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How to Clean Peloton Heart Rate Monitor

Sadly, if you don’t clean your Peloton heart rate monitor, the results may end up inaccurate. Yet, if you use the wrong washing techniques, the heart rate monitor may lose its elasticity altogether. So, the question of how to clean a peloton heart rate monitor pops up, and we just have the answer.

With this peloton heart rate monitor cleaning procedure, you will not only get the sweat stench off the equipment, but you will also get the best performance. Shall we get things underwater on the luring tactics?

Tips on Cleaning the Peloton Heart Rate Monitor

First off, you only need to clean the heart rate monitor regularly, but this does not mean after every use.

However, to prevent the sweat from damaging the HRM and get rid of the stench, always rinse it after every use. Run it in clean tap water, which will get rid of the immediate dirt. 

Almost forgot! It is best to handwash the peloton heart rate monitor if you want to maintain its quality. Washing it in the machine loosens its elasticity, hence compromising the quality.

Here’s a simple step by step guide on cleaning the Peloton heart rate monitor when you have to:

How to Clean Peloton Heart Rate Monitor

You Will Need:

  • Mild soap
  • Lukewarm water
  • A soft towel

Step 1: Remove the Connector From the Strap

First off, disconnect the heart rate monitor connector from the chest strap. While you can dip the strap in water, you need to clean the connector more carefully, especially because it handles the batteries.

How to remove the peloton connector from the chest strap? The connector has two attachment points protruding on each side. They enhance a secure attachment and sensitivity to the strap electrodes.

Detach the protrusions, each at a time, gently. You don’t need excessive force to get them off since the task is extremely simple.

Step 2: Clean the Connector

Put the warm water in a container, preferably a basin. Then, add the mild household detergent. Dip the soft towel in the mixture and squeeze off the water.

Using the wet towel, gently wipe the connector to get rid of possible dust and dirt. 

Step 3: Clean the Strap

Dip the strap in the warm water with mild soap. Let it soak for a minute or so, then clean it gently. Ensure that you don’t turn the electrode sections rapidly during the cleaning, and be gentle on the section.

You don’t need to be rough to get a possible stench out. If it is persistent, you can add vinegar to the water mixture. In most cases, it eliminates the stench, but if it doesn’t, you can check for commercial odor-removing products. Always check that it is friendly to a heart rate monitor strap.

Step 4: Rinse the Strap

Rinse the clean water in tap water to ensure that all the soap stains are out. Then, hang the strap in a warm place to dry. It is not advisable to dry the strap in direct sunlight, at least not for long. The sun will toughen the strap, which you will not like.

Points to Consider

  • Always detach the heart rate monitor connector as soon as you are through with the workout. This will help keep the battery longer.
  • Do not leave your heart rate monitor all covered in sweat. This will affect its performance and accuracy.

Bottom Line

Now you can sweat as much as possible on your Peloton bike or tread, as you have a way out. Cleaning the heart rate monitor is not as difficult as you may have thought, as long as you follow the procedure above.

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