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What Treadmill Does Orangetheory Use?

What treadmill does Orangetheory use? This is the obvious question to everyone who understands the cult name the chain of gyms has built around itself. Orangetheory exercises consist of three main types of exercises, and treadmill training is among them.

So, What Brand of Treadmills Does Orangetheory Use?

Orangetheory Fitness uses the FreeMotion brand for their treadmills, specifically a custom version of the Reflex t11.3 model. This partnership between Orangetheory and FreeMotion has resulted in a treadmill that perfectly aligns with Orangetheory’s vision for their workout experience.

The Reflex Treadmill was attractive to Orangetheory because of its unique features, and FreeMotion was open to modifying the treadmill to meet Orangetheory’s specific needs. As a result of a collaborative process that involved focus groups, meetings, and testing sessions, the treadmill underwent customization to fit the Orangetheory workout routine.

Key aspects of the FreeMotion Reflex treadmill that have become synonymous with the Orangetheory brand include the 1 STEP™ controls and the shock-absorbing deck. The 1 STEP™ controls allow users to reach their desired speed and incline immediately, enhancing the Orangetheory workout experience.

As William Gaebel, Orangetheory’s Director of Construction and Studio Development, stated, “The Reflex deck is the ultimate Orangetheory experience. It has become synonymous with the Orangetheory brand. It’s what we’re known for.”

Is FreeMotion a Good Brand?

FreeMotion is widely recognized as an exceptional brand, especially noted for its flexibility and customer-oriented approach. Their willingness to adapt and customize their products, as seen in their partnership with Orangetheory Fitness, demonstrates their commitment to meeting customer needs.

Also, it is just a partner to Orangetheory and not owned by OTF. Therefore, it still sells its treadmills to individuals and other interested parties.

You can purchase a FreeMotion treadmill through the

Orangetheory’s Director of Construction and Studio Development, William Gaebel, has praised FreeMotion’s efforts, stating that the Reflex Treadmill has become an integral part of the Orangetheory experience.

Furthermore, Gaebel commends FreeMotion’s exceptional customer service. Despite being a global brand, they have shown remarkable agility in addressing issues, even flying out overnight to resolve problems at clubs. Gaebel claims that their unparalleled service makes FreeMotion their top supplier. Thus, based on these attributes, FreeMotion can be considered an outstanding brand.

What Treadmill Does Orangetheory Use?

Typically, Orangetheory chose the Reflex t11.3 treadmill among the FreeMotion treadmills. And it is with reason; that the treadmill has multiple features that fall in line with Orangetheory treadmill experience targets.

Here are the features that the Reflex;

A) 1-Step Controls

The two main features that bring the treadmill closer to the physical training terrain are the availability of speed and incline controls. Sadly, trying to adjust the speed and incline on most treadmills will get you slowing or even stopping the exercise as you try to get to your preferred options.

This is the problem that FreeMotion solved with 1-step controls on the Reflex treadmills. Therefore, with just a touch of the button, one is able to get to their preferred incline or decline.

Then there is the quick precision speed, which allows you to match your incline adjustment to the speed for your preferred motion.

B) Large LED Screen

In order for the 1-step controls and the quick precision speed to work more efficiently, the Reflex treadmills come with a large LED screen display. This ensures that you easily manage your adjustments. Also, you can easily view your distance and time metrics without slowing or having to bend closer to the display screen.

C) Shock-Absorbing Deck

One of the major downsides of treadmill training is knee and other lower limb joint injuries. Nonetheless, the Orangetheory Reflex treadmill has a cushioning mechanism, which stems from a shock-absorbing deck. This feature minimizes the instances of joint injury from consistent training on the treadmill.

On top of that, the shock-absorbing treadmill helps you run or walk more efficiently, minimizing fatigue and encouraging optimal output. You can adjust the speed up to 12 km/h, which is a good range for athletes and beginners alike.

D) Maximum User Weight

Some of us, if not most, join Orangetheory with the aim of shedding some body fat, hence body weight. Amazingly, cardiovascular training is the best way to lose body weight, and running on the treadmill just tends to be on the frontline.

Fortunately, the Relex treadmills in Orangetheory are just perfect for this idea, given that they accommodate as much user weight as 400 pounds! Therefore, the overweight limiting factor is not an excuse not to be in OTF treadmills.


How Long Are You on the Treadmill in Orangetheory?

Usually, you will be on the treadmill for at least 16 minutes in Orangetheory. However, this could extend to 26 or more minutes in 2G classes. Therefore, expect approximately 20 minutes on the treadmill, depending on the class you join.

Can You Lose Weight Fast with Orangetheory Treadmill?

Yes, you can. You lose weight faster on the Orangetheory treadmill than on-floor training and rowing. 

Do All Orangetheory Studios Use the Same Treadmill Brand?

Yes, they do. Orangetheory Fitness is a chain of studios, and the experience in all studios is almost similar. Therefore, they all use FreeMotion Reflex treadmills, which are great for a fantastic running and walking experience.

To Sum Up;

Orangetheory uses FreeMotion Reflex treadmills, which have high-quality features that optimize the OTF experience. The treadmills have outstanding 1-step controls, as well as the impressive and safety-enhancing cushioned deck.

Most importantly, the treadmills have Orangetheory customization, which furthers the exact experience that Orangetheory envisions on their treadmills.

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