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Peloton Before and After Legs (The Real Effect of Spinning)

We always want well-toned legs from spinning or cycling. But we have some confusion about our legs when we thought about peloton spinning. Will it be huge? Will peloton spinning make my thighs bigger? or will be in perfect shape?

As a whole, cycling will get you shedding all the excess leg fat you have, being a cardio exercise that heavily works the legs. The legs become smaller, as a result, hence the toned outlook.

Peloton Before and After Legs
Peloton Before and After Legs

Does Peloton Make Your Legs and Thighs Bigger?

Not exactly. Peloton Cycling does not make your legs and thighs bigger. On the contrary, it helps shed the leg and thigh fats, hence a smaller muscle outlook.

Usually, cycling works the endurance muscles on the legs during exercise. During a downstroke, these are the quads and the hamstrings, calves, and sometimes the glutes during an up-stroke.

The more the muscles are worked, the harder they become, hence resisting faster fatigue. Therefore, you will find that the longer you cycle, the longer you can endure the exercise without feeling fatigued.

However, the fact that you can endure longer and more intense cycling sessions does not mean that your muscles have grown larger. Instead, they only grow stronger without increasing their mass.

Then why do cyclists have large thighs and legs? I’m glad that you asked; the truth is that cyclists don’t just rely on the bike to make their legs, even those that are constantly on Peloton.

On the contrary, they also dedicate a fair amount of time to the gym, lifting weights and engaging in resistance exercises. Now, these exercises use any excess fats left in the body to build muscles. If the workouts target the leg muscles or thighs, for instance, squatting with weights, the leg muscles benefit with more mass.

The good news is that other than spinning classes, Peloton has strength classes. In addition, there are core and lower body class options that target the lower body muscles. These include mountain climbers, hip bridges, and lower body targeting resistance training.

There are also bike Bootcamps, which combine the strength sessions with cycling sessions under the same class.

Engaging in bike Bootcamps or strength classes alternating with cycling classes adds to your muscle mass, as opposed to simply cycling.

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Is Peloton Bike Good for Toning Legs?

Yes, it is. Riding a Peloton is a low-intensity workout that enhances leg toning without adding extra muscles. It burns calories in the body, especially the legs that are most active in the exercise.

In the process, the legs gain endurance, which allows the body to cycle for long without feeling fatigued. However, the muscle mass does not increase. Actually, the leg muscles may seem smaller with the toned legs.

However, if you only want to tone your legs on the Peloton bike, go for exercises with minimal resistance and more cadence. These exercises include HIIT, Tabata, and some power zone rides. You may also have to avoid the climbs, which increase muscle mass over time.

Does Peloton Spinning Build Leg Muscles?

Yes, but only minimally. Spinning classes with increased resistance, such as climbs, have the added advantage of building leg muscles such as glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps over time. 

However, you should incorporate strength training into the spinning exercises to build meaningful leg muscles. Fortunately, Peloton has these exercises ranging from lower body strength to bodyweight training for leg muscles.

So, What is the Effect of Spinning on Legs?

As a whole, the effect of spinning on legs will be toned muscles. The legs look smaller, but they are more robust and with greater endurance. This being the case, spinning is best for weight loss and a smaller body outlook, as it doesn’t just work the legs. Being a cardio exercise, your whole body will display the impact.

Therefore, just by spinning, your legs will not appear larger. If you have seen people with larger legs from spinning, they do more than just spin; they take strength classes.

In a Nutshell;

The real effect of spinning on legs is a stronger yet small to moderate leg muscle outlook. Therefore, if you are looking for that athletic look, spinning may just be the low-impact exercise you need to get closer to your dreams.

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