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Does Orangetheory have a Student Discount?

Yes, Orangetheory has a student discount in most of the studios. However, the discount varies from one studio to another. While most offer a 10-dollar discount, others, especially those that are expensive, offer as much as $50!

How Does the OTF Student Discount Work?

In the first place, the student discount at OTF is not included in the policy. Some agents will tell users about it, while you will have to ask about the discount in most cases. Therefore, it is not a surprise to find yourself paying the whole subscription despite being a student if you don’t ask about the discounts available.

Other than that, some studios offer student discounts to specific levels of students, say in diploma and degree levels. Others will offer discounts to all students up to the Ph.D. level.

I prefer asking about the discounts available during the sign-up process so that you benefit from your category right from the start.

Usually, once you sign up for the student discount, Orangetheory will usually charge all your subscriptions less than the regular ones. The discount will apply to all your subscriptions for as long as you are a student.

What Student Discounts Does Orangetheory Offer?

Generally, there are different types of student discounts across the Orangetheory studios, given the difference in management.

For this reason, some will offer a discount on the cost, while others offer a discount in classes. For example,  one may get additional classes on the elite membership. Hence, instead of 8 classes, the member gets 12 classes for the month without additional class costs.

Even with the cost discount, the amount may vary across the different subscription types. For instance, some studios offer a $10 discount on elite memberships and up to $50 on the premium membership. Others will offer a discount that cuts across all the membership plans.

The best way to know about the student discount plan in your studio is to ask the customer service agent. You may even change your membership plan with the discount in place.

Can I Get a Student Discount at OTF If I’m Already a Member? 

Of course, you can. You can always claim your student discount even if you have already joined as a standard OTF member. However, this will require you to cancel your current membership plan and register for a new membership with an attached student discount.

Can I Get an Orangetheory Student Discount If I Already Have Another Discount Plan?

Some of us are lucky enough to fit in several discount plans that OTF offers. You may find that you are already a medic, then in the military field, and on top of that, a student! In cases where each of these would get you a $10 discount, this would mean $30 off your membership.

Sadly, you can only claim one discount at a time. Therefore, if you are already getting another OTF discount, the student discount may not apply to you.


Orangetheory offers student discounts, though the exact amount and type vary depending on the studio’s location. Therefore, you should consult with your home studio to know about the available student discount in your studio.