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Peloton Delivery: All Explained – Time, Schedule, Tip & Expect

Finally getting a Peloton bike or treadmill has one of the best feelings for Peloton fans. However, with the excitement comes the anxiety about when you will actually see the piece of equipment. How long will it take to get the Peloton bike or treadmill? Am I allowed to tip the delivery guys? Is there a way of rescheduling the delivery date to a more convenient option? 

Let’s discuss these questions in detail, in addition to other things you should know about Peloton bike and treadmill delivery.

How Does Peloton Delivery Work?

As a whole, Peloton delivery fees are included in the equipment cost. Peloton equipment. However, you will have to work with their delivery schedule; hence patience is necessary.

The good news is that if you purchase multiple stuff, such as a bike and its accessories, you will get them all at the same time. You will also benefit from getting the accessories at a free delivery, which is not the case if you purchase them separately.

While you have to stick to Peloton’s available delivery dates, Peloton gives you a choice to ensure that you are comfortable and will be available for the dates provided.

How Much Does Peloton Delivery Cost?

Peloton delivery costs are $250 for the Peloton bike and $350 for the Peloton tread. However, the costs are included in the cost of the equipment, so you will not pay extra charges after the purchase.

How to Schedule for Peloton Delivery

Basically, there are three ways of scheduling the Peloton delivery, which include the following;

  1. When checking out on the Peloton website after purchase of the equipment.
  2. Peloton sends a self-schedule email shortly after the purchase, including a link you can use to schedule delivery.
  3. If you purchase the Peloton equipment from a Peloton showroom, the staff will schedule your delivery and give you a date.

1. Peloton Delivery Scheduling at Checkout;

If your purchase is eligible, you will find an option to select a delivery date at the checkpoint. In most cases, you will find that the available dates are at least two weeks from the time of order. Sadly, the period could be as many as two months from the order time.

The good news is that there is an option to reschedule after that.

So, pick the earliest date possible, then keep track of the order by occasionally checking for earlier date openings. You will be surprised to receive the bike or tread wat earlier than the initial scheduled date.

2. Peloton Delivery Scheduling via Email;

The Peloton will send you an email soon after the purchase with a scheduling link if you don’t get an opportunity to schedule the delivery date at checkout.

Peloton Delivery Scheduling via Email


  • Click on the link to get to the Peloton delivery calendar.
  • Next, select the earliest dates available. 
  • Once you submit the dates, you will receive a confirmation summary immediately. Refresh the page and redo the selection process if you find an error. You can also contact customer service if you still have a challenge with the process.
  • The confirmation summary states the date you will receive the equipment and the delivery company if it is a third party. It also indicates that you will get a call the day before the delivery date, with a three-hour delivery window on the exact delivery date.

Again, though the dates may be disappointing, make your scheduling and wait. An opportunity for you to get the equipment at an earlier date could be around the corner.

3. Peloton Delivery Scheduling in Showrooms;

Buying a Peloton bike or treadmill at a showroom is the most convenient in terms of delivery. Therefore, if you have quick access to a showroom, you can prefer this option to others.

Usually, the delivery from a showroom is scheduled by the staff, and it will give you the shortest delivery time. Some people have luck getting the delivery the day after the order, while others get the equipment in a week.

How to Reschedule for Peloton Delivery

As mentioned earlier, Peloton has opportunities for rescheduling delivery to an earlier date. Therefore, once you schedule your delivery, keep clicking on the email delivery scheduling link to check for earlier openings.

Alternatively, contact Peloton customer service after some time to request that they consider you for any earlier delivery openings. You might even be lucky to get an email asking if you would be comfortable with a particular delivery window which is closer.

Can I Change the Peloton Delivery Date to a Later Date?

Of course, you can. Sometimes you may feel that you will not be available on the scheduled delivery date, hence cause to change the delivery date to a later date.

However, Peloton recommends that communication for order delivery cancellation or alteration for later be done early to prevent inconveniences. 

Can Peloton reschedule the delivery to a later date? Yes, you may find that your delivery date is passed, but the equipment is still in transit. However, Peloton will inform you of any delivery changes and even make a full refund of the cost if you don’t agree with later deliveries.

Peloton rescheduling happens due to weather changes, and civil factors, among other unavoidable circumstances. 

However, you can be sure to get the equipment at the earliest possible time after the challenge.

How Long Does the Peloton Delivery Take?

Peloton delivery time is non-specific, mainly between a few days and a couple of weeks. Usually, it depends on your location, the number of orders at the time, the delivery company and whether you purchase the bike at a showroom or on the Peloton website.

And finally, the standard Peloton bike is available on Amazon. Amazon delivers faster than Peloton so you will get your bike within days to a couple of weeks.

Peloton track order? Good for you; Peloton or XPO will give you a way to track your delivery and also communicate to you occasionally about the same.

If you expect Peloton delivery, you can contact Peloton customer care to track your order. The Peloton will give you a date and also contact you in case of any changes.

 On the other hand, use this link to track your Peloton order delivery with XPO.

Does Peloton call before delivery?

Yes, you will get a call from the Peloton delivery team at least 20 minutes before delivery. You will already be expecting the call since Peloton will have texted you the previous day of the scheduled delivery.

Can a Person who Orders Later Get Their Peloton earlier than someone who Ordered Earlier?

Yes, this situation is possible due to the following reasons;

  • Equipment ordered at a showroom tends to arrive faster than those ordered online.
  • The location of the buyer is the main factor, and some locations receive their deliveries earlier than others.
  • Peloton offers limited rescheduling opportunities, which are offered to people who realize them or ask first.
  • Some equipment is unavailable at the time of order; hence takes longer to ship compared to others.

What Delivery Company Does Peloton Use?

Peloton has its own company delivery team. However, it is not enough to take care of the hundreds of orders in a day all around the country. For this reason, Peloton also works with reliable logistics companies such as XPO to ensure that deliveries are made sooner.

What to Expect with Delivery

How long does the Peloton set-up take

Once they deliver the Peloton equipment, the delivery team will set it up for you. If your home studio is ready, they will come in and set it up from there and may even wait for a few minutes as you get your first ride or run. Finally, they take with them the packages that come with the equipment, saving you the stress of disposal.

Peloton has made it very clear HERE that the only thing you’ve contracted for delivery include only to confirm:

1. All nuts and bolts on your Bike are tightened.
2. Power on the touchscreen to confirm that it works properly. 
3. Check that your Peloton Bike is stabilized. 

That is, it! See the link above. They are not contracted to help you install your cleats, connect to Wi-Fi, adjust the bike to your size, ensure you can clip in/out or teach you about the tablet. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll get a team that will spend the time to walk you through the tablet and explain some of the features. Other times they simply place the bike where you tell them, connect the tablet and run out the door to the next delivery.



If there’s anything you should ensure they do, BEFORE THEY LEAVE, is to ensure the sensor data cable is seated properly into the tablet or next to the flywheel. More often these days, they simply power on the tablet which does NOT confirm the sensor data cable is correctly connected.

DO NOT LET THEM LEAVE until you’ve connected to Wi-Fi, logged into your account, start a ride (which you can delete after) and turn the pedals and orange knob. If the resistance and cadence never go above ZERO (0) have them reseat the sensor data cable until it does. This IS what you contracted for. See troubleshooting section above regarding resistance and cadence remaining at zero.


DO NOT LET THEM LEAVE until you have checked the pedals for correct installation.

You should also make sure the pedals have been installed correctly and are not cross-threaded. (This particular problem is often related to XPO deliveries). Look at both pedals attached to the black crank arms. If you see any threads showing and not screwed in fully there could be a problem which could lead to injury. If you see “goop” or ooze on the threads, that’s normal grease.

Make sure they are aligned completely all around to the arm. No grooves should be shown on the pedals screw. Even the slightest angle or grooves shown, indicates it was not put in properly and stripped. If that is the case, call Peloton immediately! If it is stripped, realigning it won’t fix the issue as it was already done improperly causing damage and serious injury could occur if you ride with mis-threaded pedals.

Once checked, make sure they tighten using the included wrench as much as possible. REMEMBER, one pedal on the bike is tightened backwards to normal tighten/loosen procedures.

How long does the Peloton set-up take? The set-up depends. It may take approximately 20 minutes to set up the bike and the touchscreen for the bike.

So, Should I Tip the Peloton Delivery?

Tipping the Peloton delivery is not a requirement. If they just dump the product NO.  If they assemble, move things for you and make sure everything is in order by all means what you feel comfortable with.  If you feel the delivery guys/gals do a great job. Tip them. They work hard!  They do a labor intensive job and usually do more than is required.

How much should I tip the Peloton delivery? The amount is voluntary, so it is up to you. However, around 20 bucks is usually a practical tip to thank a couple of guys for getting you the delivery. I tipped my peloton delivery team $20 each. They took my bike down a flight of stairs, set it up for me, and placed it where I wanted it. Also ensured I could login and access the programs. If they provide excellent service – definitely tip.

Are you supposed to tip the Peloton delivery? The answer is no. Tipping the delivery is totally up to you.

My Peloton Bike Delivery Experience and Review

I ordered my Peloton bike+ on Oct 2020 (pretty bad timing as there were so many orders then) and got a delivery date on Dec 28. However, I was determined to get the bike earlier; hence I kept referring to the email link to check for earlier dates.

The process was unfruitful for the first two weeks, but then I hit it! A slot in mid-May. However, out of excitement, I did not stop there, and a week later, there was a slot on Nov 14, much to my satisfaction. I settled for the date and started preparing for the bike’s reception.

On Nov 13, I got an email from Peloton that my delivery was scheduled for the following day, between 8 am and 11 am. Then on the material delivery date, I got a call 30 minutes before delivery, informing me that the delivery would be there in 30 minutes.

Before I knew it, the delivery was at the gate. A couple of guys came out, immediately getting the bike. We directed them to the small studio we had created in the living room, where they went ahead to set up the bike and the touchscreen. They even got the screen running before leaving, which was more than the delivery crew should do to me. I tipped my peloton delivery team $20 each and thanked them for the service.

Does Peloton Delivery Include Assembly?

Yes, Peloton delivery includes assembly. Today, Peloton delivery even brings the equipment to the house and may wait for your first ride.

How to Cancel Peloton Order

Did you make a Peloton bike or tread order and realize you may not need it, or will you probably be relocating out of the country? You can always cancel the Peloton order to get a full refund.

How to cancel the Peloton bike order?

  1. First, go to the order status page online before delivery.
  2. At the top right corner is an option to ‘cancel order’, which you will click.
  3. If the option is unavailable, contact Peloton customer care directly to cancel the order.
  4. Once the order cancellation is successful, wait for 7 to 10 business days to get a full refund. The refund will be via your order payment method.

Parting Shot

Peloton delivery takes time, usually between a couple weeks to a couple of months. However, you can always reschedule the delivery for an earlier date whenever an opportunity pops up. Also, you could consider buying the equipment at a local showroom for faster delivery.

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