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How to Connect Peloton to Sonos

Sonos speakers frequently rank towards the top of CR’s speaker rankings. And with good cause. Typically, they receive good marks for sound quality, usability, and versatility. You can listen to Taylor Swift in the living room while another family member listens to Ed Sheeran in the garage, all using the Sonos smartphone app.

Many Peloton members have asked and struggled with using their SONOS speakers with the bike and Tread.

Sonos sells several products with line-in jacks; if you purchase one of those, it will work, but none of them are inexpensive options. If you purchase a Sonos Move and Sonos Roam, you can connect via Bluetooth though it’s a bit tricky.

We have the Sonos Move and Sonos Roam speakers are available on amazon — both connect to our bike over Bluetooth. Other models of Sonos speakers that don’t support Bluetooth would require an adapter to connect.

The following is what does and does not work SONOS speakers:

  • Any Sonos speaker can be used if you have a Bluetooth connection to an Audio/Video receiver which supports Bluetooth streaming.
  • Any Sonos speaker can be used if you direct wire the audio output jack from the right side of the tablet to the Sonos speaker

SONOS and Bluetooth Receiver

I’ve read a lot of posts about people trying to connect their Sonos to Bluetooth. If you have a Sonos device with a line in, you can connect a Bluetooth receiver to the line in and link the bike to that. You can then set the Sonos system to play to any connected speaker when it receives an input on the line in. And I just did it successfully today!! This is what I did.

  • 1. Purchase the “1Mii B06 Plus Bluetooth Receiver” on Amazon.
  • 2. I connected the red and white jacks provided in the box to my Sonos Connect Amp. (We have non-Sonos speakers on the ceiling and use Sonos to control them from the Sonos Connect.) I think if you have an old non-Bluetooth stereo, you can also plug this device into the amp, and it will work.
  • 3. Pair the device. It reads B06 on my phone.
  • 4. In the Sonos app on your phone, go to “Line in”, and it should come up.
  • 5. On the bike tablet, select Bluetooth and connect B06.
  • And voila! Loud music in the gym!
  • Volume: I needed to put my phone volume up high, as well as the speaker volume up high, and the tablet volume up high in order to get the appropriate volume.
  • At first, I thought there was a tiny bit of lag with the instructor’s voice, but if there is one, it’s minimal and not really noticeable. Hope this helps and works for you!

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