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Can I Use Peloton Digital App with Peloton Bike? Yes, You Can

You can opt for the digital app subscription, which is cheaper, instead of paying for the all-access membership, especially if you use the bike alone. Remember, the Peloton bike tablet screen only allows all-access membership. So, how to use the digital app on the peloton bike instead of all-access membership. You can only use the digital app on other devices, not the Peloton bike, bike +, treadmill or rowing machine. So, how do you use the digital app while riding on the Peloton bike? 

Let’s discuss all this, but first;

Peloton Digital App Vs. All-Access Membership

The Peloton digital app is a cheaper Peloton subscription, typically designed for Peloton users without Peloton bikes. It goes for only $12.99 per month. Usually, one can access most of the Peloton content, including live and on-demand classes, challenges and programs.

On the other hand, Peloton equipment users, such as bike users, have an exclusive all-access membership. It is more expensive, at a $44 subscription per month, but it is also unlimited. Therefore, all-access members can have multiple members under the same subscription. They can also free access the Peloton digital app on other devices while on the all-access subscription.

On top of that, they are able to access metrics, appear and compete on the Leaderboard.

So, Peloton Digital App on a Peloton Bike?

As mentioned above, Peloton bike owners can use the digital app as an all-access and digital app subscriber.

If you still have your all-access subscription, digital app access is free. This scenario comes in handy when you are away from your bike.

On the other hand, you can decide on a digital app subscription at $12.99 per month. Let’s discuss this case;

Using the Digital App on Peloton Bike with Ease (Tablet Holders)

The peloton bike and bike plus come with a tablet designed to fit into the bike’s tablet holder design, hence ease streaming the classes. However, using the digital app on a personal device will be tricky since Peloton does not come with an extra tablet or phone holder.

In this case, the simplest way is to use a TV to stream Peloton directly. Luckily, the app is compatible with ROKU, Android, Apple and Fire TV, and you can also stream directly from the Peloton website using any smart TV.

Alternatively, get quality yet affordable tablet holders from Amazon for your bike. 

My best recommendation for the standard Peloton bike is the ATP iPad holder. It is compatible with iPads and standard tablet sizes, and its sleek solid outlook fits the Peloton bike’s class.

Then for the bike plus, I recommend the Doubleplus tablet holder. It is not only compatible with the bike plus, but it is easy to install and safe for your delicate gadget.

How to Use Digital App on Peloton Bike

If you opt for a digital app subscription, you will need to log into the Peloton app using your phone, tablet, iPhone, iPad, laptop, TV or Peloton website, anything but your peloton bike. This is because your Peloton bike tablet only works for the all-access membership.

Simplifying the process;

  1. First, download the Peloton app on your personal device (phone, iPhone, tablet, iPad).
  2. Second, log into the app using your Peloton username and details, and tick on the digital app membership subscription. If you already have an all-access membership, you will have to cancel it to avoid autopay on the month you want a digital app subscription. Then, subscribe to the digital app membership.
  3. Third, log into your Peloton bike touchscreen, and take the Just Ride option. This feature allows you to ride the bike without the Peloton inbuilt instructor classes.
  4. Finally, enjoy the variety of cycling classes Peloton offers from your personal gadget.

Note: you would get metrics on Peloton screen but none would save . You would also lose access to scenic, lanebreak and you would not have metrics on the leaderboard for the class you are taking.

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Parting Shot

You can use the Peloton digital app with the Peloton bike, even if it is for non-Peloton bike users. Even better, as a Peloton bike owner, you will still have access to exclusive features not available on the digital app, such as the ‘Just Ride’ and the ‘Scenic Rides’ features.

Therefore, you will still have a fantastic Peloton experience on the digital app, except for the lack of metrics and Leaderboard competition.

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