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How to get Peloton Teacher/ Educator Discount? It’s very simple

It is amazing when companies, organizations and even gyms and studios consider the role of teachers and educators in society. For this reason, most will offer a discount for membership, which allows teachers and educators to pay less for membership or certain purchases.

In this regard, Peloton, a virtual fitness platform, also offers discounts that favour teachers. Therefore, if you are a educator, you qualify for lower pay for the digital membership, and you also get discounts on accessories bought with Peloton bikes, bike plus and treadmills.

What Teacher Discounts Does Peloton Offer?

As a whole, Peloton offers teacher discounts on the digital app, as well as on the bike, bike plus and treadmill purchases that come with accessories. The latter is on the accessories that accompany the equipment purchase. For example, if you purchase the Peloton bike or bike plus with Peloton cycling shoes and weights, you will get a discount of up to $200 on the cycling shoes and weights. The more accessories you purchase with the equipment, the more lucrative the discount on the accessories.

Peloton Digital App Teacher Discount

The Peloton digital app teacher discount is $3 per month. This means that the teachers will enjoy the discount for all their monthly subscriptions, which is for as long as they are digital app members. Therefore, the cumulative cost of the membership discount will be high.

So, while other digital app members pay $12.99 per month, the teachers and educators will pay $9.99 for the same services.

What is the Peloton digital membership? Basically, Peloton has two types of subscription memberships; the Peloton all-access membership and the digital app membership. The all-access membership costs $44 per month, which allows the user to get multiple accounts under one membership. However, one has to own a Peloton bike, bike + or treadmill to be eligible for the membership.

Then there is the digital membership, which is typically for non-Peloton equipment users. So, whether you have a bike or treadmill from other brands or are up for non-equipment training, you fall under this membership. The membership costs $12.99 per month.

[Note: You won’t be able to track your performance metrics or access classes using your Peloton Bike, Bike+, or Tread if you have a Peloton App Membership. This Digital Membership is for a single user on our web and/or Apple® iOS/Android® App platform and also tv compatible.]

So, the Peloton discount for teachers and educators is only on the digital app, but unfortunately, not available for the all-access members.

What Kind of Educators are Eligible for the Special Pricing on the Peloton App?

As per the Peloton website, K12 teachers and college and university educators are eligible for the special pricing on the Peloton digital app. So, if you have proof of training or teaching in either of the above categories, you can consider the discount.

Also, the special pricing is available for both newbies and existing Peloton members. If you are an existing Peloton member and want to start enjoying the teacher benefits, you must sign out of your existing membership.

If I Cancel My Current Membership and Sign Up Again for the Special Pricing Offer on Peloton, Will I Lose My Workout History?

Fortunately, you will not lose your workout history if you sign out of your current membership for a new membership with special pricing. However, you have to ensure that you use the same email you currently use on Peloton to submit your details to SheerID, then sign back up using the same email address.

What is SheerID? SheerID is the third-party company that Peloton has contracted to take care of the verification process, which will tell if you are actually a teacher or an educator.

How Can I Get Special Educator Pricing on the Peloton App?

Whether you are new to Peloton or an existing member who did not enjoy the educator discount before, you can always get your due on Peloton now.

So, use this link to sign up for the special pricing on the digital app membership.

Peloton All-Access Membership Discount for Teachers

Does Peloton offer an all-access membership with special pricing for teachers? Sadly, no. Peloton does not currently have special pricing for teachers using the unlimited all-access membership. 

Peloton Bike, Bike plus and Tread Discount for Teachers

While Peloton does not offer an all-access membership discount for teachers, there is still a way you can benefit. If you still haven’t purchased a Peloton bike or treadmill, you can take advantage of the equipment accessories discount for teachers. This means that if you purchase a Peloton bike, bike + or treadmill as a teacher, you will get a discount on all the accessories you purchase with the equipment.

These accessories include:

  • cycling shoes
  • dumbbells
  • heart-rate-band, monitor
  • earbuds
  • resistance-bands
  • workout-mat
  • water bottles
  • and other Peloton shop accessories.

The discount you get on accessories that come with Peloton equipment is up to $200, so it is quite an awesome deal. Actually, this is the best consolation for the lack of a discount on the all-access membership you sign up for once you purchase a bike.

Which Country is Eligible for the Peloton Teacher Discount Offer?

It is true that Peloton is available in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, and even Australia. So, can all the teachers in these locations access the teacher or educator discount on Peloton?

Unfortunately, The teacher discount on the Peloton digital app is only available in the USA. And accessories discount is only available in the USA and Canada.

However, check your email for when the discount gets to your country of residence.

How to Get Peloton Teacher Discount

So, if you want to get a teacher discount, follow the simplified steps below;

For Peloton Digital App

  1. Click on the Peloton offers a link to access the discount platform.
  2. Here, you will see Peloton’s various discount options, including military, student, medical practitioners, and, of course, educators. Select the educators‘ option.

Required Documentations

  • Teacher ID card with valid date
  • Pay stub from within last 60 days

Document must include:

  • Your full name
  • Your school
  • A date in the current school year

Within a short time, SheerID will send you an email address on their findings and whether or not you qualify for the teachers’ discount on Peloton.

For Peloton Peloton Bike, Bike+, or Tread accessories Discount

In order to receive this discount, the purchaser must provide proof of their segment status.

The verification process: Gather documents to verify your status.These documents can include

  • Teacher ID card with valid date
  • Pay stub from within last 60 days

Document must include:

  • Your full name
  • Your school
  • A date in the current school year

After Collect documents contact Peloton Member Support Team by clicking Peloton Member Support! If you would like to apply for this discount.

Your information will be checked through a third-party company called SheerID to see if you meet the requirements for the special pricing offer.

How Does Sheer ID Work? Primarily, SheerID requests all the relevant information relating to your work, in this case, as an educator. The information helps verify if you are actually who you say you are and will indicate whether or not you qualify for special pricing at Peloton.

Though the website may require personal information, it ensures high levels of confidentiality, keeping the details and documents you share with them securely. You can check here the confidentiality and information safety they go by when working with clients.

How Will I Know of My Eligibility Status? Once SheerID takes in all your verification details, it conducts a background check using them. Then, they send you an email with the address you submit with your details, which will let you know your eligibility status.

When Does the Peloton Teacher Discount Become Effective?

Usually, the special pricing on the Peloton digital app becomes effective as soon as SheerID gives you the go-ahead that you qualify for the discount. Also, once the website sends you the email that your details allow you to get the discount, you can go for the accessories discount that comes with Peloton equipment.

Why Has My Teacher Discount Eligibility Failed on Peloton?

There are several reasons you could have failed the special pricing test on Peloton. These include the following;

  • You don’t reside and work in the US.
  • You are neither a K12 teacher nor a university educator as per your records.

Parting Shot

Peloton has an educators’ discount, which K12 teachers and university educators can use to get special pricing on Peloton. The discount is available for digital app users, while all-access members get discounts on accessories they purchase with Peloton equipment.

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