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Peloton is Close to Launching Its Own Rowing Machine

It is fascinating how rumors and expectations seem to finally materialize, as is the case with the Peloton rowing machine. Of course, it has long been anticipated that Peloton will launch a rowing machine as its following line of equipment.

However, it is no longer just anticipation. Financial Times reported on Monday 13 February 2022 that the Peloton rower is in progress and might just be in time for the peloton Homecoming. So, it is finally public that the rower is next.

The New Peloton Rowing Product

In an interview, Peloton’s new CEO, Barry McCarthy, said that Peloton is into identifying and coming up with new lines of products. Therefore, we can expect from this statement that Peloton will venture into more than just the bike and the treadmill.

So, the rower is one of the two new products that Peloton intends to launch this year, the other being a Tonal competition, hence definitely a strength training equipment. Both pieces of equipment should be launched before or at Peloton Homecoming. This should be around 13 May 2022, which means it is sooner than later.

Currently, the rower is codenamed Caesar, and apparently already in test in Peloton employees’ homes. It has a touchscreen similar to that of the Peloton bikes and treadmills.

Moreover, it will have classes cast from the Peloton studios. Even better, it will have physical water rowing classes, hence a real competition to Hydrow. Finally, there will be a feedback form for the users on the rower. Financial Times said that they even had photos and specs on the new fitness equipment, though they did not share the deep details with the public.

On the other hand, the Tonal strength fitness competitor from Peloton is codenamed Project Cobra. Unlike the Peloton rower, the connected fitness equipment doesn’t have many details. However, we know that it will pair to the TV, rather than touchscreens like the bike and the treadmill.

Why the Rower was Anticipated for Peloton

Peloton may never have publicly admitted to considering a rowing machine, but they never disregarded the claims either. There were also reasons why users and fans felt that the rower was underway.

First, 9to5Google reported in 2021 that they had spotted rowing code language in a Peloton update on the Android digital app. Then there was the Peloton rower site that redirected to the leading Peloton site. And let’s not forget the new Peloton Output Park Factory, which sources say has a place designed for testing rowers.


The Peloton rowing machine finally seems like a dream come true for the rowing and Peloton lovers. Finally, you can incorporate your two favorite home fitness forms into one. 

The rowing machine is expected to be high-end in cost, just like all other Peloton equipment. However, the quality and class should also be top-notch. So, it is finally time to save up for a Peloton rower; get those abs and chest in good form!

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