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How Many Times a Week Should You Do Orangetheory?

The frequency of exercise at Orangetheory depends on your workout goals, availability, and preference. The OTF studios have a variety of membership plans, which will fit into almost every budget and fitness level.

However, If you just want to maintain your fitness level or are a beginner, two to four days a week at Orangetheory classes will do. Conversely, people with weight loss goals would have to go for Orangetheory for four to six days to achieve results.

So, How Much Should I Exercise at Orangetheory?

Well, for general fitness, three to four days weekly at Orangetheory should meet your fitness goals, even without a proper diet plan.

However, this frequency should get four to six days a week if you have weight loss goals. On top of the high-frequency gym visits, a diet plan with minimal fats and calories should be in place.

On the other hand, if you are new to Orangetheory fitness or haven’t regularly exercised, you should begin with two to three Orangetheory classes weekly. This approach permits your body to acclimate to the workout’s intensity and progressively develop endurance and strength. Once you feel more at ease and self-assured, you can gradually raise the frequency of your classes.

For BegineersStarting with 2 to 3 Orangetheory classes per week is recommended.
For Intermediate Participants / maintain fitness levelAttending Orangetheory 3 to 4 times a week can be a suitable range.
For weight loss goals4 to 6 days a week of Orangetheory are more favorable.

What are Your Fitness Goals?

Your fitness goals largely dictate your gym frequency. So, let’s have a look at a few and the approximate weekly frequency you should consider;

  • For general body fitness, three to four days weekly of Orangetheory exercises are excellent. You can alternate between the aerobic Orange 60 and Lift 45 for better results.
  • However, four to six days of Orangetheory are more favorable for weight loss goals. Whenever [possible, more Orange 60 than Lift 45 will do the magic.
  • Then, four to six days weekly, more Lift 45 and one or two Orange 60 will work the trick for muscle toning, strength, and endurance.

However, regardless of your fitness goals and Orangetheory gym frequency, your diet plays a large role in your fitness goal achievement. 

Determining Your Ideal Workout Frequency

You can determine your workout frequency based on the following conditions;

Fitness Goals

Your fitness goals will tell you how much time you need at Orangetheory. For example, for weight loss, you will need HIIT exercises an average of five days a week. On the other hand, members who want to advance in weight lifting will need at least three days with Lift 45 sessions and probably one or two Orange 60 sessions.

Age and Experience

Age is usually a significant determinant to exercise frequency, especially if you are just starting. The seniors should take a maximum of four days a week, taking a day’s rest after every visit. 

The same age group still has members who are more advanced in workouts and will lift heavier, run faster and longer, and attend even six classes weekly.

Therefore, depending on your age and workout prowess, you can determine gym frequency in a week.

Lifestyle Preferences

Your day-to-day lifestyle, especially your diet, will determine how long you need in a week to exercise.

For example, some people will regulate their calorie and fat intake as much as possible, and three days a week at Orangetheory get them to their workout goal, even if it is weight loss. Others cannot fathom how you forego fries for vegetables and prefer more gym days over diet regulation.

Is It OK to Do Orangetheory Every Day?

No, it isn’t. Generally, Orangetheory is high-intensity interval training that takes 45 and 60 minutes, hence strenuous. Therefore, the body muscles end up straining and even tearing, needing time to heal. Taking at least a day off Orangetheory every week gives your body the recovery period required, which is necessary for health.

Is 2 Days a Week at Orangetheory Enough?

Yes and no. 2 days at Orangetheory for beginners and active members elsewhere other than OTF is OK. However, for members who want to lose weight and are less active when not in Orangetheory, two days is neither OK nor enough. Therefore, two days at Orangetheory for enough workout is subjective.

Frequency of Class Attendance at Orangetheory

Basically, Orangetheory allows you to select a membership plan that fits into your convenience and budget. As such, your type of membership, to a large extent, dictates the frequency of class attendance.

For example, the basic package allows you four classes a month, which most users translate to one class per week. The elite package has eight classes monthly and two classes weekly. If you want more than two Orangetheory classes a week, the unlimited premier membership has unlimited classes per month.

Then there are session purchases, where you can purchase a number of classes, say 10, 20, or 30, that will be valid for a whole year. In this case, members distribute the classes achieved across the year, which also translates to less frequent weekly gym visits.

Usually, beginners opt for the basic and elite memberships, which are excellent at getting one accustomed to the workouts without straining. However, at this level, the goal is also only to maintain a fitness level. Some members are comfortable with these memberships, especially the elite option, and continue with it even when they are past the beginner level.

Some members love the low-cost memberships because they allow extra gym memberships while maintaining a lower gym budget. Others have at-home fitness options such as Peloton to supplement the basic or elite memberships. Yet others, with a supplementing diet plan, find one or two OTF visits enough for their fitness goals.

Nonetheless, unlimited membership is the most versatile for accomplishing fitness goals. Members can get four to six classes a week, which are great for fast weight loss goals. With the introduction of the Lift 45 classes at Orangetheory, the unlimited members further get to redefine their fitness goals without additional costs.

For example, an average individual is recommended to dedicate 150 active aerobic activities a week, in addition to two days of resistance training. This would mean three regular Orange 60 days and two Orange 45 days.

Wrapping Up

You should work out at Orangetheory for approximately three to four days, with two and six days a week on the extremes. The number of days narrows down depending on your workout goals, exercise experience, age, and lifestyle.

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