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Does Orangetheory Have a Family Plan? (Discount and Policy)

Yes, Orangetheory has a family plan that allows the added members to earn at least $10 discount off the monthly subscriptions. However, the family discount is only effective on the elite and premier membership plans.

Usually, the family discounts will apply when members sign up for membership in the same studio. Therefore, working out as a family will get you better individual subscription rates compared to members who don’t have other family members on OTF membership.

We will look into the OTF family discount policy and more on the same, but first;

Orangetheory Membership Plans

Orangetheory has membership plans, as well as class packages. Though membership subscriptions have attached commitments where monthly subscriptions are necessary, they are the cheapest option.

There are three types of membership plans; (Prices may vary by studio)

  1. The basic membership (4 classes per month): approximately $70 per month
  2. The elite membership (8 classes per month: approximately $110 per month
  3. The premier membership (unlimited classes per month): approximately $160 per month

With the elite and basic memberships, additional classes cost roughly $18 – $30 (depending on the studio).

On top of that, members under the elite and premier membership plans are the only ones eligible for family membership discounts.

Orangetheory Family Discounts

Other than personal health and fitness, everyone longs for a healthy partner, child, parent, sibling, and other family members. Taking this into consideration, Orangetheory makes it easier to have a family exercise plan by providing a discount of between $10 and $20 for family members.

Basically, the exact discount plan varies depending on the studio management, given that Orangetheory gyms are under franchise management. 

Some studios will give a discount to all the family members so that each member is charged $10 or $20 less. 

For example, if each of the members has an elite membership that is $70, they may only be charged $60. If the membership is a premier option that costs $159, it may go as low as $139 for family members.

On the other hand, some studios will offer a discount to only the added member. In this case, for a premium membership of $159, one member will pay $159, while the other will pay $149 or $139, depending on the discount rate.

Other studios will also require that the family members share an address to get the discount. However, others will only require proof that the family members are actually family.

Then some studios require members to sign up for membership together to get the membership. However, even so, some will offer a discount to all the parties, and others will exclude one party from the discounted rate.

The Guest Pass Option in Orangetheory

Generally, all the Orangetheory memberships get a guest pass privileges when they sign up for the membership. Either way, it is still an excellent way to introduce a family member to OTF workouts.

However, the privilege is even better for the premier membership, in which members get access to unlimited classes. In the same way, members get more guest passes.

Therefore, the premier members can decide to tag along with family members as guests, especially if the family members are only around for a short duration and will not need their own membership plans.

However, the number of guest passes depends on the studio and location. Though some have a membership plan-based policy, others offer the same number of passes to all new members.

You can also get a couple or more guest occasional passes from your studio as an old member. And since the guest passes always have an expiry date, checking your emails for any is advisable.

Finally, you can ask your studio about their guest pass policies and the drop-in rates for a member’s guest. You will be surprised to get one on request, and even without a guest pass, the drop-in rate for your family member may be lower.

What are the Orangetheory Family Discount Policy Rules?

On the whole, all the Orangetheory studios have family discounts for intermediate family members. Other general rules regarding OTF family discounts across the studios include the following;

  • All Orangetheory studios offer a family discount of at least $10 on the additional membership plan and a maximum of $20.
  • The family discount only applies to members in the elite and premier membership levels.

However, some specific discounts and rules regarding the discounts vary depending on the location and studio as follows;

  • Some studios require that members register for Oranegtheory membership together to get the discount; others have no time frame restrictions.
  • Some studios offer the family discount to only the add-on family members (the first family member on the membership does not get the discount). In contrast, others provide a discount for all the family members with a membership.
  • Some studios require that the members share a physical address to get the family discount; others only count on immediate family relations.

Final Thoughts

Orangetheory has a family plan under the membership policy. Therefore, regardless of the studio you attend, you will get a family discount on at least one of the family members. The best part of the deal is that the family discount does not only run once but throughout the membership period.

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