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How Many Calories Does Walking 6 Miles Burn & Weight Loss?

Walking 6 miles daily is a fantastic way to burn calories without straining the body and joints. Well, it may take about two hours at a regular pace, but the outcome is worth the time. Besides, over time your body adapts to an increased pace that helps cut on the time spent walking the same distance.

Usually, the number of calories burned walking 6 miles vary widely. Factors contributing to the variation include sex, BMI, pace, terrain, fitness level, and weight. Therefore, one person may burn 450 calories while another burns up to 750 calories while walking 6 miles. 5 days a week of walking 6 miles will burn between 2250 and 3750 calories. Keeping your diet the same, you can expect to lose 0.75 to 1 pound of fat a week.

How Many Calories Are Burned Walking 6 Miles?

If an individual of 75 kg walks normally at a pace of 3 miles per hour, they will burn 450 calories after walking a flat terrain of 6 miles. The same individual will burn 653 calories if they increase their pace to 5 miles per hour walking on the same terrain.

The below chart breaks down how many calories are burned and weight loss 6 miles walking, depending on their weight and pace:

Calories Burned on flat surfaces while walking

  Weight lbs or kgNormal pace 2.5 to 3.5 Mph (Calories Burned)Brisk pace 3.5 to 4 Mph (Calories Burned)Faster pace 4.5 Mph (Calories Burned)Weight loss of Normal pace (Pound)
100 lbs (45 kg)319-360 cal.341 cal.382-403 cal.0.1031 lbs
120 lbs (54 kg)383-432409458-4840.1237 lbs
140 lbs (64 kg)446-504477535-5650.1443 lbs
160 lbs (72 kg)510-576545611-6450.1649 lbs
180 lbs (82 kg)574-648614687-7260.1855 lbs
200 lbs (90 kg)638-720682764-8070.2061 lbs
220 lbs (100 kg)702-792750840-8880.2267 lbs
250 lbs (113 kg)798-900852955-10090.2577 lbs
275 lbs (125 kg)877-9909381050-11100.2834 lbs
300 lbs (136 kg)957-108010231145-12110.3092 lbs

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On the other hand, a person weighing 200 pounds will burn 700 calories walking at an average speed of 3 miles per hour.  They would also burn up to 1089 calories if they walked at 5 miles per hour briskly.

Also, note that these figures would increase significantly if the individual decided to walk uphill or increase the incline on a treadmill.

On Uphill surfaces

Walking uphill for 6 miles increases your burn dramatically:

Weight lbs or kgThe moderate pace of 3.5 Mph (Calories Burned)Fast pace of 4.5 Mph (Calories Burned)Weight loss at a moderate pace (Pound)
100 lbs (45 kg)438 cal.496 cal.0.1254 lbs
120 lbs (54 kg)5255960.1504 lbs
140 lbs (64 kg)6136950.1755 lbs
160 lbs (72 kg)7007940.2006 lbs
180 lbs (82 kg)7888940.2257 lbs
200 lbs (90 kg)8769930.2508 lbs
220 lbs (100 kg)96310920.2758 lbs
250 lbs (113 kg)109512410.3135 lbs
275 lbs (125 kg)120413660.3448 lbs
300 lbs (136 kg)131414900.3762 lbs

Is Walking 6 Miles a Day Good for Weight Loss?

Yes. Walking 6 miles a day would be good for weight loss. Whether you want to combine it with diet changes or other intense activities is up to you. Better still, it is workable on its own.

The best part about walking is that everyone can manage it, whether you are recovering from an injury, feel weak, are senior, or even obese. Any person restricted from taking high-intensity exercise will find consolation in taking a walking exercise for weight loss and other health benefits.

However, a good walking plan makes the goal even more achievable. For example, Martin Lewis on Express said he had a habit of walking 10,000 steps daily on average, which helped him burn up to 3886 calories daily. 

Now, it takes approximately 15,000 steps to walk 6 miles, so the calories you burn must be much more. If you add uphill terrain and a brisk pace to your walk, you could burn up to 4,000 calories. And when this is achievable, don’t be surprised to lose over 10 pounds within a month of dedicated walking.

Besides, on average speed, an individual would burn approximately 700 calories walking for 6 miles. In 5 days, this would translate to 3500 calories burned. Remember that 3500 calories are the magic number of calories you burn to shed 1 pound of body weight. 

Also, if you are only comfortable with this pace, you can consider a calorie deficit in your diet, increasing the speed of the weight loss. The Journal of Nutrition has an article on how walking enhances the effect of diet restriction for weight loss. The combination is low-intensity, hence great, especially for obese individuals who cannot take on high-intensity exercises.

Plans for two hours of walking:

Do you find it too much to dedicate a whole two hours to walking? Well, how about splitting the time into your breaks throughout the day? Consider taking an hour walking in the morning, then 30 minutes split throughout the day, and a final 30 minutes in the evening. Alternatively, you can take a walk to and from work if the distance is manageable, then add a stroll if you still need more to cover the distance.

Surprisingly, the split time will be easier to achieve, yet the calories you burn will still add up. Most importantly, you will realize your weight loss goals over time.

Tips for Walking 6 Miles a Day to Lose Weight

Walking 6 miles a day means dedicating approximately 2 hours to exercise daily. This can be demoralizing over time, right?

Here are some tips that will help you find the walk more achievable:

1. Use More Than One Training Path

Consider walking on a treadmill for 3 miles and strolling for the other 3 miles. Alternatively, get on the treadmill for a day and an outdoor terrain the next day. When on outdoor walks, explore different paths for an adventurous impact.

Changing the incline and terrain will also help you burn different numbers of calories, which will help you know what works for you and when.

2. Walk with a Partner

Walk with your spouse, child, parent, sibling, or friend whenever possible. It makes the distance feel shorter, and you also get encouragement whenever you feel like giving up.

3. Get a Good Walking Posture

Shoulders back and chest open is considered the best posture for walking. Add a neutral spine position and a chin parallel to the ground. Retaining a good walking posture will keep you from quick fatigue and protect you from injuries.

4. Eat Healthy Before and After the Walk

Six miles requires a lot of energy, as it means more than an hour on the road or the treadmill. Ensure that you eat energy-giving foods before the walk, such as whole grains, and replenish with proteins, fruits, and vegetables to heal any torn tissues and keep healthy.

5. Get a Warmup

Interestingly, most people don’t consider walking an exercise worth getting a warm-up exercise. However, stretching your muscles and getting warmed up before the hour + of exercise will help keep you on track for a long while protecting your muscles and joints from injury.

Walking 6 Miles a Day: Benefits

Walking 6 miles a day is equivalent to walking almost 10km, so we cannot ignore the obvious benefits.

1. Walking 6 Miles a Day Helps with Heart and Lung Health

Whether you walk slowly or briskly, 6 miles has more energy requirements. Therefore, oxygen flow will be consistent, which keeps the respiratory and cardiovascular systems active. The more active these systems are, the more they keep cholesterol and other blocking substances out of the way. Therefore, you can avoid diseases such as stroke, hypertension, and other related diseases.

2. Walking 6 Miles a Day Improves Overall Mood

Walking helps release serotonin and endorphins, the two hormones responsible for balancing your mood and keeping you happier and more active. Therefore, if you start your day with an hour or two of walking, you will have laid the foundation for a more productive day.

3. Walking 6 Miles a Day Keeps Your Joints and Muscles Healthy

If you make it a habit to walk 6 miles a day for the better part of your week, you will find that your joints and muscles become stronger. You find it easier to start more intense exercises such as walking, spinning, and swimming without risking joint and muscle injuries.

Also, if you have an injury, walking allows you to recover actively without causing more damage to the injury.

4. Walking 6 Miles a Day Helps with Weight Loss

Most people with body weight challenges, especially to the point of obesity, find a loophole in walking. They don’t have to overwork their organs, yet the walk is always impactful. 

If you add other weight loss tactics to your walk, you realize the weight loss goals even faster. 

5. Walking 6 Miles a Day Gives You a Lean Outlook

When you walk 6 miles a day for a long time, you will realize that you have shed unwanted fat such as belly, back, arm, and leg fat, hence a lean, attractive outlook.


A 6-mile walk is a great way to stay active aerobically. It burns a significant amount of calories, subsequently facilitating weight loss. Whether you walk outdoors or on the treadmill, the impact of a 6-mile walk is evident in your overall health.

The best part is that you can distribute the distance throughout the day and your week, giving yourself breaks between the schedule.

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