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How Long Does It Take to Walk 2.5 Miles by Age and Gender?

Several years ago, I read an article by Michael Moore stating that he began walking a half-hour per day, not for fitness, but to collect his thoughts and calm himself. However, as he continued, he stated that he could see past his belly to his feet for the first time in years.

It should also be remembered that while Walking is excellent for cardiovascular conditioning, it does nothing for strength training but is valuable. Walking 2.5 miles is good for health and weight loss, a good start for beginners, and an achievable daily distance.

However, a healthy person usually takes approximately 40 minutes to 50 minutes to walk 2.5 miles. For example, if You walk at an average pace of 3 mph, you can walk 2.5 miles in 50 minutes. However, increasing your speed allows you to walk the distance quickly! For example, you’ll take 40 minutes to walk 2.5 miles at a brisk walk of nearly four mph.

The time it takes to walk may change based on your walking speed, age, gender, fitness level, terrain, and path.

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How Long Are 2.5 Miles? 2.5 miles equals 4.02 km or 13200 feet or 4.23 meters or 4400 yards or approximately 5000-5500 steps.

Is It Good to Walk 2.5 Miles A Day for weight loss? Yes. I can answer this question based on what I know from my friend’s life name Alisa. Three years ago, Alisa weighed 93 kg(205 pounds) and had a thyroid condition and high blood pressure. Her boyfriend broke up with her because she was too fat, making me feel bad about herself and sad. She was so sad that she had to call me and talk to me for hours.

Finally, I told her you must love yourself before a guy would love you back. So, She began to look after herself. She started eating well, making better decisions, sleeping 8 hours, and drinking more water daily. She hated going to the gym because weirdos would stare at her and make her feel even worse. So She got up and walked around the house. She started by walking 1.5 miles a day for three months and slowly walked 2.5 miles a day.

2.5 miles. She continuously walked for one year, which helped her lose weight. Even now, She walks 2.5 miles daily. Her weight is 51 kg(112 pounds) today. She’s much happy, more sure of herself, and doing great. Walking alone has taught her to enjoy her company more than anyone else. She also made cute friends with the same health problems as she, and now she is learning about health from them. When she walks 2.5 miles daily, her whole body gets a rush of blood, and her brain wakes up to start the day and do all the planned work.

How Long Does It Take to Walk 2.5 Miles At A Different Pace?

A person’s pace is the main factor in determining how long they will walk. However, topography, age, and fitness level are the main determinants of pace.

Walking paceTime 
Slow Walk (2.5 Mph)/ 60 to 79 steps per minute/ 24 minutes per mile60 minutes
Easy Walk (3 Mph)/ 80 to 99 steps per minute / 20 minutes per mile50 minutes
Moderate Walk (4 Mph)/ 100 to 119 steps per minute / 15 minutes per mile38 minutes
Fast Walk (5 Mph)/ 120+ steps per minute / 12 minutes per mile30 minutes

2.5 miles: Average Walking Time by Age and Gender

As previously stated, various factors influence walking duration via influencing walking pace. In addition, a study on age and gender differences discovered that people of different ages and genders walk at varying speeds.

AgeGenderAverage speed (Mph)How long does it take to walk 2.5 miles
20-29Male3.0449 minutes
 Female3.050 minutes
30-39Male3.247 minutes
 Female3.050 minutes
40-49Male3.247 minutes
 Female3.1148 minutes
50-59Male3.247 minutes
 Female2.9351 minutes
60-69Male3.050 minutes
 Female2.7754 minutes
70-79Male2.8253 minutes
 Female2.5359 minutes
80-89Male2.171 hour 9 minutes
 Female2.11 hour 11 minutes

How Long Does It Take to Walk 2.5 Miles on a Treadmill

The time spent walking on a treadmill is much simpler to estimate and more precise than the time spent walking outdoors. Therefore, as long as you select the treadmill’s speed, the duration of your workout is nearly inevitable.

Walking Speed (mph)Minutes per mileTime for 2.5 miles of walking
2.524:0060 minutes
3.020:0050 minutes
3.119:2148 minutes
3.218:4547 minutes
3.318:1045 minutes
3.417:3844 minutes
3.517:0843 minutes
3.616:4042 minutes
3.716:1241 minutes
3.815:4739 minutes
3.915:2338.5 minutes
4.015:0038 minutes
4.114:3837 minutes
4.214:1736 minutes
4.313:5735 minutes
4.413:3834 minutes
4.513:2033 minutes
5.012:0030 minutes

How many steps to walk in 2.5 miles?

The number of steps to cover 2.5 miles will depend on factors such as your stride length, age, gender, walking pace, and the terrain you are walking on. On average, to walk 2.5 miles, it would take roughly 5,000-5,500 steps.

Can you lose weight by walking 2.5 miles a day?

Multiple factors, including your current weight, diet, metabolism, and walking speed, determine how much weight you can lose by walking 2.5 miles per day, including your current weight, food intake, and walking speed. Walking 2.5 miles burns roughly 200-250 calories, depending on the weight and walking pace.

To lose weight, it would be beneficial to create a calorie deficit by expending more calories than you consume through your diet. For instance, you must expend approximately 3,500 calories to lose one pound of body fat. Consequently, if you walk 2.5 miles daily and expend an additional 200-250 calories daily, you could lose up to 1 pound of body fat every 14-18 days, assuming you consume the same number of calories.

However, it is crucial to note that weight loss requires both regular exercise and a healthy diet. For instance, walking 2.5 miles daily can enhance overall fitness and lead to weight loss. However, if you desire to lose weight, it is recommended that you exercise or increase your daily mileage in addition to making dietary adjustments.

Benefits of Walking 2.5 Miles

  1. According to a report from the National Library of Medicine, Walking helps people with chronic low back pain reduce their pain, their handicap, their quality of life, and fear avoidance. In addition, Walking could be used instead of another form of exercise.
  2. According to an American Cancer Society study, all levels of Walking were connected with a decreased risk of death. On the other hand, participants who walked for least than 120 minutes per week had a reduced risk of dying than those who did not exercise. In addition, those who walked 1 to 2 times the recommended level of physical exercise had a 20% lower death risk. According to the survey, Walking is the most prevalent physical activity in the United States, lowering the risk of breast cancer, colon cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.
  3. A study by the National Library of Medicine found that Walking makes it easier for thoughts to come to you. In addition, it is a simple and reliable way to get people to be more creative and active.
  4. The prevalence of prediabetes and the threat of Type 2 diabetes are increasing. Exercise is a well-known practical approach for preventing Type 2 diabetes and managing prediabetes. So We can advise them to “walk more, sit less, and exercise,” The American Heart Association (AHA) says.
  5. According to a study, post-menopausal women who walk for at least 2.5 miles (40 minutes) several times every week have a nearly 25% lower risk of developing heart failure. In addition, by enhancing arterial health and preventing heart disease in persons with diabetes, brisk Walking has additional positive effects on the heart.
  6. Various research say that walking 2.5 miles can help
    • Better sleeping
    • lower blood pressure
    • Improve cholesterol levels.
    • Improve digestion.

Overall, walking 2.5 miles can be a simple and effective way to improve your physical and mental health and lead a healthier, happier life.

Tips to walk 2.5 miles:

Here are some tips for walking 2.5 miles.

  • Start slowly: If you’re not used to Walking, start with shorter distances and gradually increase the distance over time.
  • Find a comfortable walking pace: You should be able to converse without gasping for breath.
  • Wear comfortable shoes: Walking shoes should provide reasonable support and cushioning.
  • Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your Walk.
  • Listen to your body: Stop and rest if you’re feeling pain.
  • Make it fun: Walk with a friend, listen to music, or enjoy the scenery.
  • Set realistic goals: Don’t try to walk 2.5 miles on your first day out. Instead, start with a shorter distance and gradually increase the distance over time.
  • Join a walking group: Many walking groups are available in most communities. Joining a group can provide you with support and motivation.
  • Track your progress: Keeping track of your progress can help you stay motivated and on track. You can track your progress by keeping a journal, using a fitness tracker, or setting up a goal on a fitness app.

Walking is a great way to get exercise and improve your health. By following these tips, you can make walking 2.5 miles daily a routine.


In conclusion, the amount of time it takes to walk 2.5 miles can vary depending on several factors, such as your walking speed, terrain, and physical fitness level. On average, it takes about 40 minutes to 50 minutes to walk 2.5 miles. However, this can vary from person to person. Therefore, lessening your body and adjusting your pace as needed is essential. Walking is an excellent form of exercise that can improve your cardiovascular health, boost your mood, and help you maintain a healthy weight. So, whether you’re a seasoned walker or just starting, walking 2.5 miles can significantly improve your overall health and well-being.

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