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The Story About Peloton Yoga Instructor – Aditi Shah

Everyone who does yoga on Peloton knows Aditi Shah, the only Asian American instructor on Peloton. She is a natural at yoga, having learned its dynamics from its origin in India.

Aditi is young, outgoing, and fun-loving, quite the contrast to what you would expect of an Asian yoga trainer. Having a good part of her life in the US played a significant role in this, but she also says that she was the kid who was never still.

Let’s find out this and many more exciting details about Peloton’s Aditi Shah below;

Aditi Shah’s Early Life

Aditi Shah is Indian-American, born in New Jersey to Indian parents. As a young kid, her parents introduced her to yoga as one of the Indian traditions.

Though she did yoga as a family ritual, she wasn’t really into it. Instead, she preferred tree climbing and playing soccer as a kid.

When she grew up, she pursued a career that was best suited to her naturally outgoing personality; acting and modeling. She even went back to India to pursue acting while still modeling. 

A Summary Table on Aditi Shah

Official NameAditi Shah
Age mid 30’s
Height 5’7”
Peloton Leaderboard namediti22

Aditi Shah and Social Media

Aditi Shah is so active on social media that you will literally know about her hobbies and life through it. Usually, she makes use of

In most cases, she posts about her life with fellow Peloton instructors in and out of Peloton, her personal fun life, and promotion for the athletic outfit brand she still models for, Puma.

You will also realize Aditi’s passion for the Indian cultural heritage on social media. She will floss the Indian attire such as Sari and celebrations such as Holi. She also has a passion for Indian dance and practices and performs Sangeet, one of the dances.

Since her parents have already moved back to India, Aditi strongly connects with her roots, which adds to her glamor.

She has occasionally posted her mom giving Indian recipes such as chai, an Indian-flavored tea drink. 


Aditi Shah Relationship and Wedding

Is Aditi Shah married? Who is Aditi’s husband? Aditi is among the brides-to-be who felt the impact of the Covid regulations in 2020. She was about to fly to India to officiate her wedding with her fiance, Lawrence Anthony Peccatiello. However, flights to India were restricted, and they could not get there. They had to cancel the wedding for the following year, though there hasn’t been any news on the progress since then.

Aditi Shah’s Career Before Peloton

Aditi did great at modeling, which explains why she has been Puma’s athlete ambassador for some years. She also modeled for other large companies such as Garnier, Bare Minerals, and Revlon.

Besides, her active presence on social media, especially Instagram and Tiktok, makes her a perfect brand ambassador in the digital forum.

Other than modeling, her acting career was on the verge of success, managing to feature in Inside Amy Schumer and Elementary, Elementary, and Crashing films. However, while still studying acting in Mumbai, India, Aditi would take yoga classes.

Taking yoga at the root of its existence helped spark a new light in her, and she really loved the art. However, she did yoga all this time for personal gain and self-realization.

Over time, she realized that she needed to share the serenity of yoga with others, so she went on to get a yoga training certification. Just before Peloton, she had led an outdoor yoga class with over 2000 attendees in a city square.

Aditi Shah and Peloton

So, when did Aditi join Peloton? Aditi Shah joined Peloton in 2018 to become among the first yoga instructors on the platform. She brought with her the authenticity of yoga and meditation, which helped in a significant way influence people into Peloton yoga.

Aditi is young and with rich American culture, but she also incorporates a natural Asian culture into her training mode. When you imagine an Asian yoga trainer, you probably think of an old and reserved personality (no offense). However, Aditi changes the whole idea by bringing a new outlook into real yoga practice. Without compromising the traditional yoga practice of mindfulness, concentration, and maintaining stillness, she brings in the contemporary stretch and physical exercise that accompanies yoga.

Other than yoga, Aditi Shah coaches meditation and Pilates on Peloton, all of which come down to one; taking time for a healthier mind and incorporating it into a fit physical body.

The Training Technique of Aditi Shah

Aditi aims to redefine the presence of Asians in the fitness world, given that they are still a minority. In that regard, she further wishes to bring in a new perspective on yoga practice, which is excellent and necessary for everyone.

Her classes are typical Peloton yoga classes, but she has a way of making them feel different. You will feel like it is possible to take any pose or move as if you have to do it. Yet, she has that friendly voice that makes you feel relaxed in class.

Also, her choice of outfit and music are always at par with the class she coaches. This makes the classes more interesting, and you will be surprised that she gets hundreds of users in a live yoga class.

Best Peloton Classes with Aditi Shah

  1. 15 min AFO yoga flow: Odesza with Aditi Shah
  2. 15 min tropical house power flow with Aditi Shah
  3. 10 min patience meditation with Aditi Shah
  4. 30 min Norah James slow flow yoga with Aditi Shah
  5. 20 min Bollywood Pilates with Aditi Shah

Wrapping Up

Aditi Shah is a yoga instructor on Peloton, who is in her mid-30s. She has calm and fruitful yoga, Pilates and meditation classes, yet she has a great personality you want to hang out with outside of class.

She practices yoga in and out of class yet still manages to bring out a carefree personality that gives you the idea of a well-balanced life.

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