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How to Move a Peloton Bike: Few Easy Tricks Explained

How to move a Peloton bike from one place to another is a matter of location. Is it from one room to another or from one house to another in the same compound? Or is it from one geographical area to another?

Regardless, either means that you have to get the bike from its current location. The good news is that we have considered all these types of relocation, hence included the guides. So, shall we get down to the specifics?

How to Move a Peloton Bike within a Room

First off, the peloton bike has rear stabilizers and front wheels, enhancing the bike’s movement from one place to another.

Therefore, simply grab the bike by its rear stabilizers, remember to be at the back of the bike for effectiveness, and then move the bike by its transport wheels.

How to Move a Peloton Bike from One Room to Another

If you intend to move the bike from one room to another room within the same house, here is the process:

Step 1: Remove the Bike Touchscreen

Remove the touchscreen off the bike so that any block on the way, including the doors, will not cause damage.

So, to remove the bike’s touchscreen, you will need a head screwdriver, preferably from Phillips. Also, it would help if you looked for a companion for the task.

Start by switching off the power source, then unplugging the bike. At the back of the screen is a monitor cable, which you should unplug as well. These steps will guarantee your electrical safety when handling the screen.

Secondly, you will remove the square panel that covers the rear part of the touchscreen. You will not need a tool for this; just your hands will be enough to gently pull it out.

Thirdly, your screwdriver comes in handy. Use it to unscrew the bolts holding the screen to the monitor arm. While unbolting the monitor, have your companion standing in front of the touchscreen, holding on to it.

Once the four bolts are off, you will have successfully removed the screen from the monitor arm.

Step 2: Move the Bike

Once you remove the touchscreen, go right behind the bike and hold it by the stabilizers. Then, push it to move with its front transport wheels to the room you intend.

 Step 3: Re-install the Screen

Get the touchscreen so that you can re-install it on the bike. This way, you will not waste time before starting your next session. Besides, the screen is safer on the bike than on a particular point.

How to Move a Peloton Bike when Relocating

If you are relocating or just bought a used peloton bike, you will need a transporting truck. Moreover, you have to adjust the bike more than just removing the touchscreen. Let’s cut the chase and get into the moving process.

Step 1: Remove the Touchscreen

The touchscreen is the most delicate part of the Peloton bike. Thus, take care of it by removing it before moving the bike. Use the process given in step 1 in moving the bike from one room to another.

Step 2: Remove the Pedals

After removing the touchscreen, get on to removing the pedals, which could break during the transition process. Removing the pedals only requires you its 15mm Allen wrench.

Then, turn the resistance knob to the right to ensure that it is entirely off not to affect the pedals’ movement. The pedals may start moving, influenced by the movement of the resistance knob. Hence, the process ensures that the pedals are still during the removal.

Now, you will need the 15mm wrench to remove the pedals. If you start with the right pedal, you will have to turn the bolts anti-clockwise, which will loosen them.

However, when removing the left pedal, ensure that you are turning the bolts in a clockwise direction for loosening. This is because the left pedal tends to have a reverse installation, surprisingly different from the normal.

Keep the bolts from both pedals safely, as you will need them during the re-attaching process.

Step 3: Remove the Water Bottle Holder

Next, you will remove the water bottle holder from the peloton bike. Ensure that the resistance knob is still inactive by checking whether it is at its extreme right. Also, remember to keep the Phillips screwdriver you used on the touchscreen.

Now use the screwdriver to loosen the bolts that hold the water bottle to the bike frame, visible on both sides of the bike frame.

After loosening the bolts and taking them off, bring the water bottle down using both hands. Once it’s in the safe position, pull it out, removing it entirely from the bike frame.

Step 4: Remove the Weight Holders

The weight holders lie just below the bike seat on the peloton bike. Again, you will need your Phillips screwdriver.

The first step involves removing the holders’ weights to not fall during the removal process.

The second step will be to use the screwdriver in removing the screws holding the weight holders to the bike seat post. The screws are two on each weight holder, four in total. Besides, they are easily visible, so you will not strain to locate them.

As the screws loosen, the weight holders will fall off-place, so hold them and put them away once you obliterate the screws.

Step 5: Put Down the Handlebars and the Seat

Adjust both the handlebars and the seat to their lowest position. This means that their posts will be at their strongest. Therefore, you will prevent the chances of breakage.

Step 6: Time to Move the Bike

It’s finally time to get the bike from the house to the truck. So, hold on to the rear stabilizers as your companion gets hold of the handlebars. Carefully move out of the house, stopping at several stops to ensure safety. When on the flat ground, you can let the bike ride using the front transport wheels, tilted from the back.

You have to communicate frequently, which helps keep the bike safe during the transition.

Once you get out, hoist the bike onto the truck, and slowly put it at the rear of the truck. You can use ratchet straps to tie the bike from one side to the other to prevent it from falling.

Drive the truck slowly to keep the bike safe, avoiding rough road patches when you can.

Step 7: Move the Bike from the Truck

Once you get to your destination, remove the ratchet straps to release the bike. Then, hold it well with the help of your partner, removing it from the truck.

Hold it by the stabilizers and your partner by the handlebars and take the bike to the new house.

Parting Shot

How to move a Peloton bike from one place to another may be a challenge, but not when you have the DIY knowledge. If you are already reading this, you must be well-equipped and ready for the go.

It is now up to you to get your precious peloton bike moving safely. Regardless of whether you are moving it within the same room, from room to room, downstairs or upstairs, or even away when relocating, you know the process.

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