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How Long Does It Take to Walk 6 Miles by Age and Gender?

6 miles of walking is an excellent idea to keep fit, shed some weight, and even protect your cardiovascular system from terminal illnesses. However, the only challenge with long walks is the duration taken, and 6 miles is no different. So, how long does it take to walk 6 miles?

It takes approximately 2 hours to walk 6 miles at a leisurely speed of 3 miles per hour. The time reduces if you increase the pace, and at a brisk pace of 4.5 miles an hour, you will take 1 hour and 20 minutes to cover the distance.

Basically, your walking duration is affected by several factors, such as walking speed, age, gender, physical fitness level, health status, terrain, and, sometimes, the target duration of a walk. 

How Long Are 6 Miles? 6 miles is equivalent to 31680 feet or approximately 9.66 km or, 13512 steps on Average walk(3 mph). The distance is quite long, and you can even use it in practicing for 5k, 6k, and 10k marathons.

How Long Does It Take to Walk 6 Miles

It takes between 15 to 20 minutes to walk for 1 mile. Consequently, one will take 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours to walk for 6 miles.

      Walking pace      Time
Easy Walk (3 Mph) 80 to 99 steps per minute/ 20 minutes per mile2 hrs
Moderate Walk (4 Mph) 100 to 119 steps per minute/ 15 minutes per mile1 hr 30 min
Fast Walk (5+ Mph) 120+ steps per minute/ 11 minutes per mile 1 hr 6 min

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6 Miles: Average Walking Times by Age and Gender

The walking time will vary with age, pace, gender, and walking terrain, among other factors. For example, men walk at a leisurely pace of 3.2 miles per hour, while women walk at a leisurely pace of 3 miles per hour. Therefore, men will take shorter to complete the 6-mile walk compared to women. The pace will also decrease when walking uphill compared to downhill or on flat terrains, hence taking more time.

Considering age, younger people in their prime walk faster than older people, which affects their walk duration.

According to a  2011 study, the average walking time varies by age and gender. According to the study, men can walk a mile slightly faster than women. However, the differences are minor.

The study found that women walk the fastest per mile between the ages of 40 and 49. Men are at their best between the ages of 30 and 49.

AgeGenderAverage speed (Mph)How long does it take to walk 6 miles
20-29Male3.041 hr 58 min
 Female3.02 hrs
30-39Male3.21 hr 52 min
 Female3.02 hrs
40-49Male3.21 hr 52 min
 Female3.111 hr 56 min
50-59Male3.21 hr 52 min
 Female2.932 hrs 03 min
60-69Male3.02 hrs
 Female2.772 hrs 10 min
70-79Male2.822 hrs 08 min
 Female2.53 2 hrs 22 min
80-89Male2.172 hrs 46 min
 Female2.12 hrs 51 min

Therefore, while one person takes 1 hour 30 minutes to complete a 6-mile walk, another will take more than two hours on the distance.

How long 6 miles will take on Treadmill?

Walking Speed (mph)Minutes per mileTime for 6 miles walking
2.524:002 hrs 24 min
3.020:002 hrs
3.119:211 hr 56 min
3.218:451 hr 52 min
3.318:101 hr 49 min  
3.417:381 hr 45 min
3.517:081 hr 42 min
3.616:401 hr 40 min
3.716:121 hr 37 min
3.815:471 hr 34 min
3.915:231 hr 32 min
4.015:001 hr 30 min
4.114:381 hr 27 min
4.214:171 hr 25 min
4.313:571 hr 23 min
4.413:381 hr 21 min
4.513:201 hr 20 min
5.012:001 hr 12 min

How Many Steps are in 6 Miles?

Did you know that men have longer strides than women, and taller people have longer strides than shorter people? Consequently, people with longer strides will have fewer steps than people with shorter strides for any distance. A woman who is 5’4” walks 6 miles with 13888 steps at an average pace of 3 miles per hour. On the other hand, a man of the same height and at the same pace and distance will take 13690 steps.

Then, a woman who is 6’0” walks 6 miles with 13211 steps at an average speed, while a man of that height takes 13013 steps.

How many steps are 6 miles of walking based on pace?

Average walk (3 Mph)13512 steps
Brisk walk (4 Mph)11610 steps

This calculation is based on data from a 2008 study in the Health & Fitness Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine that looked at how many steps you take in one mile when you walk and when you run. The study looked at how many steps people took at different walking speeds. All of the participants were thought to have “normal weight.”

Is 6 Miles a Day Too Much Walking?

Well, the answer to this question is entirely subjective. For most healthy people, 6 miles is achievable and not too long to walk. Also, it is recommended that people walk for 30 minutes to 1 hour daily for health reasons. When people want more, say to lose weight, they prefer to double the distance, usually getting up to 6 miles successfully.

However, 6 miles is too much walking if you are sick or have just started on the walking exercise. One should walk a short distance at the start and then build on the distance over time. Surprisingly, a distance such as 6 miles that was too much walking at the start may turn into your new regular daily walking mark over time.

Side Effects when 6 Miles is too Much Walking

Trust me; you will know when walking 6 miles is too much for you. Some of the signs and symptoms you should look out for include the following;

  • Sore muscles, especially limb muscles
  • Aching joints, especially the toes, ankles, knees, and lower back joints
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability, stress, and depression during and after the walk
  • Headache and inability to focus or concentrate
  • Nausea 

Avoid Side Effects of Walking 6 Miles

Luckily, we can avoid the side effects of walking 6 miles, such as fatigue, joint and muscle injury, and soreness. Below are a few helpful tips to consider:

  • First off, consider your walking posture. It is best with; shoulders laid back, chin up, arms swinging at 90 degrees and opposite to their respective feet, and core engaged.
  • Next, walk at a comfortable pace that you can maintain throughout the distance without straining your feet and muscles.
  • If 6 miles is too much, you can break it into two or three walks, each approximately 40 minutes.
  • Invest in walking shoes and outfits, making the walk more comfortable and with minimal injuries.
  • Try to walk more in your other activities, such as taking the stairs instead of a lift and walking any short, manageable distances during your day-to-day activities.

Tips for Getting the Best Results Out of Walking 6 Miles a Day

6 miles is a distance you can walk to burn calories, lose weight and stay fit and healthy. However, it takes time, and it can also be boring if handled the wrong way. So, how do you ensure you reap the best results from a 6-mile walk?

  • Boost your energy with energy-giving foods a couple of hours before the walk to avoid fatigue and muscle weakness.
  • Identify several walking paths in your area for new walking experiences.
  • Walk uphill more, which will help you burn more calories and lose weight faster.
  • Increase your pace over time to minimize the walk duration, saving some of the walking time.
  • You will realize that you get great ideas for your job, business, and even schedule, which you will not remember after the walk. Take a pen and a small notebook with you, or type the idea on your phone.
  • Get a pedometer or a heart rate monitor for daily walks. The records will motivate you to walk more or improve on an aspect of the walk.

Final Thoughts

It takes between 1 hour and 20 minutes to slightly over 2 hours to walk 6 miles. This requires commitment and discipline to sustain, especially if you have goals such as weight loss and keeping fit attached to the walk.

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