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Does Anytime Fitness Offer Student Discounts?

Yes, Anytime Fitness gyms offer student discounts!

Anytime Fitness has multiple benefits and a low cost for its standards, one of the most attractive. On top of the low price, college and university students who are 18 years and older get a student discount.

There are also insurance discounts and occasional registration discounts, which students can take advantage of at Anytime Fitness.

Anytime Fitness Student Discount

In general, Anytime Fitness clubs have student discounts. The discounts may vary from one club to another, but most give a discount that is 15% and below the membership fee. The membership fee will vary depending on your location, Therefore, if the cost of the club is $41 per month, the student may pay as low as $34.85.

How to get a student discount on Anytime fitness? The exact student discount will depend on the club due to the independent management of each. Contact your home club to get a student discount. Nonetheless, one has to bring proof to the club that they are actually students. For example, you would need a current student id to identify you with a college or a university.

What Services Do You Get at Anytime Fitness with a Student Discount?

Getting a student discount at Anytime fitness does not make you any less of a member. Therefore, you will access all the services for the membership you signed. A regular membership should get you the following;

  • Access to shower rooms and locker rooms
  • Access to tanning beds, if available
  • Access to all gym equipment and exercises
  • Free group classes such as yoga, Zumba, Pilates, and cardio classes

Do I Get a Key Fob with a Student Discount at Anytime Fitness?

Yes, you do. Every member of the club gets a key fob, regardless of whether you are under the discount membership. The key fob allows you access to the gate and doors of the club. But, over and above that, the key fob allows you to access other Anytime Fitness clubs away from your home club.

So, What is the Cost of Joining Anytime Fitness with a Student Discount?

Usually, the Anytime Fitness student discount applies to the renewable subscription charges. For example, the monthly and annual charges for accessing the gym are renewable every month or every year.

However, the joining fee and the key fob cost do not change, regardless of the membership. So, whether you have a student discount, the joining and the key fob fees remain constant.

After that, you will reap the discount benefits through the subscriptions.


Does Anytime Fitness offer student discounts? Yes, it does. Anytime Fitness offers convenience in almost all dimensions. So, you get to access the clubs at any place in the world you find with the same membership, they are open 24/7 and even on holidays, and the membership cost is inexpensive. Then there is the student discount to top it up.

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