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How Long Does It Take to Walk 2 Miles By Age And Gender?

It can be tough to find time for regular physical activity. It’s important, though, and it doesn’t need to be complicated. Something as simple as 2 miles of walking daily can help you live a healthier life. Walking faster, farther, and more frequently can bring you great benefits!

Generally, it takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes to walk 2 miles. Walking at an easy pace (3 mph) takes 40 minutes; at a moderate pace, it takes 30 minutes to walk 2 miles.

The walking time may vary based on various factors, including your walking speed, age, gender, fitness level, terrain, and path.

Since 2 miles is a healthy and excellent distance to walk towards a healthier life, we have compiled all you need to know about the time limits and more. Keep scrolling to about…

  • How Long Does It Take to Walk 2 Miles based on your walking speed?
  • 2 Miles: Average Walking Time by Age and Gender
  • How Long 2 Miles Walk Will Take on the Treadmill?
  • How Many Steps Are in 2 Miles?
  • Is Walking 2 Miles a Day good?
  • Is Walking 2 Miles a Day Enough for Health?

How Long are 2 Miles? 2 miles is 10560 feet and approximately 3.2 km. Therefore, you can determine the duration based on the distance metrics you understand.

How Long Does It Take to Walk 2 Miles?

On average, it takes 40 minutes to walk 2 miles at a leisurely pace of 3 mph. At a slower pace of 2.5 mph, completing the distance will take 48 minutes. At a faster pace of 4 mph, it will take 30 minutes to walk the distance. Professional walkers can also walk the distance at five mph, completing it in 24 minutes.

Walking paceTime
Slow Walk (2.5 Mph)/ 60 to 79 steps per minute/ 24 minutes per mile48 min
Easy Walk (3 Mph)/ 80 to 99 steps per minute / 20 minutes per mile  40 min
Moderate Walk (4 Mph)/ 100 to 119 steps per minute / 15 minutes per mile  30 min
Fast Walk (5 Mph)/ 120+ steps per minute/ 12 minutes per mile  24 min

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Essentially, some factors determine how long an individual takes walking. These include the terrain, where people walking on smooth terrains walk faster than those walking on rough country roads. Also, those walking uphill will walk slower than those walking on a flat surface.

There are also factors such as weather conditions, fitness level, and walking motivation.

2 Miles: Average Walking Time by Age and Gender

Several research institutions have concluded that pace, which is a large determinant of time taken in walking, can be determined by age and gender. Interestingly, it shows that middle-aged persons walk faster than even younger persons. 

Research indicates that men walk faster than women, hence a shorter walking duration. For example, men in their 30s walk at a slow speed of 3.2 miles per hour, completing 2 miles in 38 minutes. However, women in the same age group walk at a leisurely pace of 3.0 miles per hour, hitting the distance in 40 minutes. Let’s see the detail:

AgeGenderAverage speed (Mph)How long does it take to walk 2 miles
20-29Male3.0439 min
 Female3.040 min
30-39Male3.238 min
 Female3.040 min
40-49Male3.238 min
 Female3.1139 min
50-59Male3.238 min
 Female2.9341 min
60-69Male3.040 min
 Female2.7743 min
70-79Male2.8244 min
 Female2.5347 min
80-89Male2.1755 min
 Female2.157 min

How Long 2 Miles Walk Will Take on the Treadmill?

Amazingly, it will take the same time to walk on the treadmill as it takes to walk outdoors. However, walking on the treadmill guarantees a specific speed, and there are fewer distractions, so the set duration is also fixed. For example, if you set your distance at 2 miles and your speed at 3 miles per hour, 2 miles divided by 3 miles will give you the time in hours that you should expect to complete the Walk.

Below is a table showing the treadmill pace and how long you need to walk 2 miles:

Walking Speed (mph)Minutes per mileTime for 2 miles of walking
2.524:0048 min
3.020:0040 min
3.119:2139 min
3.218:4538 min
3.318:1036 min  
3.417:3835 min
3.517:0834 min
3.616:4033 min
3.716:1232 min
3.815:4731 min
3.915:2331 min
4.015:0030 min
4.114:3829 min
4.214:1728 min
4.313:5728 min
4.413:3827 min
4.513:2027 min
5.012:0024 min

How Many Steps Are in 2 Miles?

As a whole, the number of steps you take depends on your pace, body height, and sex. On average, 4300 steps to walk 2 miles. Men have longer steps than women and take fewer steps to complete a distance. For example, a 5 ft. 9 inches tall man will take 4422 steps to walk 2 miles. However, a woman of the same height takes 4488 steps to walk 2 miles.

In the same way, tall people take longer steps, hence fewer steps to complete 2 miles. For example, a man of height 5 ft. 9 inches will take 4422 steps in 2 miles, while a man of height 5 ft. takes 4676 steps to complete 2 miles.

When it comes to pace, people walking fast tend to take longer steps, hence end up with fewer steps. For example, a man of 5 ft. 9 inches walks leisurely at a speed of 3 miles per hour in 4422 steps. If he increases his pace to 4 miles per hour, his steps will reduce to 4042 for the same distance.

Is Walking 2 Miles a Day Good?

Yes, walking 2 miles a day is good, especially when you walk at a comfortable pace. It is great for fit people as well as people looking forward to keeping fit and healthy. Also, since it barely takes 40 minutes to complete, 2 miles is favorable for active recovery in case of an injury.

You can start with a few days a week, say three days a week, taking as much rest as possible in between to avoid the adverse effects of walking. Then, increase the days to four until you can manage five to six days of walking in a week.

Here are the benefits you will gain walking daily;

  • Burning calories: Walking is a cardiovascular exercise, and walking 2 miles will get you to burn calories. If you want to maximize burning calories, you should consider walking uphill and increasing the walking pace.
  • Keeping fit: Even if you don’t do other activities, walking 2 miles daily will keep you fit and flexible. The best part is that walking involves all body parts, from all four limbs to the core.
  • Recovering from injury: Since the exercise is low-intensity and easy on the joints, it helps with active recovery from joint and muscle injuries.
  • Improves the mood: Walking relieves stress by facilitating the release of endorphins, which are feel-good hormones that improve mood.

Is Walking 2 Miles a Day Enough for Health?

Well, walking 2 miles a day definitely counts towards better health. The more steps you take in a day, the less your risk of death and related illnesses such as stroke, hypertension, and diabetes. 

However, consider increasing your distance occasionally. For example, you can walk 2 miles four days a week, and on the fifth day, increase the distance to approximately five miles before taking a rest day. 

You can also incorporate strength training and even bodyweight exercises count in helping build stronger bones, joints, and muscles.

Most importantly, consider your diet to keep healthy. Always go for healthy meals as opposed to junk in order to balance your body’s minerals and electrolytes.

Therefore, incorporating healthy meals and strength exercises into your 2 miles walks make your walks healthier than just plain walks. However, even without additional measures, walking is proven to be way effective in curbing illnesses and helping maintain healthily or regain health.


Walking 2 miles take 24 to 48 minutes for the average person. Therefore, it is manageable and easy to incorporate into a schedule. Actually, if you find it too much, you can always consider walking a mile to work or school and another mile from work or school to spread the duration.

The benefits of walking are immense, and they incorporate both health and fitness benefits for your mental, emotional, and physical health.

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