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All about Peloton High Five; What Happens to Your Brain

Peloton Interactive deserves the name; it is the top-rating virtual fitness interactive company. Even better, the company keeps coming up with new ways to enhance the interaction on the platform. One of the most revered of these features is the Peloton High Five.

High Five may just be a hand symbol, but it means a lot to the receiver and even the sender. It has a way of changing a foul mood into a better one and encouraging a discouraged rider that someone is with them. Most importantly, when celebrating a milestone all alone in your house, you will always receive more than a couple of high fives, an indication that someone celebrates the milestone with you.

What are High Fives on Peloton?

Basically, high fives on Peloton refer to virtual encouragement by a show a high-five hand symbol.

Essentially, Peloton is competitive in nature. With the competition comes a Leaderboard with all the names of users taking a live class. During on-demand classes, you can filter the Leaderboard to Here Now, which also features users exercising at roughly the same time.

Therefore, you are able to give and receive a high five from any of the names on the Leaderboard with you. 

I love giving high fives to my Peloton friends whenever I get them in the same class I am. I just scroll down the Leaderboard to their usernames, which I tap. We’ve also created a way to establish a chat before an actual video chat, sort of a preparation feature like, ‘hey!’

Amazingly, the high five feature is available on both the Peloton bike and treadmill. Also, iOS digital app users can access the high five feature on Peloton.

How Do You Give a High Five on Peloton Bike and Tread?

When you see a username you want to congratulate with a high five, you will simply tap on their username’s image. Once you tap on the username’s image, a high five hand feature appears to show that you sent the person a high-five.

When you receive a high five on Peloton, the feed pops up on the bottom left side of the screen, showing the high five you received. 

How Do You High Five Back on Peloton?

If you want to high five back, you will click on the notification pop-up, and they will get your high-five. So, you don’t have to go searching for the member on the Leaderboard as you would with a new member.

It is always courteous to return a high five when you can, which further enhances your interaction in the class. After all, you can only receive one high five from one member in a minute, which prevents distraction. The same goes for you; you can only give one high five to the same Peloton member in a minute.

How to Send a High Five on Peloton App

Wait, can you high five on the Peloton app? Yes, you can. However, Peloton high five is only available on the Peloton digital app on iOS. Thus, you will not get the feature on Android devices, Android TV, ROKU TV or Fire TV.

So, how to send a high five on the Peloton app?

How to Send a High Five on Peloton App

When taking a live class on the Peloton app, the whole Leaderboard is live. Therefore, you can click on the username of the person you want to encourage with a high five. And, just like that, the person will receive a high five.

If it is an on-demand class, ensure that the Leaderboard filters to Here Now so that you narrow it down to the people riding at the same time as you. Then, you can send the high-five in the same way as in the live class.

How do you see a high five on the Peloton app? When you receive a high five, it will show in your feed on the left side of the screen. So if you want to return the high-five, simply click on the feed to send back a high five.

What Happens When You High Five Someone

When you high five someone, they will receive a notification in their feed at the left side of their screen. They can tap on the notification to send you back a high five, which happens more often than not.

What Happens to Your Brain When You Get Peloton High-Fives?

When you get a high five, your brain releases energy vibes that encourage you to work out more. You feel energized as if you can move that mountain of Power Zone Endurance class you thought was taking too long. Actually, you want to beat your competition and make it better to show your encouragers that the support was worth it.

Moreover, you will release feel-good hormones when you receive a high five. So regardless of your former mood, you will always smile at the congratulatory notification and get more excited about the workout.

Therefore, the high five feature has a way of ensuring that you gain physical, mental and emotional fitness.

Can I See How Many High Fives I Receive?

The high fives in Peloton are not saved for later viewing. However, immediately after the class ends, you can scroll through the feed on the screen, counting the number of high-fives you receive. You will also get a closer look at the usernames you interacted with the feature since you may not have had the time during the class.

How Many High Fives Can I Get From The Peloton?

Fortunately, you cannot receive more than one high five per minute from a single member, and neither can you give a single member more than one high five in a minute.

The limitation prevents distractions during the class so that you only view or give a high five while maintaining your output.

Do Peloton Instructors Give High Fives?

Yes, they do. Most instructors will give random high fives to the Leaderboard members at the start of the class. Then, as the class progresses, they give high fives, especially on breaks, to members who make significant milestones in the class. 

When you have a birthday or are progressing well in class, the instructor may also give you a high five as well as a shoutout.

Nonetheless, note that you are only likely to get a high five from an instructor during a live class.  The instructor is not available for a high five in real-time during an on-demand class. So, they cannot give you a high-five.

Also, it is more likely to get one from the instructor when using a Peloton bike or tread, as opposed to the app. This is because the app users only appear on the Leaderboard, but they don’t rank. Ranking members, therefore, get priority even with the Leaderboard listing.

Can You See Past High Fives on Peloton?

Yes, you can. The feeds notification bar is quite translucent so that you can see past the bar to the instructor. Most importantly, the feed covers a small part of the left side of the screen; hence not much of the class is covered.

I also love the fact that you can hide the feed so that it doesn’t obstruct the class, just like you do with the Leaderboard.

When to High Five on Peloton

You can high five on Peloton whenever you feel like during the class. However, these are the times I prefer to send out high fives;

  • Immediately I get in the class to the users closest to me on the Leaderboard.
  • I always consider people I share a hashtag with, especially when it is uncommon in class.
  • Whenever someone makes a major milestone in the class, such as hitting their century ride.
  • At the end of the class, I give random users a high-five, just to make them feel as good as I do when I finish with a few.

Who Can High Five on Peloton?

Anyone participating in a live class or on ‘Here now’ in on-demand classes using a Peloton bike, treadmill, or iOS digital app has the feature.

If you cannot see the Leaderboard, tap on the arrow at the top right corner of your screen, and it will appear. Then, you can high five the Peloton users with you in the class.

How to Get More High Fives on Peloton

More likely than not, people will give high-fives to people with whom they share an interest, age group, town area and hashtags. Therefore, if you want to get more high fives, update the following on your Peloton profile;

  • City/ town of residence
  • Age 
  • Hashtags
  • Profile picture

How to Fix Peloton High Fives

Back in 2020, there was a time when there was a common outcry among Peloton members that they could not receive any high fives. Even worse, they couldn’t tell whether the high fives they sent were received. For this reason, Peloton responded to the issue, and it was corrected in barely a day.

However, other than that time, you may occasionally experience a challenge with the feature. Challenges related to Peloton high five include;

  • One not being able to send high fives
  • One not receiving any high five notifications, despite being in a large class

Below are a few tips you can consider to reset the high five feature on your bike, treadmill or iOS app;

Clear the cache

To clear cache, go to; WiFi >> Settings >> Apps >> Peloton >> Force Stop >> Storage >> Clear Cache.

Then, restart the touchscreen once you clear the cache.

Unplug Peloton/ Restart

You can also unplug Peloton to power it off or restart the tablet. This will help bring in any possible updates that may be affecting the feature.


PROVEN SOLUTION FOR: You can high-five other rides, but you don’t receive any high-fives back!

Peloton admitted to an issue with an update and the recommended fix is to perform a factory wipe of the tablet to resolve. Don’t worry. All your data is saved and stored in the cloud. See the procedure later in this document.

If the factory reset doesn’t resolve the high five problems then read on. Riders who have setup extremely secure Internet firewall rules on their home riders may be blocking some of the tablet functionality unintentionally. Check with your spouse or roommate if they’ve created extra-security on your home internet firewall. If you are not sure, try doing a ride using your mobile phone as a hotspot (over 3G or LTE) and see if the problem continues. If the problem goes away, then it’s a firewall filter issue.

Peloton reports the following Internet domains should WHITELISTED (not blocked) for full tablet functionality.

*.pelotoncycle.com , *.onepeloton.com , *.amplitude.com, *.crashlytics.com,

*.optimizely.com, *.segment.io, *.segment.com, *.pndsn.com, *.cloudinary.com,

*.akamaihd.net, *.s3.amazonaws.com, *.nice264.com, *.youboranqs01.com, *.stripe.com

*.google.com, *.facebook.com, *.newrelic.com, cdn.optimizely.com

Contact Peloton Customer Service

If neither clearing the cache nor restarting the Peloton tablet solves the issue, contact Peloton customer service. Usually, they will solve the challenge within minutes of response.

How Do You Turn Off High Fives Peloton?

Unfortunately, even if you want some private workout with minimal to no high fives, you have no way of turning the high fives off. 

Can you block high fives on Peloton? No, you cannot block high fives on Peloton, neither can you block users on Peloton.

However, you can hide the feed whenever a notification appears so that you don’t have to deal with the high fives.

Can I block Someone on Peloton? No, you can’t block someone on Peloton. 

However, you can regulate the followers you get by setting your account to private. With a private profile, Peloton users will have to request to follow you first. And it is not until you follow them back that they can access your profile information.

What if you are already friends with someone on Peloton? If you don’t like someone who already follows you on Peloton, you can remove them. Simply go to their username on your followers’ list, and click remove.

Therefore, while you cannot block a person on Peloton, you can decide who follows you or becomes your friend. Better still, you can unfriend a person by removing them from your followers’ list.

Benefits Of High Fives On Peloton

High fives are beneficial to the Peloton users in the following ways;

  1. They encourage a person whenever they make a milestone on Peloton.
  2. It makes you feel that you are not riding alone, hence a sense of community.
  3. High fives have a way of bringing in good feelings and mood, brightening the day or enhancing a good night’s sleep.
  4. Users tend to exercise harder and longer, with minimal feelings of fatigue simply by receiving high fives.


Can High Fives be Distracting on Peloton?

No, high fives are not distracting. This is because there are limitations to the Peloton high fives you can send or receive from a person. The limit dictates that you can only send or receive one high five from the same person in a minute.

Can I give a high five to the instructor

Yes, you can give a high five to a Peloton instructor when they high five you. You will receive the high five in your feed, which you will click to send back a high five to the instructor.

Can You High Five A Random Peloton User?

Yes, you can high five even people who are not your friends on Peloton. The only requirement to high five a Peloton member is that they should be in the same class as you.

How Do I Know that I Sent a High Five?

You send a high-five when you click on a username on the Leaderboard. Then, the high five symbol appears against the name, indicating successful sending of the high five.

Final Thoughts

Peloton high five is an interesting way in which Peloton users interact. It doesn’t require written words that could take time, but rather a mini second to tap on the screen.

You can either tap on a Leaderboard name to send a high five or tap on the feed to send back a high five you received.

High fives have a way of making Peloton more interesting with the way it enhances your feelings. There is no way you receive even a single high five and not smile at the notification!

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