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Peloton Too Hard to Unclip? Easy Way to Clip Out of The Peloton

My first ever nightmare on the Peloton bike was getting stuck on the pedals for about half an hour, with no idea how to get peloton shoes off bike. And don’t get me wrong; I already knew how to clip out normally from the bike manual. What I didn’t expect was a setback.

How to Unclip Peloton Shoes

For this reason, I decided to have an article dedicated to how to clip out of Peloton shoes. On top of that, I have included the challenges you should expect when clipping out and how to emerge from the challenge within minutes.

So, shall we get on the road trip?

How to Unclip Peloton Shoes Normally

  1. First off, kick the shoe on your dominant foot away from the pedal by the heel.
  2. Of course, you will feel some resistance, but it is manageable with moderate force.
  3. Then, get off the bike and kick the other foot away from the pedal. This time the process is much easier than with the first foot. And just like that, you should be off the bike pedals.

Can’t Clip Out Of Peloton? How to Get Peloton Shoes Off Bike When Stuck on The Pedals

When the Peloton is too hard to unclip, then stop trying to kick the foot away because you may damage the pedals or the cleats. So;

  1. Push down the resistance knob to bring the bike to a brake.
  2. Next, try again pushing your stuck foot away from the pedal. This should solve the problem.

Still, Stuck On The Peloton Bike For Minutes, Can’t Unclip Peloton Shoes?

Sometimes even after going through the above two processes, the pedals still feel stuck on the shoe cleats. And this time recommended loosening the pedal tension to get peloton shoes off the bike.

In this case;

You will need a 3mm Allen key from your bike maintenance kit.

  1. Remove the Peloton shoes from your feet while still on the bike. For Peloton shoes read this guide, how to take off peloton shoes from your feet.
  2. Next, get off the bike, and rotate the pedal to a six o’clock position, then turn it upside down.
  3. Locate the pedal tension, which is a single bolt at the central rear of the pedal. You will notice that it has a plus (+) sign on one side and a minus (-) sign on the other. So, using the 3mm Allen Key, turn the tension towards the minus sign, which will loosen the tension. See the below picture for understanding.
  4. Then, ensure that you loosen the tension only a quarter rotation at a time before trying to get the shoe off the pedals. 
  5. Next, bring back the pedal in an upright position and locate the Peloton logo on the cleat platform. So, press on the logo to release the shoes.
loosening the pedal tension to get peloton shoes off the bike

Check the shoe cleats once you successfully get your shoes and cleats off the Peloton pedals. Tighten them if need be, and ensure that they are not the reason you got stuck. If the pedal tension are loose, then you should consider tightening the pedal tension, which apparently was in the right tension. This will prevent the loose tension from giving you a clip-in and out that is too simple to be good.

Why are Peloton Shoes Too Hard to Unclip?

You have to realize that the Peloton cycling shoes keep you safe on the bike by attaching to the pedal cleat platform. Literally, the two surfaces lock, hence the difficulty in unclipping.

However, the clipping out should be within a manageable range. If not, the problem is either of the following;

  • The cleats are not tightened to the cycling shoes. This is the primary reason shoes are stuck on the Peloton pedals; hence necessary to ensure that the cleats are tight before every ride.
  • The pedal tension is too tight. In this case, you should loosen the pedal tension, as illustrated above.
  • Your bike pedals may have loose pedals. Therefore, tighten the loose pedal screws to seal a gap that you could overlook for your clipping out challenge.

Tips for Unclipping Peloton Shoes

  • Always ensure that you check on the shoe cleat positioning, as well as its bolt tightening, before getting onto the bike.
  • It is okay to feel moderate resistance clipping out. However, it calls for moderate complementary force to unclip from the Peloton bike successfully.
  • Do not adjust the pedal tension unless it is necessary. This will protect the pedals from weakening and breaking over time.
  • The Peloton bike maintenance manual is necessary to follow, especially with pedal maintenance. It goes a long way toward ensuring a smooth unclipping process.


Unclipping from the Peloton shoes can be challenging, especially when the apparent unclipping process does not work. However, a few tips here and there should do the trick, and clipping out should not raise your blood pressure.

Most importantly, always ensure that your cleats are appropriately positioned and their screws tight on the cycling shoes.

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Luky k.