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How Do I Cancel My Anytime Fitness Membership?

Anytime Fitness is a gym chain with a spectrum of benefits, including 24/7 access to all Anytime Fitness clubs and a range of available equipment, amenities, and exercises. The membership cost is also fair, especially when you link it to the world-class services at any club.

However, you may want to cancel your Anytime Fitness membership due to unavoidable circumstances: illness, relocation, or you just don’t want the services anymore. 

Anytime Fitness has a cancellation policy, which is included in your contract. Let’s review this and more to do about the anytime fitness cancellation, pausing, and freezing of the Anytime Fitness membership;

Is It Easy to Cancel Anytime Fitness Membership? Honestly, canceling the Anytime Fitness membership is the most challenging part of being an AF member and probably the downside to the popular chain of clubs.

Nonetheless, it is important to review the membership contract on cancellation thoroughly before you decide to cancel your membership. This goes a long way toward ‘uncomplicating’ the cancellation process for you.

How to Cancel Anytime Fitness Membership?

Due to the fact that each club is owned and maintained independently and each state has its own cancellation procedures. As a result, you must cancel your membership directly with the club that you attend. Find their contact information via the Club Locator.

For UK User: Fortunately, you don’t have to avail yourself to cancel your Anytime Fitness membership physically. Instead, you can cancel it online using the Online Cancellation Request Portal. Here, you will fill in your membership details, indicating your desire to quit the membership. Additionally, you will include the reason for your cancellation.

Nonetheless, always remember that the cancellation process is smoother when you take the process at least 30 days before the effective date.

How to Cancel the Anytime Fitness Membership Over the Phone?

Use the phone number given to contact the club, stating your intention to cancel your membership again 30 days before the date of effect.

The customer service will ask you questions about your membership details. They will also let you know the cancellation and administration fees you should pay if need be.

Anytime Fitness Cancellation Requirements

You can cancel the Anytime Fitness membership in person, online, or via phone call. 

You will need the following;

  • A prior notice, at least 30 days before cancellation if you plan to relocate.
  • Medical document in case of a medical reason from your doctor
  • A written document if you wish to cancel after the minimum term
  • Administration and cancellation fees in all the above case

You neither need to pay cancellation fees nor prior notice in case of cancellation due to the following:

  • Bank proof that you are bankrupt in case of bankruptcy
  • When the content of the contract is broken
  • When changes in the contract affect you adversely
  • When you become entitled to cancel the membership by consumer laws

Does Anytime Fitness Have the Option of Pausing/ Holding Your Membership

Yes, Anytime Fitness allows you to pause or put a hold on your membership, as long as the payments are up to date. Below are some of the factors you have to put in place to freeze your membership temporarily;

  • Ensure that your membership is up to date; you have no payment arrears.
  • In the case of a fixed agreement, the remaining term has to be more than two weeks before expiry.
  • If your membership is 1 year long, you are allowed to freeze the membership for up to 3 months two times combined.
  • However, if you have an illness, are on travel, or are in some sort of hardship, the Franchise allows you to freeze the 12-month membership for more than 3 months. However, you have to provide supporting documents in any of these cases.
  • The company expects you to pay the freeze fee during the pause period, which varies depending on the specific club. However, it is roughly $5 for every month in most cases.

The company will pause the automatic payment during the freeze period, all except the freezing fee.

What Happens if You Cancel Direct Debit Anytime Fitness?

As a whole, Anytime Fitness deducts your subscription fees directly from your registered card. The renewals are also automatic, depending on your membership plan.

You are also allowed to pay your membership fees using the Direct Debit, which is under the agreement of the Franchise’s biller. Thus, you sign the billing agreement separately, though the cancellation terms are similar to those of the credit card membership.

Sadly, this also means that if you don’t cancel your membership, the payment will continue even when you don’t use the club, even with the direct debit payment.

Therefore, the wisest thing would be to cancel the subscription. Fortunately, once your cancellation is successful, there will no longer be any deductions from your debit card.

Check your direct debit agreement for more information on the same.

You do not cancel your Direct Debit instruction, as this is processed automatically at the end of your membership term. Cancelling your Direct Debit instruction can lead to a delay in processing your membership cancellation and further charges may be applied.

According to Anytime Fitness

Is There a Free Trial with Anytime Fitness?

Yes, there is a free trial with Anytime Fitness for all new members. One of the things everyone appreciates about Anytime Fitness is how they treat all their guests. They offer you all the hospitality and help you need in a gym. 

To top it up, you end up with a free gym membership for at least 7 days. During the 7 days, you will explore all the club’s facilities, amenities, exercises, and services. Then, you can decide without any coaxing whether the club is for you or not.

Freeze, Cancel & Transfer

As stated earlier, Anytime Fitness allows for freezing and cancellation of membership. So, whether you need time off the club due to an illness, travel, relocation, or other reasons, a clause gives you the right to either cancel or freeze the account temporarily.

Over and above that, your Anytime Fitness membership is transferable! Therefore, if you want someone else to take over your membership, especially the fixed memberships, you can always make a transfer. However, some conditions facilitate the success of the transfer of membership;

  • First off, your membership has to be up to date
  • The person you transfer to has been able to carry on your membership; for example, in the case of a corporate membership
  • The new party will sign a new membership with a balance of a minimum of the minimum term subscription, make necessary payments, or sign with a direct debit payment agreement
  • They will also provide their identification details, including a photo, just as with other new members. They will further pay the new member joining fees
  • Moreover, they will get a key fob of their own, which will allow them access to all AF services and amenities

Remember that transferring your membership to another person means you can no longer use your claim to the membership.

Other than transferring your membership to another individual, you can get an Anytime Transfer from one club to another. However, the following rules will apply for a transfer to another Anytime Fitness club to be successful;

  • You use another club for at least 3 consecutive days in a month, and 50% of your period spent at this other club
  • You have a minimum of at least two consecutive periods going to another club for  4 times in each period and using the facility for at least 100% of your period there.
  • Sign a new contract with the terms of the new club you request transfer to from your club.

Can Anytime Fitness Cancel Your Membership?

Sadly, yes, Anytime Fitness can cancel your membership. However, the club can only do so under the following conditions;

  • If you breach your obligations to the agreement and the breach cannot be fixed. If it can be fixed and you don’t do your part to fix it within the required time, the AF will also cancel your membership. Breach of the agreement could mean damage to Anytime Fitness property and failure to adhere to the rules, among others indicated in the contract.
  • When you are bankrupt or insolvent, don’t notify the management of your inability to pay your dues and subscriptions.


How to cancel anytime fitness membership? Canceling the membership at AF may not be easy, as it comes with additional costs and some rules attached. However, knowing what is required of you before you actually need the cancellation process becomes less challenging and tedious.

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