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Does Lifetime Fitness Have a Guest Pass?

Yes, Lifetime Fitness offers guest passes. Guests are welcome to use the facilities at Lifetime Fitness centers, whether accompanied by a member or as walk-in visitors to the center, by obtaining a One Day membership.

These guest passes are an excellent way for prospective members to explore the club’s amenities and services, aiding in their decision-making about joining the fitness center.

Moreover, if you decide to transition from a guest to a full-time member, Lifetime Fitness offers the added benefit of crediting back the One-Day Membership fee and applying it to their first monthly dues. To avail of this offer, you must sign up for a monthly membership within 30 days of your club visit.

Can You Bring A Guest to Lifetime Fitness?

Yes. If you’re a member of Lifetime Fitness, you can bring a guest to the facility. Each member has the opportunity to invite two guests per month, with the stipulation that the same individual may only be welcomed once within a 60-day timeframe.

However, it’s important to note that members with a month-to-month membership might not always have guest privileges. This is generally the standard policy, but some exceptions may occur at the discretion of individual club policies, which might occasionally extend the privilege to month-to-month members as well.

Does Lifetime Fitness Offer A 7-Day Guest Pass?

No. Lifetime Fitness does not offer a 7-day guest pass. But, they do provide a flexible alternative for new members.

If you join but then decide that Lifetime Fitness isn’t the right fit for you, there’s a safety net in place. You have the freedom to cancel your membership within the first seven days after it’s been activated.

Should you choose to exercise this option and notify Lifetime Fitness within that initial 7-day period, they’ll ensure a hassle-free process by refunding any Joining Fees and Membership Dues you’ve already paid.

It’s important to note that this refund policy applies specifically to the Joining Fees and Membership Dues; any other products or services that have been purchased as part of a membership package are generally non-refundable.

This approach aims to give you peace of mind when committing to a membership, knowing you have a week to assess if it truly meets your needs.

Lifetime Fitness Guest Pass Fee

The cost of a guest pass at Lifetime Fitness can differ based on the location of the club and the specific type of pass you’re interested in. Generally, a day pass at various Lifetime Fitness clubs will usually cost between $30 and $100.

Lifetime Fitness Guest Pass Fee

These price variations are influenced by a range of factors, including the amenities offered by each club, the club’s geographic location—with clubs in larger cities potentially charging more—and the discretion of club management.

Lifetime Fitness Guest Rules and Policy

Lifetime Fitness has a comprehensive policy outlining the terms and conditions for utilizing guest privileges. The policy covers various aspects, including frequency of use, access to amenities, age restrictions, and accompanying rules for guests.

  • Lifetime Fitness offers complimentary guest privileges each month as part of your membership.
  • A non-member can use a guest pass once every 60 days; visits more frequent than that require the purchase of a one-day membership.
  • You cannot accumulate monthly guest privileges; they reset each month, and you can monitor them online or through the Lifetime mobile app.
  • Guest privileges extend to an individual, couple, or family from the same household. Without these privileges, individuals aged 14 and older must purchase a One-Day membership.
  • Some facilities, such as outdoor pools or racquet courts, may incur additional guest fees. Contact your local club for details on possible extra charges.
  • Members 18 and older can offer a guest pass to another member with a lower access level, but not for access to centers with higher-level pricing.
  • Guest privileges are non-accumulative and cannot be carried over to future months or years.
  • During busy times, guest access may be restricted at Life Time’s discretion.
  • If your guest has already visited within the last 60 days or you’ve used all your monthly guest privileges, they can opt for a one-day membership.
  • All guests must present a valid ID card upon their visit.
  • Guest hours and potential additional fees vary by location and season, so consult your club’s hours page for the latest information.
  • Guests under 18 must have a supervising adult and a completed Parental Agreement on file.
  • Adult guests can bring their children during their visit without using additional guest privileges.

Are Lifetime Fitness Guest Passes Free?

Currently, Lifetime Fitness does not offer free day passes. The cost for a guest pass typically ranges between $30 and $100. While some clubs may provide free passes, it’s advisable to check with local Lifetime Fitness branches to inquire about such offers.

Lifetime Fitness Guest Pass Hours

Lifetime Fitness Guest Pass Hours

Lifetime Fitness guest pass hours are typically subject to the specific club’s operational hours. For example, my home club guest pass hours are generally from 5:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Here’s how you can find out when you can use a guest pass at a particular Lifetime Fitness location:

  • Check Online: Visit the official Lifetime Fitness website and search for your local club. The hours of operation should be listed there, and often, there will be information about guest privileges.
  • Call the Club: You can directly call the front desk of your chosen Lifetime Fitness club and inquire about their guest pass hours. This way, you can also get immediate answers to any other questions you might have.
  • Visit the Club: If you’re nearby, you can visit the club in person and ask about the hours during which they accept guest passes.

Please note that some areas within the club, such as the pool or group fitness classes, might have different hours than the general club operating hours, and guest access might be further restricted within those areas.

Remember, it’s essential to confirm the guest pass hours before you plan your visit, as they can vary by location and are subject to change for holidays or special events held at the club.

How to Obtain a Lifetime Fitness Guest Pass

For those who are not currently members, accessing a Lifetime Fitness Day pass can be done through their website or by visiting the club in person.

Online registration requires basic information including your name, email, phone number, birth year, and choice of club location.

Alternatively, one can visit the preferred club and speak with the front desk staff to secure a pass.

Understanding the Usage of a Lifetime Fitness Guest Pass

The Lifetime Fitness guest pass is designed for individuals interested in trying out the gym before committing to a membership. Existing members can invite two guests each month via the app, with unused passes not carrying over to subsequent months. It’s important to note that month-to-month members are not eligible to utilize the guest pass facility.

On the other hand, non-members who register for a guest pass will receive a specific date and time for their visit. This pass essentially offers a tour of the club’s facilities and the opportunity to work out for a day. Guests can visit individually or with their families, as Lifetime Fitness accommodates both options.

Are All Facilities and Equipment at Lifetime Fitness Accessible with a Guest Pass?

Are All Facilities and Equipment at Lifetime Fitness Accessible with a Guest Pass?

Guests at Lifetime Fitness are restricted from accessing certain amenities such as outdoor pools and basketball courts, which are reserved for members.

Access to facilities like racquet courts and outdoor pools may involve additional costs and may be subject to varying rules by location.

Is it possible to utilize a Lifetime Fitness guest pass at any of their locations?

Lifetime Fitness guest passes are generally valid only at the specific club where they were obtained. If one wishes to visit a different Lifetime Fitness club, a separate guest pass must be secured for that specific location.

To Sum Up

The Lifetime Fitness guest pass offers a valuable opportunity for individuals to experience the facilities and services of the club before committing to a membership.

The process to obtain a guest pass is straightforward, with options to apply online or in person. While there is typically a fee associated with the pass, it can be a worthy investment to assess the club’s fit for your fitness journey.

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