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Which Peloton classes are good for seniors?

Is Peloton Good for Seniors? Yes, Peloton is good for seniors. As a matter of fact, Peloton seems to have classes suitable for seniors in all categories. Therefore, just because you are older doesn’t translate that you have to be senile, at least not when you can do something about it.

The classes for seniors ensure that the seniors build their strength and endurance while considering the depreciating muscle and bone mass.

As a whole, seniors on Peloton find it more engaging than if they had to exercise on their own, hence more productive.

Is There an Age Range for Peloton?

Peloton has a lower age limit on the bike and treadmill, but not a higher age limit. Essentially, the youngest bike user should be 14 years, while the youngest treadmill user should be 16 years.

Therefore, for the seniors, we can go on a ride, a walk, a yoga class, and more on Peloton without age restrictions.

Is exercise good for seniors?

According to cdc.gov: As an older adult, regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health. It can prevent many of the health problems that seem to come with age. It also helps your muscles grow stronger so you can keep doing your day-to-day activities without becoming dependent on others.

How much exercise should seniors get a day?

We got from www.aafp.org: People over 60 should do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity, or an equivalent combination of both each week in order to get a lot of health benefits.

Is Peloton Bike Good for Seniors?

Is spinning good for seniors? Yes, it is. Spinning may sound too much for a senior, especially when you think of the aggressive and competitive Peloton nature. However, low-intensity spinning classes and progressive intensity classes keep seniors comfortable in the exercise.

Moreover, spinning strengthens the leg muscles, enhancing balance and slowing muscle mass loss.

You will also love the music that is in the spinning classes, which rejuvenates your strength and get you feeling younger than your actual age. This further has the impact of rejuvenating your brain, slowing or preventing brain challenges that come with age, such as memory loss.

Peloton bike has (#) hashtags such as the #Peloton70s, #70sarethenew50, #over70strength, and #silver70s. These hashtags allow you to join other senior people on the bike, who you will comfortably compete with. The interactions you get in these classes will be the best you could imagine.

Is Peloton Tread Good for Seniors?

Is running safe for older adults? Well, yes and no. Some seniors are still strong and run on the tread better than younger people. However, for the majority who really worry about losing their knee meniscus, there are walking, hiking, and jogging options.

Therefore, whether you feel senile or strong, there are tread classes you can take on the Peloton treadmill.

So, is walking good for older adults? Yes, walking on the treadmill is the best tread activity for seniors. Walking on the treadmill gives seniors an opportunity to engage in active cardio activity, which keeps the heart and lungs healthy.

For overweight seniors, consistent walks on the treadmill bring down the weight and help keep them in shape.

Which Peloton Workout is Good for Seniors?

Seniors can actually engage in every workout that Peloton has to offer, even in their 100s. Age is never a limitation to keeping healthy and fit, especially physically. However, if you are new to Peloton and looking for older age-specific classes, here are interesting options you should consider;

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Bodyweight Training
  • Resistance Band Workouts
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Strength Classes
  • Dancing

Which are the Best Workouts for these Seniors?

1. The 50s

In your 50s, you can still continue with the workouts favorable for the 40s, such as active cycling and tread running. However, at this period, you should incorporate more restorative yoga as well as strength training. While you may feel more body changes in your 50s, starting strength training at this time saves you from dealing with depreciating body muscle and bone mass. Bodyweight training and exercising with medium weights will also be excellent for this age range.

2. The 60s:

“Once you reach your 60s, training can in many ways finally be focused on a proper balance of work and recovery and recognizing that they go hand in hand,” says Toole

In your 60s, take up classes that are less impacting and more flexible for you. This means that in cycling, especially if you did not cycle much before, you should be on low-impact classes more. Then, restorative yoga, Pilates, and dancing will add to a more productive fitness. 

3. The 70s:

According to Toole: “You never age out of fitness—I encourage people in their 70s to be bold and brave and know they are welcome at Peloton too! For them, exercise should be about the relationship between physical and mental agility.”

Maintaining healthy bone density and circulation by dancing or walking, as well as low-intensity strength training to keep the muscles strong and avoid pain.

If bodyweight training is proving more difficult, consider resistance bands and pilates workouts for your strength and endurance. For cardio training, you can also do low-impact cycling and low-impact treadmill or outdoor walking. Finally, ensure that you are in restorative yoga and meditation for your mental health and to deal with amnesia.

Best Peloton Classes for Seniors

Does Peloton have classes for seniors? Yes, Peloton has classes that target seniors, even those that have health conditions. We will know about the four best peloton classes for Seniors. Which includes:

  1. Best Peloton Rides for Seniors
  2. Peloton Tread Classes for Seniors
  3. Peloton Yoga Classes for Seniors
  4. Peloton Strength Classes

1. Best Peloton Rides for Seniors

Peloton rides are great for everyone who loves cardio but are sensitive to a knee injury. Therefore, they are a great cardio option for seniors of all ages, from 50 years to way over 100 years. After all, Robert Merchand was still cycling at 108 and the oldest, most competitive rider.

So, best Peloton rides for seniors?

A) Low-Impact Rides

Low-impact rides on Peloton are on the saddle throughout the class. However, they give you a good sweat that reminds you that it is still a cardio aerobic exercise.

Who is Perfect for this class? This class is perfect for seniors who are over 60 years, with weak knees, or recovering from injury. They enhance a quick recovery due to their active nature, while the low-intensity level keeps your body in check.

B) Heart Rate Zone Rides

Essentially, heart rate zone classes are customized to suit an individual’s cycling capability. It has five cycling zones, with 1 having the lowest intensity and 5 having the highest energy requirement.

Who is perfect for this class? Heart rate zone classes are suitable for all seniors. This is because they suit an individual’s exercise ability at a personal level. First, one takes an FTP test on Peloton to determine their heart rate zone. Alternatively, Peloton will use your age, weight, and height to determine your five heart rate zones. However, I would recommend the FTP test since the Peloton calculator generalizes the zones.

Since you compete against yourself even on the Leaderboard, all seniors will fit in this class, given your heart rate zone. After all, you can only push yourself as far as your heart rate zones allow.

C) Climb Rides

Climb rides progress in difficulty by increasing resistance as the class progresses.  The better part of the class is on the saddle as you concentrate on mauling the hill ahead of you.

Who is perfect for this class? This class is perfect for seniors in their 50s and 60s and those who are still very active in their 70s and above. Being on the saddle keeps you safe from falling off, even when the climb is at its peak.

Climb classes are amazing for building leg muscle endurance, which keeps seniors off osteoporosis and weak leg muscles. They also get the energy to engage in other activities such as hiking, walking, and even running.

2. Peloton Tread Classes for Seniors

Most of us will doubt whether the treadmill is even recommended for seniors. The surprising answer is yes, seniors can exercise on the treadmill. However, since the knee meniscus depreciates with age and treadmill workouts among the facilitating factors, it is essential to select suitable workouts.

So, which Peloton tread classes are good for seniors?

A) Walk

Walking is a low-intensity cardio exercise on the treadmill, where you just walk, increasing and decreasing the incline by minimal margins. It feels like a fast-paced walk on the park, hence getting you to shed sweat while the fatigue is not much.

Who is perfect for this class? This class is perfect for all seniors of every age, as long as they are strong enough to be on the treadmill. They facilitate heart and lung health and help shed substantial calories. Therefore, one can keep off illnesses such as cardiac arrest, stroke, vesicular blockage, among others.

B) Walk + Run

The class incorporates walking and running sessions in the same class. It enables you to have a low-intensity running session on the treadmill. As a result, your heart rate goes up with the Run, and just as fatigue creeps in, you are in the walking session.

Who is perfect for this class? This class is excellent for younger seniors in their 50s and early 60s and older seniors who have been active. It protects you from the harsh knee injury fact of the treadmill while giving you absolute cardio. You shed more calories in this class and keep your weight in check.

C) Hiking

You have to gradually increase the incline in hiking classes as you walk up the treadmill, just as in an outdoor hiking expedition. The gradual increase in incline facilitates endurance and strength.

Who is perfect for this class? This class is perfect for any senior of any age who feels energetic to take up a hiking session. The best part is that you can start with short durations, such as 20 minutes. Then, if you can handle the walk, you can increase your hiking duration to 30, then 45 minutes when you want a dare.

Occasional hiking classes will help build your leg muscle mass and prevent muscle weakness as you grow older.

3. Peloton Yoga Classes for Seniors

Peloton yoga is among the core exercises that combine physical stretch with emotional relief. The best part is that it has suitable classes for all levels of trainers, definitely including older people.

Which Peloton are yoga classes good for seniors?

A) Yoga Chair

Yoga chair classes are less demanding, and you do them while sitting on a chair or using a chair for support. As a result, it has minimal to no negative impact on the body, while the serene feel during and after the class is underrated.

Who is perfect for this class? This class is suitable for all seniors, whether strong or frail. It has the chair as the support, while the main goal is to relax the mind as you undertake simple stretches.

B) Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga allows you to hold specific poses for a longer duration. This helps stretch certain body parts and quicken recovery. Other than that, restorative yoga is essential for a calm nervous system.

Who is perfect for this class? Restorative yoga is recommended for all seniors, starting from age 50. It helps stretch muscles and prevent muscle numbness. But, most importantly, it cultivates a more relaxed brain that can handle more even with age.

C) Focus Flow

Focus flow engages specific body muscles for strength and stability. There are options for the hamstrings, core, arms, and other regions in the body.

Who is perfect for this class? Yoga flow requires optimal stability, but it is easy to learn over time. Therefore, any senior person can participate in the class, starting with a beginner option. The more you take the classes, the more balance, and stability you gain, easing your next class.

4. Peloton Strength Classes

Peloton strength classes are essentially suitable for toning body muscles, building endurance, and strengthening body muscles. They vary from full-body, upper-body,  lower-body, body strength, core strength, Pilates, barre, and arms. 

Which Peloton strength classes are suitable for older people?

A) Resistance Bands Strength Training

Resistance bands are the best alternative to weights because they are easier on the body while the impact is noticeable. In addition, you can feel the burn during the class, yet you only pull the resistance band according to your ability.

Who is perfect for this class? All seniors can join this class since the impact will depend on their strength. The more you can handle, the better for you. However, the resistance bands stretch will depend on you, hence minimal pressure on your side.

Despite the limited pressure, resistance bands have a distributed impact on the body, enhancing overall muscle strength. Therefore, if you take a core class, you will evenly work on your belly, obliques, and back. On the other hand, you will work on your glutes and calves in a legs training class.

B) Pilates

Fundamentally, Peloton pilates is suitable for building core strength and endurance. And, as we well know, the core is the central support system for the whole body. Thus, a strong core translates into easier participation in other exercises.

Who is perfect for this class? This class is perfect for all seniors, especially since it has difficulty levels. If you feel more senile, you can go for a beginner class of low difficulty. On the other hand, there are more advanced options when you feel rejuvenated.

The class increases core flexibility and strength while enhancing body awareness. In addition, it challenges users to get in line with the Pilates flows, progressions, and even the choreography involved.

C) Barre

Peloton barre classes are low-impact yet high-energy. They help strengthen, energize and balance your body muscles through isometrics holds, pulsing, lifting, and lowering the body in different postures.

Who is perfect for this class? Since the class is low-impact, it is suitable for all senior adults. In addition, it facilitates muscle strength, which prevents muscles from depreciating and keeps the bones strong.

Best Peloton Instructors for Seniors

Every class option has different instructors on Peloton. The best part is that they are all amazing at what they do, giving them different fan bases. My advice is to genuinely multiple instructors in the different classes for seniors. You may just end up with a favorite instructor that I hadn’t noted. After all, we have different tastes that make us uniquely different.

What Should You Consider When Using Peloton for the Elderly?

The health condition of the person:

The most essential thing that you should consider is the health of the senior person. For instance, if they have frail knees, the treadmill may be out of the question, replacing it with the bike for cardio training.

Flexibility and familiarity with the class: 

the senior person must be flexible enough to take some classes, especially cardio and strength, while the same is not the case for some yoga options. Others were former yogis and find even the Vinyasa yoga poses easy to master. You wouldn’t tell them that they are too old for that, right?


The elderly person must enjoy the classes they are taking. This is the best way for the class to make an impact. For example, older people who appreciate music and dance will do better in a dance class than probably walking or cycling.

The intensity of the class:

while some older people are really flexible and strong, some require intensity adjustment. For example, they will go for low-impact rides and take light to medium weights on strength training in cycling. This will prevent the negative impact that comes with straining the body muscles.

Equipment availability:

If you have a Peloton bike, your first priority will be the seniors-appropriate rides. On the other hand, if you have a treadmill in your house, you will consider the walking options.


Seniors vary from 50 years to over 100 years. In most cases, the 50s will handle most activities, even high-intensity, while from 70 years, the seniors require less intense classes.

Any Senior Citizens Using Peloton?

The answer is yes. I know so many and enjoy seeing their progress on the Peloton platform;

  1. Sally Cramer is so flexible that she would beat most of us at it. She takes peloton cycling, walking, cardio, yoga, and meditation.
  2. Frances Ann Caudle just impresses me with her vigor on the bike. She posted her 300th ride on Peloton.
  3. Elaine Slapnicker refuses to grow old from her Leaderboard name ( Mrs_Know_It_Owl) to her Peloton goals. Last she posted, she was on her 790th ride and targeting 1k rides. She is also a big fan of her Peloton outfits and bags.

Check for other senior citizens using Peloton on Facebook, and you will be surprised at how much people choose to defy age and stay strong and healthy.

You can also join the facebook seniors group: Peloton 60 and better Riders

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Peloton good for over 50?

Yes, it is. Actually, the senior’s age on Peloton starts at 50, at which age you can still engage in strength training. You can also take rides, walks, most yoga classes, and dancing. 

Is Peloton good for over 65?

Yes, it is. Actually, some users start Peloton at 65 and still make it big on the bike. There are low-impact options to start with, and when you feel stronger, you can venture into more.

Is Peloton good for arthritic knees?

Yes, Peloton is good for arthritic knees. However, the Peloton bike does not impact the knees since the feet are locked in the clipless pedals and not moving. So actually, the bike helps many users with knee injury and disease recovery.

Is Peloton good for obesity in older adults? 

Yes, Peloton has cardio classes that help shed weight. In addition, the senior adult can take up low-impact cycling, which is safe from falling off and great at shedding calories when one is committed.


Peloton is really good for seniors, given the wide variety of options favorable for seniors. You will shed weight, keep strong bones and muscles, then defy age by toning those muscles and working on your mental health.

Peloton classes for seniors range from strength, cycling, walking, cardio, yoga to meditation. It offers quality classes from your most active session to your sleeping time. And let’s not forget the music, which brings you back to your youth and rejuvenates your emotions, physical body, and mind.

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