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Does Anytime Fitness Have Tanning Beds? (Pros and Cons)

Anytime Fitness is a perfect gym chain option for travelers and excellent for people with unique working schedules. But fortunately, this also means that one may have limited time to get a tanning session at the beauty parlour. But what if you could get the service at the gym?

Overall, Anytime Fitness doesn’t offer officially tanning beds as a necessary amenity. However, most of their studios already have tanning beds, hence almost an assurance that you will get one. Therefore, all you need is to contact your local Anytime Fitness studio to get their service list.

Do Anytime Fitness Clubs Have Tanning?

In general, none of the clubs has a sauna or steam rooms, but most clubs have replaced this luxury with the presence of tanning beds and hydromassage beds. So, while the tanning beds are not obvious, you may just be lucky to get one, unlike if you were looking for steam rooms.

Essentially, Anytime Fitness has a fantastic selection of equipment, group training and personal training options. Actually, I find it the best option for an all-in-one gym service stop.

However, each franchise is run by different individuals or companies, hence different management. But this shouldn’t worry you: your subscription to one club is acceptable in all other clubs. Most importantly, you will be happy with the staff wherever you are, and the exercise design is similar.

Besides, Anytime Fitness clubs may be priced differently depending on the management and extra amenities available, but it is always affordable.

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Benefits of Having Indoor Tanning at the Gym

Usually, you will find that gyms with tanning beds are more popular than gyms without tanning beds. So, why is a tanning bed important at the gym, and why are some Anytime Fitness clubs considering the inclusion?

  • Tanning is a relaxing amenity after an extensive exercise, which relaxes your brain, emotions, and even physical body.
  • Tanning is related to heart health. People with less exposure to UV rays suffer from heart conditions such as stroke more than people with the exposure.
  • One improves their overall health by tanning because the Vitamin D you get boosts the immune system.
  • If you have skin disorders, exposure to Vitamin D consistently is a suitable management strategy.
  • Surprising as it is, tanning can suppress eating disorders, which helps with weight loss.
  • It is readily available, and you don’t have to create time for additional service after the gym. Therefore, it saves you the time to travel and book the service from other facilities.
  • Tanning at the gym is always available, regardless of your location. So, whether you live in northern Europe, where sunlight is no guarantee, the gym tanning beds are always a saviour.

Cons of Tanning Beds

Unfortunately, even tanning beds have a downside that you should consider before getting into one. Let’s get into the specifics;

  • Tanning beds are so comfortable that you may just sleep, especially after a gym exercise. However, the beds are controlled from the interior by the individuals tanning themselves, so sleeping is detrimental; you could overstay your time.
  • Long exposure to UV rays is a major factor in skin cancer vulnerability. Therefore, it is not a daily schedule recommendation.
  • Tanning may lead to skin burns, especially if one exposes one part of the body for too long. The problem with tanning beds is that you just have yourself to guide you in there if you are a novice.

Tanning Beds at Anytime Fitness Clubs 

If you are lucky to get tanning beds at an Anytime Fitness club, below are some of the things you should expect:

  • You don’t need additional cost to access the tanning bed; every member has unlimited access to tanning. In addition, you can access a tanning bed at Anytime Fitness as long as you have a key fob.
  • However, you can only be on the tanning bed once every 24 hours, which is for your skin protection. After all, even tanning daily is not recommended for optimal health.
  • Tanning beds may not be as many as other gym machines, hence not convenient during the peak gym hours. However, you will find odd hours often effective in avoiding the ‘wait’ anxiety and saving on time.
  • Unfortunately, tanning beds are not available at all Anytime Fitness clubs. Therefore, if you are a traveller, you may need to ask about the availability when you go to a new club.


Some Anytime Fitness clubs have tanning beds, which are a relief amenity for most people, especially in cold seasons. Also, every member has access to the tanning beds, so you don’t need extra membership costs.

Though tanning beds may be hazardous, there are guidelines for using one, which helps you avoid the challenges. 

So, ready to check out your tanning luck at the nearest Anytime Fitness club? Let’s get on with it! 

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