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Can I Use My Anytime Fitness Membership At Any Location?

Yes, you can. Once you become a member at Anytime Fitness, you will get a key fob that allows you to access all other Anytime Fitness clubs. However, you will have to wait for 30 days in order for the reciprocity feature to take effect.

The ability to access any Anytime Fitness club with a single membership is the main strength of the fitness company. Despite being a franchise where each club is independently owned, members can take classes in any club.

Therefore, if you are a traveler, you may just have found your best gym membership!

Club Access

Though a franchise, Anytime Fitness gyms have similar ground rules. One of these rules is on accessibility, anywhere and at anytime. Thus, you can visit the club at any time of the day, even at night! Also, you can visit any club with the AF logo, as long as you are a member.

All you need to access any of the Anytime Fitness clubs are;

  • More than 30 days of Anytime Fitness membership
  • An up to date key fob

Can I Go to Any Anytime Fitness with My Key Fob?

Definitely! Your access to other Anytime Fitness clubs may delay 30 days after registration, but you are free after that. Even as a new member that is less than 30 days old at the club, you can get into other clubs as a guest. Some will even go as far as checking your details online to confirm your membership, and they will allow you full access to the club.

The better news is that Anytime Fitness clubs are distributed in most parts of the world. Therefore, you will almost always get your gym exercise with your key fob without having to pay extra fees.

Anytime Fitness has multiple membership options. Some gym chains only allow certain memberships into clubs away from home. However, even the regular cheap membership option does not limit your key fob at Anytime Fitness. Regardless of your membership plan, you can use any Anytime Fitness club with the key fob.

How Do I Get My Key Fob for Anytime Fitness? 

You get your Anytime Fitness key fob immediately after you are through with your registration into the gym. Besides, the key fob is your only access to the club since tailgating is not allowed.

Essentially, the key fob is like your membership card to Anytime Fitness clubs, so you will get it as long as you are a member.

Why Doesn’t My Key Fob Open Other Anytime Fitness Gyms?

Your key should have access to all Anytime Fitness clubs, as long as your payments are up to date. So, if your key fob will not open other AF clubs, the following are the precipitating factors:

  • Your membership with Anytime Fitness is less than 30 days old.
  • You have been locked out, in which case you should contact your home gym to check on your status.
  • The gym you are trying to access has a faulty door.

I Lost My Key Fob; What Should I Do?

You can lose your key fob, in which case you will not access any Anytime Fitness clubs through the members’ door. 

In this case, contact your home club customer care and inform them of your key fob loss. The quick report will help the club lock the key to preventing fraud.

Most importantly, reporting the loss helps you get to the next stage of your help; you can replace your key fob.

However, there is a cost attached to the replacement of the AF key fob. But you don’t have to worry about it; though each club has its own key fob replacement fees, it is a small and manageable fee all the same.

I Forgot My Key Fob at Home; Can I Still Get Into the Gym?

Well, your Anytime Fitness key fob is your best shot at accessing the gym. Therefore, if you forget it at home, you cannot get to the gym. The policy forbids tailgating, so not even a friend can help you.

However, you can consider using the guest gate and requesting to use the gym for the day. It may just work in your favor, or it may not. The best thing is always to remember the key fob as easily as you do with your gym outfits whenever you have to pass by the gym.

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What to Expect When You Go to Other Anytime Fitness Clubs

We all agree that there is the warmth that comes with your home gym. You already know the trainers, and even get to make friends with other members. For this reason, most of us feel nervous the first time we change the club location. So, what is it really like to go to other Anytime Fitness gyms?

  • First off, the experience is almost the same, save for the familiarity. The staff is friendly, and the members are good to each other, even strangers. Besides, you are not the only stranger at any given time, given that Anytime Fitness clubs are open to all the members worldwide.
  • You will also find that most of the equipment and amenities are the same as your home club. They are all new and attractive, and each type of exercise is given a section of its own. There are also shower rooms, and most clubs have lockers as well.
  • You will not be required to pay additional fees for just going to other Anytime Fitness clubs. All you need is your key fob. However, if you request for transfer from one club to another, you may pay extra fees depending on the new club’s policy.
  • Amazingly, your AF key fob works at all Anytime Fitness clubs, regardless of the location. Therefore, as long as the door is working, you won’t need help going to the club.
  • You may find additional amenities that are not at your home club, such as tanning beds. Likewise, some amenities in your home gym, such as a swimming pool, may not be available in most Anytime Fitness clubs. However, this only applies to additional amenities that are not basic to Anytime Fitness.


You can use your Anytime Fitness key fob at any AF club, which makes the franchise unique. The only restriction will be that your key fob has to be 30 days or older in order to access other clubs.

So, now you can tour the world with a single gym membership, which ensures that you don’t compromise your fitness due to work and interest demands. 

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