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What is the Peloton Weight Limit for the Bike, Tread and Row?

Peloton fitness equipment features weight limitations, which dictate the optimal weight they accommodate. Whenever you feel slightly heavier than average, the next question is whether these weight limits will favour you.

Essentially, the Peloton fitness machines have a user weight limit that does not exceed 300 pounds (136 kg). The bike and the bike + have the least at 297 pounds (134 kg), while the tread and the row are 300 pounds (136 kg) maximum.

Peloton Bike Weight Limit

The Peloton bike is the heart of Peloton, with the highest number of users and prospective users. Fortunately, Peloton has two bike options, a standard Peloton bike, which also doubles as the budget Peloton equipment, and the premium bike + option. So, what are the Peloton bikes’ weight limits? 

 Weight Limit
Peloton Bike 297 Pounds (135 kgs)
Peloton Bike Plus 297 Pounds (135 kgs)

Can You Use the Peloton Bike if You are Over 297 (135 kg) Pounds?

Yes, you can. While Peloton puts a user weight cap at 297 pounds, users over 297 pounds have found a way around it. Usually, they will take all the cycling sessions while on the saddle, avoiding too much impact on the weaker crank arm. 

Since the fitness bike facilitates weight loss, over time, most of these users are able to lose sufficient weight to fit onto the bike. Actually, having a bike with a lower weight limit than their weight motivates them to exercise more and lose weight in order to use the bike freely.

My friend was 350 Pounds the day her bike was delivered back in June, and she hasn’t had any problems. She avoided standing up for a long time just in case the peddles were weaker than the rest of the bike, but the bike is solid. 300 Pounds now and no issues.

There’s been a lot of numerous people, over 300 Pounds using them with zero issues. I think that 297pounds. number is Peloton dodging liability for wear or mechanical failures. These bikes are built well. Structurally they’re tanks.

If you are concerned, I would stay in the saddle for a while until under the guidance. Probably the “weakest” part of the bike would be the crank arms, as they would be levers.

However, Peloton putting the weight limit at 297 pounds mean that the warranty may not work for heavier users. If a bike part breaks for whatever reason, Peloton will have no liability since the user’s weight is heavier than indicated.

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Peloton Tread Weight Limit

The Peloton tread is where you take more than two types of Peloton exercises; walking, running and tread Bootcamp. It is also the best weight loss equipment, hence a target for users with weight loss goals. 

So, what is the Peloton tread weight limit anyway?

  Weight Limit
 Peloton Tread 100-300 pounds
(45 kg to 136 kg)

Can You Use Peloton Tread if You are Over 300 Pounds?

Though Peloton requirements show that you can only use the treadmill if you are 300 pounds and below, you can still use it if you are 350 pounds. I actually had a friend on the Peloton tread at 340 pounds, though his weight loss goals progressed significantly within two months. 

However, you will minimize the freedom on the treadmill, such as using the incline. And just as with the bike, this is also a risk since your warranty may be nullified based on abuse of the user weight clause.

Alternatively, you can look for treadmills that actually support heavier weights, then go with the Peloton digital app for Peloton classes. This way, you will feel safe regardless of the activity on the treadmill, and you will still get the Peloton experience.

Is Peloton Tread Okay for Under 100 (45 kg) Pounds?

The Peloton tread has a weight limit even on the lower end, where it only accommodates users who are 100 pounds or more. So, what happens if you or your kid has less than 100 pounds weight?

Interestingly, the Peloton tread will still operate regardless of the weight, even when the user’s weight is under 100 pounds. However, it brings up an error message that shows that there will not be any metrics on the treadmill. Typically, it seems not to recognize the low weight; hence metrics for the user are not recorded.

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Peloton Row Weight Limit

The Peloton row is the newest of the Peloton fitness machines, and most people are looking forward to being part of the new experience. Besides, it is the only Peloto cardio machine with strength training benefits.

But how much weight should I be to fit on the Peloton row recommendations?

Weight limit
Peloton Rower 300 pounds (136 kg)

Can You Use the Peloton Rower if You are Over 300 Pounds?

Well, you can use the Peloton row even if you exceed the ceiling weight of 300 pounds. However, you should take care not to overexert the weight of the rowing machine, especially if your weight is much higher than 300 pounds.

How Heavy is a Peloton

Peloton pieces of equipment have varying weights; not even the two bike models share in weight. Let’s skip to the details;

How heavy are Peloton Bike and Bike plus?

 Total WeightFrame WeightTouchscreen WeightWeight Holder Capacity
Peloton bike135 pounds (61 kg)125 pounds (56.6 kg)10 pounds (4.5 kg)3 lb (1.36 kg)
Bike plus140 pounds (63.5 kg)125 pounds (56.6 kg)15 pounds (6.8 kg)3 lb (1.36 kg)

How heavy is a Peloton Tread?

  Total Weight
Peloton Tread 290 lb (132kg)

How heavy is a Peloton Rower

  Total Weight
Peloton Rower 156.5 pounds (71 kgs)

Is The Peloton Bike Feasible To Move?

Absolutely! The Peloton bike is feasible for movement, regardless of the type of space difference. If you intend to move the bike from one room to another on the same floor or even within the same room, the bike has transport heels that will aid you. In this case, you can move the bike independently without extra help.

On the other hand, if you move the bike across the stairs, you will need an extra pair of hands. Two people will easily move the bike up or down the stairs.

Usually, it is advisable to remove the touchscreen if the bike has to leave one room for another for safety.

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Tips for Using Peloton: Heavyweight People

 If you feel overweight and are using Peloton, ensure that you take care of your safety and that of the bike using the tips and guides below;

  • When using the Peloton bike, try to remain in a sitting position for the better part of the session. This will help prevent damaging weak bike parts, especially when you are heavier than the weight limit.
  • When running on the treadmill, avoid using the incline often. The incline is known to impact more on the treadmill motor, which may not accommodate your weight if you are over 300 pounds.
  • Peloton pieces of equipment are the best place to start with weight loss if you are not comfortable with your weight. The treadmill has the best and fastest weight loss capabilities, while the row and the bike follow closely behind.

Is Peloton Good for Heavy-Weight People?

Yes, Peloton is suitable for heavyweight people. Peloton treadmill, bike and rower are cardio machines that help burn optimal calories. The rowing machine even helps with the after-burn, hence facilitating the burning of calories even after class.

The more calories are burned in class, and the more one loses weight to get a leaner outlook.


Is there a weight limit on the Peloton bike?

Yes, there is. The Peloton bike and the bike plus have a weight limit of 297 pounds, while the Peloton tread and the rowing machine have weight limits of 300 pounds.

Does Peloton help with weight loss?

Definitely! Peloton helps with weight loss because the exercises on the equipment are cardio-oriented. They burn lots of calories and fats from the body, which leads to weight loss.

Does the Peloton bike plus have a higher user weight limit than the regular Peloton bike?

No, it doesn’t. Unfortunately, the bike plus has a weight limit of 297 pounds, similar to the standard Peloton bike.

Can Peloton followers see your weight?

No, they can’t. On the Leaderboard, your weight does not show to other Peloton members. Usually, your location, gender, and age bracket will show on the Leaderboard but never your weight.

Which is the Best Peloton fitness equipment for heavyweight people?

Basically, all Peloton fitness machines have almost similar user weight limits. The bike and the bike plus accommodate 297 pounds, while the treadmill and the rowing machine accommodate 300 pounds.

Therefore, the user weight limit should not be limiting for picking your preferred fitness equipment from Peloton.

Most importantly, all this fitness equipment aids in weight loss, which is great for people who aim to lose excess body weight.

Final Thoughts

Peloton bike, treadmill, and rowing machine user weights vary slightly, amounting to approximately 300 pounds. Though users are restricted to these specific weights, they can still exercise on the machines while trying only to adjust the machines minimally to avoid breakage. So, if you are still under 400 pounds, don’t shy away from getting the Peloton experience you want.

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