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Why is Anytime Fitness So Expensive?

Anytime Fitness is a classic gym chain, and the design and amenities are commendable. However, it is more expensive than most competitors, such as Planet Fitness.

Typically, Anytime Fitness is averagely priced, going for approximately $41 per month in the USA. At the cost, you will get access to all the Anytime Fitness studios across the world, in addition to a range of gym equipment and classes.

How Much Does Anytime Fitness Cost?

The cost of a subscription at ATF varies depending on the studio location, administration, type of membership, and discount options. For example, there are student and military discounts, which could get you as much as a 15% discount on the overall cost. Also, Anytime Fitness costs approximately $53 in Canada, while the average rating is $41 in the US.

Also, some US studios charge as low as $33, while others charge as high as $50 per month.

Moreover, different packages cost differently. For example, the personal training membership is more expensive than the typical membership at the club. 

Is Anytime Fitness Worth It?

Well, I feel that Anytime Fitness is worth the cost, though the subject is entirely subjective. My reasons are as follows;

Essentially, a membership at one studio offers you access to all Orangetheory studios, which, luckily, are available across the globe. Interestingly, signing up for the membership in your home place could save you struggles in other places, especially if you are a traveler. There are places, such as Japan, where the Anytime Fitness studios will only allow people with Japanese credit cards to register, which you definitely wouldn’t have as a visitor.

However, you will escape this challenge if you already have a gym membership. Your membership key fob will help you access the studio as long as it is older than  30 days.

On top of that, you will access the studio at any time of the day. Of course, the studios are only staffed during the day, hence the best option for group activities and personal training. However, you will have access to all the gym equipment, accessories, and amenities any time you visit.

While Anytime Fitness studios vary by location and management, they are all basically neat. The equipment looks new and clean, which motivates you to exercise in the gyms.

Also, the franchise features shower rooms and locker rooms in most studios. The locker rooms are large enough to allow for changing and are always dry. After all, they are situated away from the shower rooms. As for the shower rooms, you will always find them large, clean, and attractive. In addition, they are private, which is an additional point to the franchise.

Some Anytime Fitness studios also feature tanning beds and hydromassage beds, while most already include a beauty bar. The tanning beds are additional amenities, while the beauty bar allows you to make yourself up after a shower. You will love that you can go home smelling fresh, commute after the gym, or even head straight to work after a class.

Usually, the gyms incorporate strength training equipment and cardio equipment in the studios. Some of the strength training equipment you can always count on are free weights such as dumbbells and kettlebells, benches, and cable machines, among others. In addition, there are treadmills, rowers, bikes, and staircases, which facilitate cardio training.

Over and above that, Anytime Fitness has group classes, which most cheap gyms will not offer. These include yoga, Zumba, Bootcamps, and Pilates.

After all, Orangetheory has a 7-day guest pass, which you can use to try out the studio. During the 7 days, you can venture into the different classes, amenities, and equipment offered to decide whether it is truly worth your investment.

Anytime Fitness Cons for the Price

Nonetheless, there are features you get in Anytime Fitness that make you question the worth of the pricing cost. Let’s look into them in detail;

Primarily, Anytime centers are not impressively large. Therefore, they end up crowded, especially during peak exercise hours.

Moreover, there are neither pools, spas, or aquatic activities with Anytime, despite stiff competition from gyms that offer these amenities. 

Lastly, the gym is expensive to join, with at least twice the cost of a single membership just for registration. As though that is not enough, you have to commit to the club, with most studio packages ranging from 6 months upwards.

Do I Get a Key Fob with Any Membership at Anytime Fitness?

Yes, you do. Every member at Anytime Fitness gets a key fob, regardless of the membership plan. The key fob allows you to access the studio anywhere and at any time since tailgating is not allowed.

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Should I Join Anytime Fitness?

You should join Anytime Fitness if it will be convenient for you in the following ways;

  • You constantly travel, hence looking for a gym chain that is most likely available in most places you may visit
  • You are looking for group classes that will motivate your exercise routine and commitment
  • you are into fairly new equipment
  • If you love clean and dry locker rooms without swimmers wiping themselves and placing wet apparel on the benches
  • It is close to you, and you don’t have to commute to get to the studio.

However, you should not join Anytime Fitness if:

  • You simply want a primary exercise gym; there are cheaper options with the same equipment and training 
  • You have a child and would use a child care station or want extra amenities such as a basketball court, a swimming pool, and a spa.
  • You feel it is not worth your money after the 7-day trial at the studio.


So, why is Anytime Fitness so expensive? First, the franchise is among the most widespread gym chains, with over 4000 studios globally and over the US. On top of that, you can always access one at any time of the day. Therefore, the gym has the convenience of place and time, which overrules most other factors.

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