounds. After all, the Keiser M3i flywheel is only 8 pounds. The lightweight flywheel gives M3i an upper hand with professional road bike cyclists, with whom it feels much more of a road bike than an indoor bike.

What Is the Difference Between Keiser M3i Vs. Peloton Display?

Difference Between Keiser M3i Vs. Peloton Display

Keiser M3i comes with an LED display, which only records the metrics. It is compatible with a Gym Kit heart rate monitor, displaying the heart rate. The display also features revolutions per minute, time, distance, and resistance on the bike.

Nevertheless, the LED display can just display the metrics, but it is too small to display more. Therefore, if you are to stream workouts from a gym app, you will have to purchase an extra screen or consider using your TV. But if the M3i was your choice, the tablet you purchase is way cheaper and more versatile than the Peloton tablet. Besides, M3i comes with a spin tray to facilitate the introduction of a workout tablet.

However, the Peloton display features a full-screen display. In addition, the screen features Peloton in-built app, from where you will stream the workouts. Peloton has on-demand and live classes, and they vary from numerous cycling options to cardio, strength, yoga, and meditation that you can select. The best part is that you don’t need an extra display. This is probably also the reason that the Peloton bikes don’t come with a spin tray unless you get one separately.

The touchscreen, just like with Keiser, will display the cadence, time, distance, and resistance. When connected to a heart rate monitor, it also displays the heart rate as well as the calories burned in the course of the workout.

What Is the Difference Between Keiser M3i Vs. Peloton Frame?

Difference Between Keiser M3i Vs. Peloton Frame

Keiser M3i and Peloton both have a frame design that befits both men and women with its V-shaped outlook. It also allows people of different body frames to fit on the bikes.

The frames are made of welded steel, while the top coating differs slightly in outlook.

With the Peloton bike, the whole bike is matte black, with Peloton red signature color gracing the logo and the outline of the flywheel. However, with the M3i, the rear frame is silver, the front in black, with a red logo and coloration to finish the look.

What Is the Difference Between Keiser M3i Vs. Peloton App using?

The M Keiser app is among the many apps you can use with the Keiser M3i. Actually, you can also get a Peloton digital app for your M3i bike. And the Peloton digital app is cheap, at only $12.99.

On the contrary, the Peloton bike only supports the Peloton All Access Membership which costs $39.99 per month; there is no option to use Peloton Digital App. If you’re using a non-Peloton bike or tread, you can use a digital membership which costs $12.99 per month. The advantage of a digital membership is that you have access to all of Peloton’s programming without needing to buy a Peloton bike.

And, if you are on the all-access membership, the digital app is free. The all-access membership on Peloton bike sounds expensive because you don’t even have to pay to use Keiser M3i. However, with only one membership (All Access Membership), you get the freedom to register multiple accounts. Therefore, the bike becomes beneficial to the whole household.

On the other hand, only one account would be available if you chose to use the Peloton digital app with Keiser M3i.

Can I use Peloton app with Keiser M3i? 

Yes, you can use the Peloton digital app with Keiser M3i. Actually, the Peloton digital app is suitable for any non-Peloton spinning bike. I have a friend who uses it with a Keiser M3i, and the impact is just as amazing.

How to connect Keiser M3i to the Peloton app?

Usually, the Peloton digital app does not connect to other bikes automatically, as it would with the Peloton bike. However, with the Keiser M3i, you already have the advanced LED display, right? 

Therefore, all you need is to download a Peloton app on your tablet or laptop or Tv or register for an account on the web via OnePeloton. The first month will be free of any subscription, which you start paying in the second month. During the first free month, you can decide whether the app is really worth it.

Once you log in to your Peloton account, choose a cycling class and hop on the bike for a ride. The M3i display will start recording the time, distance, cadence, and resistance, which you get from the Peloton app class.

Other than that, you should consider investing in a heart rate monitor, which should be Gym Kit integrated for M3i. The heart rate monitor syncs with the Keiser display to record your heart rate. With the HRM, Peloton power zone rides become more achievable.

How Does a Keiser M3i work?

Essentially, Keiser M3i works with magnetic resistance, which is suitable for reducing wear and tear. Therefore, as you increase the resistance, the magnets will get onto the flywheel, creating resistance to cadence. Consequently, you are able to get a road feel, which has uneven terrains. Depending on the class, you can get onto a road that barely has any hills, or you could get on a climb expedition.

How Does a Peloton Bike work?

Fundamentally, Peloton works by incorporating resistance and cadence into the rides. These are the metrics that determine your output on the bike.

Cadence refers to complete flywheel rotations in a minute, while resistance refers to how hard it is to make the rotations. 

Basically, the Peloton resistance is magnetic, ensuring that the flywheel is free of wear and tear. Also, it is suitable for ensuring a quiet and smooth ride.

How Accurate are Keiser Spin Bikes?

Keiser M3i became the first fitness bike to pass the EN ISO 20957-1 certification by TUV Product Services. This is a European safety organization, and its certification means that the bike’s accuracy only differs by more than or less than 10%. Therefore, the resistance level doesn’t vary much from one bike to another, which is usually the main variation.

How Accurate Are Peloton Bikes?

Peloton states that the bikes have an accuracy difference of 10% of one bike from the other. Most users also admit that the bikes’ accuracy level is very high. 

Most importantly, if your bike’s accuracy seems off, Peloton provides customer support, ensuring that it is back to the normal range. 

Thus, if you take an FTP test, the bike maybe 10% in favor of you or 10% against you. Better still, it could be as close to 1 to 3% accurate.

Price Comparison Between Peloton Bike and Keiser M3i

The Peloton bike is currently going for $1495, making it the overall value bike of choice between Keiser M3i and Peloton bikes. However, the bike plus is relatively high-end, going for $2495. 

Nonetheless, this is the exact cost of Keiser M3i on the Keiser website. The good news is that the Keiser bike is available on multiple platforms, where the cost varies. For example, you will get it today on Amazon at $1895 when fully assembled. But you have to remember that on Amazon, you will provide for the delivery costs, which the Keiser company includes in the bike cost.

Therefore, the standard Peloton bike is best if you were to go for the value option.

Keiser M3i Workout Experience Vs. Peloton’s

Keiser and Peloton have great workout experiences, making it difficult to choose one. However, they still differ;

While Peloton only has the Peloton app choice, Keiser has multiple app choices. The M3i even works with the Peloton digital app for a Peloton experience. However, with Peloton, you are tied to the in-built app.

Secondly, Peloton comes with an integrated workout system, so you don’t have to go through extra tablet purchases. You also have the workouts already with the bike, hence less hustle. With the M3i, you have to make additional purchases and research the best workout apps to go with the bike.

Thirdly, the Peloton bike offers an instructor-user interaction, which helps bring a gym feeling to the house. Finally, the Leaderboard helps the users compete against each other, hence better productivity. With M3i, even if you were to take the Peloton digital app, the Leaderboard competitive experience would be denied.

Riding the M3i lightweight flywheel is the goal for most avid riders. But unfortunately, this cycling experience is not achievable in Peloton, whose flywheel is heavier.

Pros and Cons When Choosing the Peloton

Why should you take or leave the Peloton bike for Keiser and vice versa? Let’s get into the interesting bits;

Pros of a Peloton

  • Strong community for competition and interaction.
  • You get it all in one; the bike, the tablet, metrics readings, and the app membership.
  • Peloton standard bike is a cheaper option to buy.
  • The all-access Peloton membership accommodates a whole household which the digital app and most apps will not.
  • You have the option to choose between the digital app and the all-access membership, depending on convenience.

Cons of Peloton

  • The Peloton default pedals only accommodate the Look Delta design of shoes, which is expensive.
  • It is narrow in that there is only one workout app you can use with the bike.

Pros and Cons When Choosing the Keiser m3i

Pros of the M3i

  • You can use the bike with multiple apps, including the Peloton app.
  • You don’t need to power the bike to use it; hence no confusing power cords or power blackout limitations.
  • The bike doesn’t require any subscriptions; you can decide to ride with free apps available.
  • The bike accommodates a higher weight and height range than Peloton.
  • You can use either cycling shoes or regular shoes with the default pedals.

Cons of the M3i

  • It is more expensive than the Peloton standard bike.
  • You have to purchase a tablet separately for use with the bike.

Should You Buy Keiser M3i or Peloton?

I chose the Peloton bike over the M3i because of the multiple accounts I could get with the all-access membership, favoring the four adults in my household. I also loved the competitive nature the bike would give me, which left me left out when I used the digital app.

However, I found it difficult to leave the M3i because of the super-light flywheel. I still managed to convince a friend to get it, and the rides are so different. I also wanted a flywheel and a drive train at the rear, which meant that sweat would never cause rust or damage to the bike’s powerhouse. 

So, Who Should Buy Keiser M3i?

Additionally, the Keiser is a commercial-grade spin bike with remarkable durability and quality. Keiser M3i is suitable for people who want a single Peloton account or multiple accounts from multiple cycling apps.

If you love to save money, you can choose Keiser because the Peloton bike needed All-Access Membership that cost is now $39 per month. It costs $12.99 per month to use the Peloton Digital App without a Peloton bike and $39 per month with a Peloton bike. All of the content is the same. So, you can use Peloton Digital App instead of Peloton all-access membership with the Keiser.

With the Keiser and your Tablet, Pc, phone, or TV, you have the ability to take other cycling classes with other Apps like iFit, Apple Fitness+, etc. And You can also use many free fitness apps and see youtube spin classes.

It is also great for people who adore a lightweight flywheel that gets them flying with minimal resistance, such as road cyclists.

Do you love cycling in toe cages for ease in getting on and off the bike, but would appreciate cycling shoes whenever it feels convenient? Then, the M3i is a fantastic option.

And Who Should Buy the Peloton Bike?

The Peloton bike is excellent for people who want it all-in-one without out-of-the-box challenges. It comes with a touchscreen, and the Peloton app is already inbuilt.
You will also fall in love with the bike if you love a large interactive community. With the Peloton bike, you can have video chats, give and receive high-fives and be in or create hashtags. Most importantly, the community on the bike is competitive, and you can gauge your cycling prowess against other riders in different classes.

According to Peloton about Peloton All-Access Membership: You’ll have unlimited access to a growing library of live streaming, on-demand classes, scenic rides, challenges, and real-time performance tracking. No classes offered by Peloton are off-limits. Create profiles for everyone in your home so they can access our entire library of classes from your Peloton Bike, Bike+.

So, Peloton or Keiser M3i, which should you get?

Lastly, get the Peloton bike if you want a complete experience and love to stay with the community and compete with each other. It is inexpensive, and the high-tech tablet ensures that you get a whole Peloton experience. You will also appreciate the all-access membership for your family or friends if you are a people person.

But if you love saving money and the light flywheel and versatile app options, the Keiser M3i is still the top option here. And most importantly, the M3i is definitely the best if your height and weight exceed that of a Peloton bike.

The bottom line; get the bike that favors your interests most!

An Overview of the Keiser M3i Indoor Bike

Keiser M3i bike is an improvement of all Keiser’s former bike models, incorporating a decade-old worth of innovation. But, over and above that, it targets all groups of riders, from the expert to the beginner. This is evident in the bike’s V-shaped frame design to the wide range of seat and handlebars adjustments.

Then there are the dual pedals, which allow users to go for regular and cycling shoes. And let’s not forget the Bluetooth compatibility, which enables the bike to connect with multiple workout apps.

The M3i boasts of near-perfect accuracy, which has been proven by EN ISO 20957-1 certification by TUV Product Services. You will use a variety of workout apps with the bike, but the efficiency in the accuracy is exhilarating in them all.

An Overview of the Peloton Bike

The Peloton bike was the first of its kind to bring an interactive online community to indoor workouts. It comes in handy for people who appreciate exercise interaction yet find it hard to get to the gym.

Moreover, the bike company continues to ensure that the experience is available and affordable to more people. Rather than get a more expensive option after the bike plus, the Peloton standard bike cost has gone down to $1495. There are also pricing plans that ensure no one is closed out of the deal.

Peloton’s interactive nature couples with a competitive nature. While it may be challenging to keep up with output and frequency discipline, the Leaderboard and the programs ensure that you get the help you need.

Why is Keiser M3i so expensive?

Keiser M3i bike is expensive because massive investment has been put into its innovation. It has also taken about a decade to come up with, hence the best user experience. 

M3i is the perfect bike for indoor training that professional cyclists would compare to outdoor cycling. 

Finally, the M3i is a Keiser bike, a brand with a longstanding history in bike innovations, hence the high bike cost.

Why is Peloton So Expensive?

Peloton provides the indoor training experience that you would normally get in a gym or studio.

Moreover, the bike is sleek, quality, and with optimal interactive tech that takes daily innovations to upgrade. 

Surprisingly, the market also seems to love the fact that the bike is really expensive. Before, the former Peloton CEO John Foley said that the bike got a higher market with increased prices.

After all, it is a Peloton, the leading indoor bike company!

Wrapping Up

Keiser M3i and Peloton bikes are definitely great options, but you have to end up with one. So, which bike do you consider?

Each bike’s features, benefits, and disadvantages are among the primary considerations to ending up with the best indoor bike option. All in all, remember that your indoor bike is a lifetime investment. Therefore, making the best choice is kind of a big deal!

After comparing the main part of the Keiser M3i Vs Peloton we can say- An indoor bike is a one-time investment, and with the strong frame used on both peloton and Keiser M3i, you can be sure of long-time use. Most customers have found satisfaction with the bike they chose, and the companies even provide for a return guarantee if the product does not suit your needs within the first specified days.

The benefits of an indoor cycling or spinning workout are immeasurable.  With the above knowledge, you can purchase the bike that most befits your needs and preferences.

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