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Does Anytime Fitness Have Showers and Lockers?

Yes, Anytime Fitness clubs have showers and lockers as significant amenities. However, while showers are guaranteed at all the clubs, a few do not have lockers.

Normally, showers and lockers at the gym are essential, especially if you come to the gym before or after work. This is because you can carry your stuff and have safety assurance, and you can also get to your destination without announcing your gym visit with a sweaty body.

Let’s take a tour of what Anytime Fitness has to offer on showers and lockers.

Does Anytime Fitness Have Showers?

Yes, Anytime Fitness clubs have showers, and fortunately, in all the franchise clubs. In addition, the shower rooms are private, giving you all the privacy you need to shower after an exercise.

Moreover, the shower rooms are up-to-date and spacious, giving you a feeling of near-home.

Typically, the showers are attached to a restroom, which is also private. Then, they are separated by a glass door, which allows you to take a shower which restricts the shower water into the shower space. Then, you can change into fresh clothes in the dry restroom. 

Moreover, there are hangers in the restroom where you can keep all your belongings before stepping into the shower. 

Then there are deodorants, shampoos, conditioners, and body wash which you can use for your shower if you do not carry yours.

Over and above that, the club features a public beauty bar, which has lotions, dry shampoo, hair dryers, and deodorants that you can use after a shower. The best part is that they are all free for use within the premises, and all you have to do is return them to the beauty bar after use.

However, note that carrying your own beauty products is not prohibited. The beauty bar is meant for people who do not carry their own products, help, and not impose.

Can You Shower at Anytime Fitness?

Yes, you can. All the Anytime Fitness clubs have private shower rooms accessible to all the members and guests. Therefore, you can sweat yourself out in the gym and still get out of the club smelling fresher than you stepped into the facility.

Nonetheless, the Anytime Fitness showers have a downside: you have to wait in a queue to access the showers, especially during peak hours.

Does anytime fitness provide towels for showers?

Anytime Fitness encourages members to bring their towels for workouts and showers. If a member forgets to bring one, they can purchase a towel from a staff member for a fee of $15.

But bringing your towel is the best option to avoid spending extra money purchasing one.

Does Anytime Fitness Have Lockers?

Yes, Anytime Fitness Clubs have lockers at most of the clubs.

Basically, gym lockers refer to closets where you can choose one to keep your non-gym stuff safe as you undertake your gym classes. 

At AF, the lockers are situated in the changing rooms, so you can change into and out of your gym clothes here while you leave the rest in the locker. Even better, the lockers are situated away from the shower rooms, so they are always dry and safe for your delicate personal belongings.

Anytime Fitness lockers are suitable for multiple personal stuff, and the only regulations are illegal stuff, pets, and things that would cause damage to the lockers.

Are Anytime Fitness lockers locked? A downside to the lockers at Anytime Fitness, all the lockers are not lockable. However, they feature padlock-compatible accessories. Actually, the administration advises the members to carry their own padlocks for the lockers to keep their personal stuff safe.

How long can I leave my stuff at Anytime Fitness lockers? Basically, the rule is to use the lockers only when within the AF club. When going out, you should take the stuff with you. If you leave the stuff at the locker overnight, Anytime Fitness has the right to pick up the things and hold them. If you don’t claim them within 14 days, the club offers them to charitable organizations.

Do I pay separately for the lockers? No, at Anytime Fitness, access to a locker is free to all the members of the franchise. Therefore, your fob key is enough to guarantee access to the lockers.

Can the AF admin break into my locker? Yes, they can. The Anytime Fitness Administration reserves the right to break into your locker if it is suspected that you put in things that you should not. Therefore, it is always good to be careful to stick to the rules regarding the use of lockers. Unsafe use could actually jeopardize your membership with the club.

Anytime Fitness Locker Policy

  • Anytime Fitness does not guarantee the safety of personal things in lockers. Therefore, you should come with your own padlock and also have a theft insurance cover in case of expensive stuff.
  • You should leave your items in the locker rooms and not misplace them in the public changing rooms. It is also advisable to report missing items immediately after you notice the loss. However, the company will not take responsibility if your stuff is utterly untraceable within the premises.
  • If you leave your stuff in the locker overnight, the management will take them away and give them out to charity in 14 days.
  • If the management suspects foul play in your locker, for instance, using it to store illegal substances, it has the right to break into the locker.

Therefore, the management does not take responsibility for theft, break-ins, or damages to locker stuff. So, any loss is ultimately your responsibility as an individual.


Does Anytime Fitness have showers and lockers? Yes, it does. Showers are available at all the clubs, while lockers are available in most AF change rooms. There is also a beauty bar, which further adds to the benefits of the Anytime Fitness showers.

Therefore, you don’t have to carry baggage into the gym place, nor do you have to go home as sweaty as you left the exercise room.

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