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Is Peloton Safe for Kids? A Must-Read for the Parents!

Surprisingly, Peloton is safe for kids, save for infants and toddlers. Actually, Peloton has upgraded their classes to include Family Classes, which are really amazing. There are friendly sessions for families with kids from as young as three years!

Though the Peloton bike and treadmill have age, height, and weight limitations that restrict younger children, there are Peloton classes for the whole family. 

As a whole, the Peloton family classes are designed so that you can exercise as a family without any age and size limitations. The classes are available on the Peloton app, and they neither require the use of a bike nor a treadmill. Surprisingly, these classes allow you to involve children as young as three years!

Is Peloton Bike Safe for Kids?

Can kids ride Peloton bikes? Unfortunately, the Peloton bike has age limitations, recommending only kids from a certain age. Nevertheless, some parents and guardians allow their younger kids on the bike but under very close supervision.

In general, Peloton bike age and size requirements are as follows;

  • 14 years and above in the age
  • 105 lbs (48kgs) to 300 lbs (136kgs) body weight
  • 4 feet 11″ to 6 feet 4″ body height

If you decide that you can monitor the younger kids on Peloton rides, go for beginner rides that are not difficult for the kid. However, the class you pick will also depend on the age experience that the child has in biking.

Kid-friendly Peloton rides include;

  • Scenic rides
  • Just ride
  • Low-impact rides
  • Beginner rides

Most parents like their kids taking the Just Ride and Scenic rides, which are freestyle. They have no pressure or instructions from instructors. Besides, the scenic rides allow the kids to take on an outdoor adventure across the country while still in the house.

Best Peloton Rides for Growing Kids

  • 20 min beginner ride with Denis Morton
  • 15 min beginner ride with Hannah Corbin
  • 20 min beginner ride with Matt Wilpers
  • Any scenic ride

These classes are great for growing kids because they are of minimal difficulty and last for a short time.

Best Peloton Instructors for Growing Kids

Here is a list of cycling instructors that you can be comfortable leaving your growing kid to listen to;

  • Denis Morton
  • Hannah Corbin
  • Matt Wilpers

Tips for Riding for Growing Kids

If your kid rides on the Peloton bike, below are factors you have to consider;

  • Ensure that the kid rides under close adult supervision
  • Invest in Peloton toe cages, which the kid can ride in any regular shoes
  • Dress the kid in sports clothes, which keep the child flexible and free from injury
  • Go for beginner classes or scenic rides, which are soft on the kid

How to Keep Peloton Bike Safe from Kids

While you can have your 8-year-old or below on the Peloton bike, you cannot always trust them around the bike. Therefore, there are safety measures for the Peloton bike so that it is safe around kids and sometimes pets;

  • Keep the bike close to the wall, and lock it to the wall or a rigid place in the house if possible. This precaution prevents the bike from falling on the kids if they pull it. It also keeps the bike safe from falling and causing damage to its delicate parts.
  • Always cross-check the bike before use. The belt drive, pedals and flywheel could have some debris put in between the parts by the kids.
  • Keep the kids away from the bike when working out, especially if they are younger, three and below. This will keep them safe from putting their fingers on moving parts.
  • Lock the home bike studio if possible to keep the bike away from the kids.

Alternative Bike to Peloton for Kids

Sometimes your kid will want to ride the Peloton, yet their 4-year-old size is too small for the bike. Since t may be difficult to concentrate on your workout while your little one whines and threatens to climb onto the bike as well, here is a saviour alternative;

Little Tikes Pelican stationary bike (Amazon) is a kids’ bike that resembles the Peloton. It keeps your child busy with visual adventure and YouTube videos while you ride your Peloton. Even better, you can have them watch and listen from your Peloton bike so that you ride together and have fun.

Is Peloton Treadmill Safe for Kids?

Can kids ride on Peloton tread? No, the Peloton treadmill is not safe for young kids. They could fall off the tread and get injured, and worse still, the accident can be fatal. Therefore, it is advisable for kids to avoid the treadmill altogether.

However, there are parents who let their kids that are at least ten years run on the treadmill under close supervision.

Peloton Tread age and size requirements are as follows;

  • 16 years old and above in age
  • 4’11” to 6’4″ in height

Why Peloton Tread is Now Safe for Kids

  • The treadmill has a safety code that the parent can keep secret. Without the code, the kid cannot operate the Peloton tread on their own.
  • A safety key further adds to the safety of the tread in emergencies. The treadmill gradually stops immediately after you remove the key from the lock.
  • The treadmill only moves during the free mode if you run or walk, and you can neither add the speed nor the incline.

How to keep Peloton Tread safe from kids?

  • Ensure that you keep the safety code to yourself so that the kids cannot access the treadmill in your absence.
  • Always remove the safety key from the treadmill when the tread is not in use.
  • If you want the kid to run on the treadmill, ensure that it is not a competitive run.
  • Lock the treadmill room whenever possible to keep the kids completely safe from the treadmill.
  • Try not to exercise when the kids are around, especially the younger ones who will dare climb onto the treadmill.

Peloton Classes for Kids/ Family Classes

Peloton may not have a bike or treadmill for kids or any equipment classes for kids. However, there are yoga, strength and cardio classes for families, involving kids and adults alike. Since you can stream Peloton via TV, you can watch it as a family activity. As you keep fit as a family, you also bond more.

These classes include;

  • Fit Family Flow Yoga Classes by Kristin McGee. These classes are suitable for kids as young as three years old (20 minutes)
  • Family cardio classes led by Jess Sims (15 minutes)
  • Family meditations by Chelsea Jackson and Anna Greenberg (5 and 10 minutes)
  • Family strength with Jess Sims (15 minutes)

The classes are divided into;

  • Fit Family Flow: tweens
  • Fit family fun
  • Fit family strong
  • Fit family brain breaks
  • Fit Family Flow: kids
  • Family meditations
  1. Fit Family Flow: Suitable for kids only, between ages three and nine. The workout runs for 20 minutes and involves basic yoga. It is full of child-friendly play, mindful meditation, and child-friendly instructors.
  2. Family Meditations: Suitable for all ages, these classes range between five to ten minutes. They are appropriate for all the family members, from the kids to the adults. The meditation is family-based, hence best for bonding sessions.
  3. Fit Family Fun: This fifteen-minute workout is suitable for all family members five years and older. It involves full-body workouts, strength, and cardio, bringing in aspects of health, fun, and happiness.
  4. Fit Family Brain Breaks: Also suitable for five years and above, this workout runs in five minutes only for each session. It is all fun, with kid play incorporated in a quick movement and storytelling. Therefore, your family gets to involve both their bodies and minds, keeping you active.
  5. Fit Family Flow: The tweens workout goes for a maximum of twenty minutes and involves people from nine years upwards. Essentially, the workout helps you learn the basics of yoga and connect the mind and body for inner confidence, strength, and self-love.
  6. Fit Family Strong: Designed for users over ten years old, and takes only twenty minutes. It is a cardio and strength workout and a fun workout that kids and adults alike will look forward to experiencing again and again.

How to find Peloton family workout classes?

Fortunately, you can find the Peloton family classes on the Peloton app. This means that you can cast the classes from your TV, which allows everyone in the house to view the workouts without straining.

So, how to find the Peloton family classes?

My simplest option is to use the Peloton search button feature as follows;

  1. Use the Peloton website to log in to your Peloton account
  2. Go to the classes
  3. Tap on the search button at the top right corner
  4. Type in the family workout class, for instance, ‘Fit Family Flow: Kids’
  5. A number of classes will appear, from which you can choose your best for a start

Other than the search button, you can use search through the Peloton classes in the category you wish to get. For example, in meditation, browse through the meditation classes to get to the family option. You can filter the classes to family yoga in class type in yoga.

Safety Tips for Family Classes

Below are safety factors you should consider when having a family Peloton, especially when it involves kids;

  • If you can, use the largest screen available for easy visibility. But, of course, my favourite family streaming screen is the TV.
  • Keep the furniture and other stuff away to create a larger space for everyone. This will prevent stepping on each other as you crowd in the only available space.
  • Keep a close eye on the participating children to ensure that they exercise safely within their limits.
  • Do not create a kid’s Peloton account. Instead, use one of the adults’ accounts in the house.
  • Ensure that the kids’ health comes first during the exercise. If a kid has a health condition, consult with their physician first.

Nevertheless, before we indulge in this interesting topic;

Peloton is Not Safe for Kids under 3 Years

Infants and toddlers are quite explorative, and it won’t be a wonder finding them on your workout equipment. However, despite Peloton being safe for kids, there are limitations. If your kid is under three, most likely, they wouldn’t understand their limits.

You may find your baby trying to climb on the pedals or pulling the bike towards them. Worse still, inserting their fingers and other objects in delicate bike or tread parts. In this case;

  • Always lock your bike to a post or a stronger object in the house to prevent it from falling. Better still, keep it closest to the wall, which is even safer. When in this condition, falling on the kids will be less likely.

But what if the kids climb onto the pedals? 

  • Always ensure that you leave the resistance knob at 100, at which the pedals cannot move. Therefore, even if the kid climbed onto the pedals, the pedals will still be despite movement.
  • If the kids are cheeky, you can remove the Peloton touchscreen as well. Some kids will dare to climb onto the bike frame to reach the conspicuous screen. Worse still, the kids may try to hit the screen.
  • The most effective of them all, if you can lock the room where the peloton equipment is. This will prevent any temptation for daring kids.

As for Every Other Kid;

  • Ensure that you are always there whenever they are practicing on the bike or tread.
  • If the kids are under 14, don’t let them practice on the bike, but the tread and other Peloton workouts are great.
  • In my opinion, on-demand classes are the best for underage kids since you can watch them first before they watch. You can then determine if they are suitable for the kids.
  • Always use filters to ensure that the kids only get the workouts whose language they are comfortable with.
  • Look for instructor and music recommendations for the kids to get the most favorable set.
  • Don’t forget to remove the excess stuff in the studio for maximum free space. It is easy to step on each other if you have limited space or even bump into household stuff.
  • Finally, beginner classes are the most suitable for the kids, since they aren’t strenuous.

Can You Access Family Class on the Digital App?

Yes, the family class is available for both the Unlimited Subscription users and the Digital App users. Besides, it’s even easier to stream the peloton app on the TV, so you don’t have to use the whole family’s small phone or laptop.

Can Kids Use Peloton Equipment?

Kids under 14 are not allowed to use the Peloton bike. In any case, most of the younger ones will even strain to get to the pedals, which will not make sense. However, i have read a comment where a parent had their 6-year-old on the tread, though under close supervision.

Are There Other children-friendly Classes Besides the Family Class?

Yes, there are. Most beginner classes are child friendly. You can check for outdoor tread classes, which enhance the kid’s connection with nature, despite being on screen.

All yoga and meditation classes are child-friendly, especially for kids within the age that understands meditation.

Parting Shot

Is Peloton safe for kids? Finally, you know that you can enjoy Peloton with your kids. In any case, even the kids require to work out their bodies, just as we do. It helps keep them physically active and is also a channel for redirecting their energy to something constructive.

Therefore, let your kid come with you to your studio. She may surprise you with her flexibility, strength, and abilities. Nevertheless, always ensure that your child is in good health before subjecting them to strenuous workouts. You can consult their doctor if you are in doubt.

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