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How to Clean Peloton Mat to Make it New Again?

Just the mere thought of cleaning the Peloton equipment is a nightmare, especially when you think that you could cause damage. I mean, if you use the wrong cleaning detergents, you will actually cause damage to the bike. The same is the case with the bike mat, and you don’t want to cause wear and tear just when you decide to give it a sparkling service.

As a whole, cleaning the bike mat prevents odour, bacteria and fungi from building up on your bike mat. Besides, a clean bike mat is an excellent complement to your elegant and well-cleaned Peloton bike.

How to clean the Peloton mat is the simplest cleaning process of all the Peloton equipment. Regardless of how simple, though, we all need a guideline.

But before that;

Why You Need to Clean the Peloton Bike Mat

Generally, a Peloton bike mat holds the bike to prevent the bike’s contact with the house flooring. However, you will rarely come into contact with the mat unless when climbing on and off the bike. This is contrary to the yoga mat, which you literary have to exercise for a good part of your exercise.

So, should you clean a Peloton bike mat? Of course, you should. But unfortunately, the Peloton bike mat also becomes dirty, given the sweat that falls off when you are in an intense workout on the bike mat. Worse still, the mat will usually absorb the sweat in its close-knit cells, and you may not even notice the dirt.

Therefore, cleaning the bike mat saves you from a smelly mat that will harbour germs over time.

How Often Should I Clean My Peloton Bike Mat? The bike mat rarely gets dirty, and though sweat drips onto it, it is not as much as on the bike. Therefore, you can clean it occasionally, say once every month. However, you can make it twice a month if you really sweat a lot.

Can I Wash My Bike Mat in the Washing Machine? Well, most bike mats are suitable for a handwash. First, however, cross-check the bike mat manual, which will indicate if the mat is safe for a machine wash.

Peloton Bike Mat Cleaning Options

Below are considerations for the Peloton bike cleaning options;

  1. Commercial yoga and equipment mat cleaners. My favourite is TreeActiv Yoga Mat Spray, which incorporates tea tree oil that enahnces the mat’s durability and brings in an attractive natural scent.
  2. A mix of a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid and two cups of warm water in a spray bottle
  3. Homemade DIY cleaning solution (consist of vinegar and water)
  4. Surface disinfectants

Here is a short process of making the DIY bike mat cleaning solution;

  • You need the following for making a DIY bike mat cleaner;
    • bottle sprayer,
    • vinegar, or witch hazel
    • water,
    • Optional: Essential oils (tea tree, lavender and lemongrass)
    • a soft cleaning towel.


  1. Mix vinegar/ witch hazel with water at a 1:4 ratio in your spray bottle; This means, Put 4 measures of water into the sprayer, and add 1 measure of vinegar, preferably white vinegar.
  2. Add 2–4 drops of essential oil to the bottle if you want your spray to have a light scent. It’s an optional matter.
  3. Cock the sprayer and shake it vigorously.
  4. Your DIY bike mat cleaner is ready.

How to Wash the Peloton Bike Mat Routinely

For routine bike mat wash, consider using the homemade DIY cleaning solution every fortnight or month. Or you can use any option above.

Now, onto cleaning the Peloton bike mat;

  1. First, put the bike mat straightened on the floor or lying on a surface.
  2. Spray the mat using the mat cleaner, a patch at a time.
  3. Use the cleaning towel to clean the patches where you spray the cleaner. Please ensure that you are thorough but gentle on the mat.
  4. Once you are done cleaning one side of the bike mat, put it on a railing or a raised place to dry.
  5. Next, get onto the other side of the bike mat, and clean it in the same process as the first side.
  6. Put it to dry in the shade rather than in direct sunlight.
  7. Once the mat dries, please bring it back under the Peloton bike, ready for use.

Guide on How to Deep Clean the Peloton Mat

Consider cleaning it by submerging your mat in soapy water.

You will need;

  • Warm water (Avoid hot water, as it may damage the mat.)
  • A washing cloth
  • Dish soap (Be careful not to add too much soap.)


Just as with the first procedure, you should have the bike or tread off the mat before starting the wash.

Then, add the Dish soap in warm water. Dip the washing towel in the mixture, and rinse off the excess water. Use the cleaning towel to wipe the Peloton mat, section by section. 

Though the cleaning should be thorough, ensure that you are gently doing the cleaning. Since the mat is designed for the workout equipment, any oil, grease, or other stains from the equipment are easy to wash off. Besides, the warm water plus Dish soap is enough for persistent stains, so you don’t need a thorough scrubbing.

How to Dry Your Peloton Bike Mat

After cleaning the Peloton bike mat, here are tips on drying it effectively and safely;

  1. Ensure that you protect the mat from direct sunlight to prevent cracking and damage.
  2. Always let the bike mat dry completely before bringing it back under the bike. A damp bike mat is more likely to breed bacteria, fungi and mould, nullifying your cleaning and disinfecting efforts.
  3. Hang the bike mat on a railing, a ladder or a chair, ensuring that it is straight and not folded. This will ensure that it dries completely and prevent crease formation.

How to Disinfect the Peloton Bike Mat

I love using a commercial equipment disinfectant for disinfecting at least once every month. Vapour Fresh Disinfectant is an option I consider my favourite due to the high disinfecting capacity at a low cost.

It is in the form of wipes, and I use it on the bike mat, the Peloton bike and even my yoga mat.

In general, you use the wipe, starting from one end of the yoga mat to the other, gently attending to every part of the mat. The best part about the wipes is that the residue they leave dries faster than when using the DIY cleaning solution. So you can actually use the bike mat as soon as you are through with the cleaning and disinfecting session.

The regular cleaning procedure gets rid of germs and dirt, while the disinfecting procedure kills any residual bacteria, fungi and possible moulds. Therefore, I prefer cleaning the bike mat with the DIY cleaning spray before disinfecting it for a thorough job.

How Do You Disinfect a Gym Mat?

If you want to disinfect your gym mat, you should use a gentle disinfectant after the cleaning session. A readily available option is vinegar, which you dilute with clean, warm water.

Dip a cleaning towel in the vinegar mix, rinse it and gently wipe the gym mat, section by section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Use a Yoga Mat for Peloton?

Well, using a yoga mat under your peloton bike is better than using the bike on bare flooring. However, the yoga mat may be smaller than the recommended Peloton mat.

Should I Put a Mat Under My Peloton?

Yes, you should. A mat will help stabilize your peloton and also protect the equipment from dirt and dust. Moreover, you will protect the floor from damage during workouts on the equipment.

Final Verdict

How to clean the Peloton mat? The process is so simple that you won’t believe that this gave you a challenge in the first place. The good news is that you now have the procedure up to your sleeves and finally do the cleaning yourself.

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Luky k.