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Peloton Bike Handlebars Wobble: How to Fix & Tighten

The issue of the wobbly Peloton bike handlebars has become a repetitive concern on  Peloton platforms, especially with the bike +. Most users are disappointed as this is a premium bike, and the cost is worth better quality and serviced bike parts. 

Nonetheless, Peloton has been quite responsive when customers reach out with the challenge. On the other hand, some users got a way around the issue and managed to fix the problem themselves.

So, is it normal for the Peloton handlebars to wobble? If not, how can one fix the problem?

Why the Peloton Bike and Bike + Handlebars Wobble

A few complaints are raised about the standard bike handlebars wobbling compared to the bike +, but this does not make the problem less of a concern. So, why do these high-end elegant Peloton bikes have wobbly handlebars?

Technically, the wobbly handlebars stem from the advantage of the handlebars being adjustable. Usually, the wobbly nature starts when you raise the handlebars higher than the N mark.

Other than that, there are technical challenges, such as wrongly fixed handlebars to the bike stem. Then there are instances where the bolt was not fixed on delivery and may or may not be available in your delivery kit.

In a significant number of cases, it is found that the handlebars sleeve doesn’t fit into the frame stem, hence the wobbly handlebars, regardless of how tight you adjust the handlebars.

How to Fix and Tighten Wobbly Peloton Bike and Bike + Handlebars

Fortunately, most of the Peloton bike’s wobbly handlebars can be fixed. Users whose bike problem is beyond fixing are also lucky to get Peloton to replace some parts for free. Besides, this challenge is noticeable way before even the original Peloton warranty expires.

So, let’s dive into some of the fixes that have borne fruit on wobbly Peloton bikes and bike + handlebars;

Tighten the Handlebars, Adjustment Bolts, and Knob

Peloton Bike handlebars adjustment knob

The first thing you do when your handlebars start wobbling is check on your adjustment knob. Ensure that you tighten the knob to the extreme right after getting to the height of the appropriate handlebars. 

Next, some bolts hold the Peloton handlebars sleeve onto the bike stem. Check that they are actually available. If not, they could be included in your delivery kit. And if they are not in the kit, you can contact Peloton customer service for delivery.

Fixing wobbly peloton handlebars

So, use a small Allen wrench from the kit and tighten the bolts into place, which will solve the wobbling. For some people, this did the trick altogether.

There is also a screw inside the handlebars’ sleeve, which you should also check if the wobbling continues. Tightening it may solve the problem for good.

Finally, a crank bolt is behind the handlebars lever and the bike’s screen, allowing for screen rotation. If your handlebars wobble with the screen, check this part as well. Technically, rotate the screen to 90 degrees to see the bolt placed horizontally. Tighten the bolt with the same small lever you use on the handlebar stem bolts. If you have the combined challenge, this should stop the screen and handlebars from wobbling.

Contact Peloton for Support

If tightening the handlebars at all points does not solve the problem, it is time you involve Peloton customer service. In most cases, they will ask for a video of the wobbly handlebars to confirm the actual problem.

And there are times when the challenge is actually on the whole bike or a good part of the bike frame, in which case they will send physical support. When the whole bike has a more significant problem, they will replace it with a new one, and in most instances, the new bike will have undergone thorough check-ups to ensure that it works well.

Alternatively, the mechanical team will replace the bike frame with a new one, then fix the wobbly handlebars to ensure that you don’t deal with it.

Last but not least, the mechanical team may simply replace the handlebars, which may already be damaged or unsuitable for the bike.

DIY Option

Contacting Peloton service may save your warranty, but it may take a long time. Besides, you might find something that will solve the problem faster, especially if you are good with mechanical fixes.

Therefore, if the bolts are still loose and the wobbly handlebars barely solved;

  1. Get washers, usually 3 x M8, and place them before the bolts to see if the tightening improves. 
  2. A Reddit Peloton bike + user also added 3 x M8 split lock rings to the washers, which seemed to solve the problem even better.
  3. Also, try to apply Loctite on the screws to enhance the tightening.


The Peloton bike and bike + handlebars should not wobble at all, and you shouldn’t have to keep tightening the bolt mid-classes. Therefore, if you have been wondering, it is time you check on the challenge, correct it or seek help if necessary.

Replace the Bike Handlebars Sleeve

There are times when the bike handlebars sleeve doesn’t fit onto the bike stem or is damaged. In this case, Peloton will send over a new sleeve.

So, how do you replace the Peloton bike sleeve?

You will need the following;

  • A 6mm screwdriver
  • An Allen wrench

Replacement process;

  1. First, power down the touchscreen, disconnect it from the power cable and use the screwdriver to bolt it out. Please keep it away safely, allowing you to work on the handlebars without risking the screen.
  2. Next, lower the handlebars by loosening the L-handle at the front of the stem until they are at their lowest position.
  3. Then, use the Phillips screwdriver to remove the screw positioned at the bottom of the handlebars stem and remove the handlebars. Remember to be careful because it is difficult when the sleeve is not working. While on it, use the Allen wrench, and push the pin into the old sleeve to put it out of the bike.
  4. Finally, slide the new sleeve into the head tube, snapping it into place. Put the handlebars into the new sleeve, then tighten the L-handle.
  5. Ensure that you put the screw back into the bike’s stem and the monitor.

The new lever should be suitable for the handlebars and the bike stem, hence easier to tighten and prevent the wobble on the handlebars.

Bottom Line

The Peloton bikes have wobbly handlebars in most cases, which you can solve by tightening the bolts around the handlebars. Peloton can always send you an advanced fixing option if the challenge is beyond tightening.

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