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12 Factors to Consider When Buying a Used Peloton Bike

Used Peloton Bike

Are you thinking about picking up a Peloton bike to get yourself into shape? This is a great step toward being a better you!

This dream has become even more achievable with the possibility of getting a used Peloton bike, which is cheaper, and sometimes more convenient.  Some people buy the Peloton bike and rarely use the bike; some move and intend to leave without the bike, among other reasons, making the used option more accessible.

A used Peloton bike is usually a lot cheaper than buying a new one. There are a few parts you’ll have to look at very closely when buying a used Peloton bike. you should consider factors to minimize the downstream effects of the used product. The bike model, tablet generation, and bike condition are among the major factors to consider with the Peloton bike.

To help you in your bike buying here are a few of the things that you’ll need to check out when buying a used Peloton bike. And this is precisely what we will discuss in this article today;

Is It Worth Getting a Used Peloton Bike?

Yes, it is worth buying a used Peloton bike.

Buying a used Peloton bike will save you hundreds of bucks because it has to go for lower than the market price. However, despite the low cost, you may get a bike in good condition that is almost new or has seldom been used since purchase.

Moreover, the used bike saves you on delivery time. Due to Peloton’s many orders to meet, delivery takes weeks to months. However, if you got a used bike, delivery will depend on your agreement with the seller. Therefore, it could be as fast as hours from the time of the purchase agreement.

Finally, I find a used bike option worth it because it has no location limitations. Peloton does not ship to most countries and in Asia and Africa, but you can get the used bike shipped to any place in the world.

How Much Should I Pay for an Exercise Bike?

Used Peloton bikes vary in cost depending on the following factors;

  • Age of the bike
  • Condition of the bike
  • Accessories that come with the bike
  • Shipping fees
  • The cost of a new bike

Currently, the cost of the standard Peloton bike, which is the old model, is $1,195 + Plus delivery and setup cost, while the cost of the new model, the bike +, costs $1,995 WITH FREE DELIVERY AND SETUP. Therefore, a used bike will cost less each of the bikes.

How much is a used peloton bike worth? The most common Peloton bike sold is the standard bike, which costs a maximum of $900 on most online platforms. However, you can get one for as low as $400 to $500 if you are lucky. Good price for used peloton Bike is $500 to $900 it depends on Bike condition.

Where Can I Get a Used Peloton Bike?

Below are places and platforms you can buy used peloton bikes;

  • Social platforms: there is an unofficial, used Peloton bike Group on Facebook(“Peloton Buy Sell Trade” Facebook Group) where the bikes are advertised.
  • Local platforms such as Craigslist: here, you can get used Peloton bike sellers near you. They help save on the cost and duration of shipping. They are also the best option for viewing the bike’s condition before purchase.
  • National selling platforms such as eBay. These sites offer a large platform where multiple sellers in the country sell used Peloton bikes. The more the sellers, the more options you have. You can determine the condition, age and cost of different bikes before finally settling on one.
  • Friends and relatives: If you have friends and relatives with Peloton bikes, you can ask them if they have any intentions of selling the bikes. At least you can trust them because you already know them, and they won’t lie about the bike’s information and condition.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Used Peloton Bike

What to look for when buying a used peloton?

1. Bike Tablet Generation and Year

Always consider a bike with Gen 2 tablet or higher. Gen 1 misses on a lot of new features, and it doesn’t update automatically as with the more recent generations.

Below is a snippet of the Peloton bike tablet generations;

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Note that the newer the tablet generation, the better for you due to the advanced condition and features.

2. Warranty (Can you get a warranty on a used Peloton Bike?)

Does the Peloton bike owner transfer the warranty to you when they sell the bike?

Unfortunately, the Peloton bike warranty does not transfer with the bike sale. Peloton has two types of warranty; the purchase and extended warranty. However, neither is transferable in ownership.

Update: Since April 2022, the Peloton extended warranty (Protection plans) has been transferable. So, if you buy a used bike that is still fairly new and was bought after April 2022, make sure that the original buyer gives you an extended warranty.

If the original buyer didn’t have an extended warranty, you can buy one from Peloton. Peloton Extended warranty sold on or after April 2022 can be purchased by a second owner up until 12 months after the original product delivery date.

Read details: Is Peloton Extended Warranty Worth It? Yes! Now It’s Transferable

Nevertheless, there are third party warranty services you can get for the used Peloton bike. Among others, they include;

  • Upsie (Ensure the Peloton bike that you want is less than 11 months old for Upsie Warranty)
  • CPS Central

The third-party protection services offer different warranty packages, from one, three, to five years. The cost may also vary depending on the bike condition assessment and the bike’s original cost.

3. Peloton Bike or Bike Plus

As a whole, Peloton has two bike models; the standard Peloton bike and the new bike +. The standard bike model costs $1,195 + Plus delivery and setup cost., while the new bike + costs $1,995 WITH FREE DELIVERY AND SETUP.

The Peloton bike plus has a rotating screen for help in doing other Peloton workouts, and the features are more advanced than those of the standard bike, hence the higher cost.

For the same reasons, a used bike + will be more expensive than the standard Peloton bike. I have only seen two bike plus models on sale on the Facebook platform, one at $1500 and another at $1800. Today, the standard Peloton bike is way cheaper, with most being under $1000. Actually, the most expensive seems to go for $900.

4. Bike Frame

Generally, the Peloton bike frame is the same and has not changed since the first bikes. In addition, they are all welded steel, which is coated for easy maintenance.

Therefore, if well-maintained and in good condition, you will not find a difference between the Peloton bike and the bike plus frame.

5. How Many Rides Have the Bike Completed?

Technically, the Peloton bike condition deteriorates with the number of rides taken. An older bike where fewer rides were taken is better than a newer model with thousands of rides on it.

Thus, always ask about the number of riders and rides on the bike, which indicates each account.

6. Resistance Levels

In general, Peloton bikes have 100 levels of resistance. Therefore, when testing for the belt slippage, you should test the bike resistance using the highest. My best recommendation is to test the bike at a minimum of 90. If the belt still holds, this means that the resistance knob and the magnets are in good condition.

7. Seat Comfort

If you can access and assess the bike before purchase, check for seat comfort. Then, get onto the bike and take a ride; your concentration on the bike saddle comfort.

So, if the bike seat is comfortable, this is an additional point for the bike. However, if it is not, you could get bargaining power from the condition or consider an alternative option.

8. Pedals

While on the bike for assessment, ensure that you check on the condition of the pedals. Are they too hard to pedal? Are the pedals clicking?

If you identify any challenge with the pedals, you can leave the bike for an alternative or ask for a discount. The seller may even offer to buy you new pedals for replacement.

9. Clicking Noise

It is essential that you get a video on a ride on the bike or get a ride if the location is close to you. Listen to any strange clicking sounds from the bike frame, pedals, belt or flywheel. I prefer riding at high cadence, then at high resistance, and noting down the feel of the bike and either.

Usually, the Peloton bike, powered by a belt drive and high-quality flywheel, should be silent and the ride smooth.

If the bike has any sounds, this should work against the bike. You can ask that the seller repairs the bike and takes care of the problem before the deal.

10. Flywheel, Leveling Feet, and Transport Wheels

Ensure that the leveling wheels, which are at the front of the bicycle just adjacent to the flywheel, and the transport wheels, which are at the back, are moving with ease. The flywheel, which is a major part of the bike, should move with ease. The belt guard should be intact and not broken.

 Try turning them and putting them to work to be at peace.

11. Touch Screen

The bike comes with its screen, which should be working. You can try working on it before the purchase to ensure that it is not faulty. And also see the Camera.

12. Resistance knob

A peloton cycling or spinning metric is calculated by the measure of resistance and cadence. The bike has a resistance knob, which you turn right to increase resistance and left to decrease (a quick tip; resistance adds to your output in comparison to cadence).

The resistance knob is also used for braking, thus an essential part of the bike. The bike should come to a sudden stop once you press the knob, which should be the best measure of the latter’s performance.

How to Activate Used Peloton Bike

It may be challenging to activate a Peloton bike, especially when not the original owner. Usually, it would help if you had the previous owner delete their accounts so that it is easy for you to start afresh.

Then, call Peloton customer service, who will help change the bike ownership, transferring it to you. They may request details of the bike, such as the serial number, previous owner’s name and email address. Then, they will ask for your email address and name, and you will have the bike in your name within minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of cycling shoes are used on peloton bikes?

Look Delta or SPD-SL cleated shoes will clip into the peloton bike pedals. You can also use toe cages if you are not using cleats. All these are meant to ensure that you are safely positioned on the peloton bike pedals.

Parting Shot

Buying a used peloton bike is more economical, and with so many people selling them online, you can get a good offer and use the remainder of your savings to buy a bike mat, cycling shoes, and other necessary accessories. You should, however, ensure that the bike is up to the requirements as stated above.


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