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Peloton Vs Flywheel: Head-To-Head Comparison Between the Two

The highest competition of indoor cycling and spinning today is between peloton and flywheel. This is due to the fact that both offer almost similar services, starting from online spinning classes to bike models and costs. One may actually feel like they are one and the same brand under the guise of different names. However, these are two different brands, with more differences than you could possibly imagine.

It is not easy for a beginner to differentiate the two brands, but this article will offer an in-depth head-to-head peloton vs flywheel, offering insights on the tiny but present details between the two bikes, in addition to the similarities that ensure that their competition is valid as tackled below:

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Peloton has online classes that peloton users can stream. They can video chat with their tutors and even raise concerns.

There are also tons of workout classes that are in their archives, which the users can download for offline use or when they are not in a live class.

The classes are subject to a monthly subscription worth $39, which allows you to browse through all of the peloton activities.

Flywheel has online classes similar to those of peloton.

It has fewer classes in comparison to the peloton, and less archived tutorials.

There is no provision for a one-on-one chat with the tutor.

The classes are worth $39 monthly, after which the user has access to all flywheel archives and workout tutorials.


Peloton bikes come with an in-built screen, from which the owner is supposed to use to stream the peloton workout classes.

The screen is purposely for workout activities, and one is not allowed to use other apps on it.

The screen is large, which is 21.5 inches for easier view.

Flywheel bike has an optional inbuilt tablet that you can use to stream its workouts. However, the tablet is optional. You can opt to use your own gadget and save the increased cost that comes with the tablet.

The tablet is 15.6 inches, which is smaller than the peloton screen.

Pedals and cleats

It uses clipless pedals, which fit either SPD-SL or Look Delta cleats.

You have to use cycling shoes on the pedals whether with cleats or toe cages.

The pedals have to be of a thread size of 9/16 inches to fit a peloton bike.

The bike uses clipless pedals that fit Look Delta cleats too, thus the same cleats can be used on either peloton or flywheel.

The pedals demand that you use cycling shoes with either cleats or cages too.

The pedals have a thread size of 9/16 inches, just like in peloton.

The original peloton bike is more expensive compared to the flywheel. This though comes with the screen and free delivery services. It is less expensive compared to the peloton and gives you the option of using your own tablet or screen. However, if you incorporate the price of the tablet and delivery services, the cost almost gets to that of peloton bikes.
Inclusion of other brands
Peloton experience can be enjoyed from cheaper bike brands, which conform to the peloton design in terms of pedals, cleats, cycling shoes and screen. You, therefore, do not have to have a whole $2204 to subscribe to peloton live classes and have your indoor peloton cycling or spinning.

Flywheel experience can only be enjoyed by Flywheel brand bikes. You, therefore, have to buy the bike in order to enjoy flywheel tutorials and spinning, which makes it more expensive in comparison to the peloton.

Duration in the market

Peloton has been in the market longer, which has seen it gain more clients, with its YouTube channel attracting a higher number of clients.

People tend to believe a brand that has been there longer. Moreover, the peloton is the company that started the spinning and stationary bike cycling exercise lessons, thus attracted most of the clients who were interested.

It is stable, thus fewer challenges.

Being fairly new in the market and with almost the same features as the peloton, the flywheel has fewer clients.

It is, however, gaining popularity with time, given that the few differences it has with peloton render it more efficient. For instance, the fact that you can connect it to your own tablet and gadgets.

It is yet to stabilize, and still facing a lot of challenges as a new company, such as closing down some studios to keep up with the competition.

Wheel weight

Peloton bike wheel is lighter, which makes riding easier. You can ride faster, which is an awesome cardio experience, which is its main purpose.

Hence, its performance is in the speed of the rides during the exercise.

The flywheel provides for a heavier wheel, which makes it strenuous to ride. Nevertheless, this aspect makes it more efficient for weight loss and cardio, since one has to strain for the wheel to revolve.

Thus, its performance is in the strain and effort you have to put during the workout.

Cycling type
It was designed for indoor spinning and cycling, though the other road bike brands can still use the peloton model, making peloton an experience you can have both indoors and outdoors.

It was designed for indoor spinning and stationary cycling, making it purely an indoor experience.

Since flywheel does not allow for other bike brands, the experience is hence only indoor.

Number of studios
Peloton has 37 studios, from where you can enjoy a workout class if you do not fancy having it online. There are 42 studios, giving the clients better chances of having in-studio cardio workout classes, for those who do not like it online.

Peloton has an updated metrics design, which gives the users an opportunity to check different class ranges of cadence and performance metrics. One can then choose the target metrics they feel suitable for and take these classes.

These target metrics then show on top of the actual metrics and cadence, so one can easily gauge whether they are up to the target they chose, and either improve or appreciate their effort.

Flywheel has a computer-like design which is used to measure speed and power scores. These scores are further posted in their individual portals on the website, which helps the users to go back and check their performance thereafter.

The individual account not only provides for information about the day’s workout metrics but also the cumulative performance, thus a nice gauge.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

a)         Q: Is Flywheel good for losing weight?

A:  Flywheel is great for losing weight, especially since the heavy wheel ensures that you work extra hard during your spin or stationary cycle, which ensures that a lot of calories are burnt, translating to weight loss. The fact that flywheel classes go for a minimum of 45 minutes ensure that weight loss is automatic.

b)         Q: What is a good flywheel score?

A: A good flywheel score is dependent on the user, but it has to be between 250 and 350 for one to feel that their performance is more efficient and worth the exercise.

c)         Q: Is Peloton experience the same as flywheel?

A: Peloton and flywheel indoor experiences are almost similar, though there are slight differences between the two. For instance, the peloton bike comes with a screen specifically made for the peloton workout. The tablet in the flywheel is optional, and one has the freedom to use on android and iPhone and get the same experience.

d)         Q: Which is better, between peloton and flywheel?

A: both are in the same range in terms of bike and subscription costs. Peloton bike may only be expensive due to the added screen and services it comes with. They are both efficient indoor cycling and spinning workout brands, with differences whose benefits are personal. It is therefore up to an individual to decide which bike works best for them.

e)         Q: Do you have to use cycling shoes on peloton and flywheel?

A: Yes, both bikes use clipless pedals, which you have to ride using cycling shoes. The shoes have to come with cleats, which are clip into the pedals, offering the required safety, since the feet will stay in position. Regular shoes may cause a slip and subsequent accidents.


Unlike other indoor cycling equipment brands, peloton and flywheel experience a stiff competition between each other. And this is the reason for peloton vs flywheel discussion, which is the best? Being new in the market, flywheel could easily incorporate all the shortcomings of the peloton, and offer clients a better experience. On the other hand, being the original indoor experience brand, peloton could easily win the trust of many, and it would take a lot more effort for the flywheel to convince people otherwise.

While peloton allows for other bike brands to use their design and ensure that clients get to enjoy the same experience at a cheaper cost, the flywheel allows for people to use their own Android and iPhone gadgets to access their workout training.

It is therefore unto an individual to compare and contrast the two brands, then come to a conclusion on the brand that will offer the best experience to them as individuals.

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