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How Do You Maintain a Peloton Bike? Tips You Should Follow!

You got the Peloton bike, whose lifespan you expect to exceed your workout years, given that it is a brand bike with the best stationary bike quality available. However, to make this fact a reality for you, you have to treat the bike with utmost care and handling.

It would help if you took your bike for servicing at least annually, in addition to the little maintenance issues that you can handle yourself. We will go through the different ways you can support the durability of your bike, clearly stating the different parts of the bike that you should take into account.

Does the Peloton Need Maintenance?

Yes, the Peloton bike and bike + need consistent maintenance. However, the maintenance process is not as complicated as other bikes, especially since it uses a belt drive that doesn’t require oiling.

Major maintenance procedures include cleaning the bike after use, checking on the nuts and bolts and annual pedal changing.

Peloton Bike Maintenance Tips

  • The Peloton bike comes with a maintenance kit. Ensure that you familiarize yourself with the kit, whose tools may come in handy in different maintenance procedures.
  • Take the Peloton bike manual seriously, going through the details. They are the best maintenance guide for your Peloton bike.
  • Keep the bike close to a wall, or get a lock for the bike if you have kids and pets in the house. It will keep both the bike and the kids safe from damage and injury.
  • If your bodyweight exceeds that of the Peloton bike limit, 300 lbs, try taking classes on the saddle. Standing on the pedals could jeopardize your maintenance ideas.
  • Finally, remember that the touchscreen is the most delicate part of the bike. Remove it carefully whenever you move from one room to another or if the children in the house pause a danger to the screen.

Peloton Maintenance Schedule

So, how can you make a Peloton bike maintenance schedule? I will share with you my personal Peloton maintenance schedule;

  • After every workout: wipe the touchscreen and the bike frame to get rid of the sweat residue
  • Weekly: check whether the pedals are tight. Also, check the condition of the cleats and tighten them if need be. Also, press down the resistance knob to ensure that it brakes efficiently.
  • Monthly: give the bike a thorough check on all the bolts and nuts. Use the recommended screws and Allen keys to tighten them if necessary. Also, check the bike seat nuts and adjustments, the handlebars adjustments and the pedal tension.
  • Every three months: keen on all the moving parts to identify any odd sounds; the flywheel, the crank arm, and the pedals.
  • Annually: change the Peloton bike pedals

Peloton Bike Maintenance Service

Where will I service the Peloton bike? The best part about the Peloton bike is that you can carry out most of the maintenance procedures on your own.

However, if anything gets out of your control, you can always contact Peloton support service. The staff will guide you through the process or send support personnel if the process is technical.

Every year, you can set aside a fee for the bike servicing as well. In addition, Peloton has maintenance staff that they send over to check your bike at your request so that you can make use of this service.

Peloton Bike Maintenance

1. Always Use a Bike Mat

A bike mat is meant to prevent stationary workout equipment from damaging the flooring of the house. It also serves the purpose of ensuring that your flooring does not damage your equipment.

For instance, a bare floor or carpet has the capacity to hold dirt and dust, which will get into the open and moving parts of the Peloton bike, such as the wheels, hence causing damage. The bike mat will thus protect the bike and its equipment from such problems. The mat also prevents the bike from coming into contact with humid floor conditions, which could be detrimental.

Put the mat on level ground before putting the bike on it to ensure that the bike does not fall off. There should be a free space of 24 inches and more all around the bike.

Ensure that you order the mat immediately you order the bike to ensure that you always have a mat when cycling.

2. Users

Ensure that you keep children away from the bike since they may be tempted to play with it, insert objects in open areas, or try scratching it. If there are kids around the bike area in your absence, ensure to check the bike for signs of inserted clothes and sticks, scratches, or any other sort of damage before using it.

The bike should be used by people at least 14 years of age, who will be responsible enough. In addition, all the users should be of heights between 4’11 inches and 6’5 inches.

The users should not exceed the recommended weight, which is 297lbs. This will protect the bike from damage and breakage with overweight luggage.

Any user who has less knowledge of the bike should cycle under supervision and strict instructions.

When moving the bike, ensure that you get assistance from an able person to protect the bike from falling off. One of you should get hold of the rear stabilizer while the other holds the handles. Carefully move the bike to the place you want to. If in the same room, you can use the transport wheels to tilt it to the position you want.

3. Pedals and Cleats

Ensure you tighten your peloton pedals at least once in every five rides to ensure that you never ride on loose pedals. It would be best if you used the Allen wrenches that come with the bike package. The right-foot pedal is tightened by screwing it clockwise, while the left-foot pedal is tightened anticlockwise.

The recommended cleats for Peloton are Look Delta and SPD-SL, so you should ensure that you use these at all times. Do not try to force other cleat types into the pedals to protect them from damage.

Replace your pedals annually, and always ensure that you replace them with original pedals for Peloton if you want your warranty to remain valid.

4. Wheels and Belt

One of the best parts about Peloton bike maintenance is that it doesn’t require oiling and greasing. Instead, the bike uses a belt drive, which runs smoothly without friction despite the lack of oiling. The flywheel is also smooth and quiet, with magnets working to facilitate resistance, further easing the maintenance.

So, all you have to do is ensure that the moving parts are functional and free of any sounds odd sounds. These include the flywheel, the belt drive and the pedals.

Then have a close look at the levelling feet and the transport wheels to ensure they are fully functional.

Check for signs of damage so that replacement and repair are done as soon as possible. It would help if you always did this at least once every three months to ensure that damage does not go over the bond.

5. Handles and Seat

The seat and handles of the Peloton bike are adjustable, and you should always ensure that this remains.

The seat has seat depth and height L-handles, whose tilting adjusts the depth and height of the seat. Try adjusting these features occasionally to ensure functionality. Likewise, the handle height L-handle should also be adjusted occasionally to prove performance.

The handles and seat heights should be on the same level for the peloton bike to suit the user.

6. Resistance Knob

The resistance knob ensures that you obtain resistance by tilting it. You should note that resistance and cadence will give you the required peloton output, and of the two, resistance adds more output. Therefore, it is of essence that this knob is ever functional.

The resistance knob is also used as the emergency brake knob. Given the importance of an emergency brake, there’s more reason to ensure it is working. After every 5-8 rides, ensure that you press the resistance knob to test its braking power. The bike should stop instantly, failure to which you should question the knob’s performance.

7. The Bike Frame

The bike frame should always be smooth to prevent it from hurting your inner thighs during the fast-spinning and cycling exercises.

Run your hand all over the frame to ensure it is smooth. Be careful so as not to be scratched by possible damage. Next, check the knobs on the frame and tighten each of them with the Allen wrench.

8. Screen

Ensure that the screen of your bike is well-positioned whenever you are using the bike to prevent it from falling off. Also, avoid trying to install other apps on the screen. Peloton does not allow it. Besides, using it for Peloton workouts will prevent viruses and other issues with more apps.

9. Plugin

Plugin the bike into your power source whenever you are using it. However, the bike should be plugged off whenever the bike is not in use. This will save you the power and protect the bike from a possible power surge.

10. Servicing, Repair and Replacement

It would help if you asked Peloton for a qualified technician whenever you need technical support. Every bike part should be replaced with a Peloton original spare part to ensure that the warranty still works.

When going for a general check-up, the technician will carefully go over all the bike parts, taking in every detail. These include the frame, pedals, wheels, seat and seat post, adjustment knobs and handles, belt, resistance knob, crankshaft, and a bottle holder.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should I replace my peloton pedals?

It is recommended that you replace your pedals every year to keep up with optimal peloton performance. This is more so if you use your bike three times a week. You can take longer to replace if you occasionally spin or cycle on your Peloton.

Can I wash my peloton bike freely with a hose?

No, you can’t. A peloton bike can easily be damaged by excessive water and humidity. Therefore, cleaning it should entail a damp cloth and occasional treatment with mild and diluted detergents. In any case, being indoor workout equipment, it will never be so dirty to require hose washing as road bikes do.

Does a peloton bike come with a bike mat?

No, it doesn’t. A Peloton bike is in a separate package from a bike mat, and you have to purchase them differently.

Can using other cycling shoe brands cause damage to the Peloton pedals?

No, they don’t. Feel free to do so if you find it suitable to use cycling shoes from other brands on your Peloton bike. However, ensure that the cleats fitted are of the Look-Delta or SPD-SL designs so that they can clip into the pedals without strain and subsequent damage.

Final Word

Durability is what we all want in any product, and there is a sigh of relief whenever we get an item that we will never have to purchase a second time. When you get a Peloton bike, it is of essence that you maintain each part as though it meant the world to the bike.

If possible, replace parts with original spare parts to prevent incompatibility and possible damage. This way, you will distance yourself from the thought of ever going back for a brand-new bike. Use the above techniques and see your bike serve you and your children.

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