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How long does it take to walk 10km by age and gender?

10 km may seem much, but charity walks and mini-walking tournaments are typical. Most importantly, it is long enough to make for a cardiovascular fitness exercise. How long is 10km anyway? It is 6.21371 miles, which would make a 10km walk the same as a 6.2-mile walk.

How Long Does It Take to Walk 10km?

Usually, a healthy person takes approximately 1 hour 45 min to 2 hours at average speed to walk for 10 km, or 6.2 miles, as some would prefer to put it.

However, there is no specific duration for walking 10km, given the difference in health and fitness levels, pace and leg height, age, and even gender. Group and individual walks also bear different walking times for most people.

Walk SpeedTime for 10 km walking
Easy Walk/ 80 to 99 steps per minute/ 12.5+ minutes per kilometer2 hrs 5 min
Moderate Walk/ 100 to 119 steps per minute/10 minutes per kilometer1 hr 40 min
Fast Walk/ 120+ steps per minute/ 7 minutes per kilometer1 hr 10 min

Our research on people who take walking as a fitness activity and those who take it as a profession indicated the following;

  • Younger people tend to walk at a faster pace than older people
  • Men walk slightly faster than women; all other factors held constant
  • People with long legs have a longer speed, hence walk faster than people with shorter legs
  • People who love walking, even if just to the market or school, walk faster when they take it as an activity compared to people who never walked much before.

10 Km: Average Walking Times by Age and Gender

Basically, men walk faster than women in the same skill and fitness level. Usually, they take an average of 2 hours to walk for 10 km. On the other hand, on average, women take 2 hours and 10 minutes to walk 10 km.

Other than that, the duration of time people take to walk reduces as they age. This may be attributed to depreciating muscle and bone strength, as well as less time committed to exercise. Therefore, while young people in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s may take less than two hours to walk 10 km, older people may take more than 2.5 hours.

How long it takes to walk 10 km: Men

AgeAverage speed (km/hr)Average Time need for 10 km
20 to 294.892 hrs 3 min
30 to 395.141 hr 57 min
40 to 495.141 hr 57 min
50 to 595.141 hr 57 min
60–694.822 hrs 4 min
70–794.532 hrs 12 min
80–893.492 hrs 52 min

How long it takes to walk 10 km: Women

AgeAverage speed (km/hr)Average time need for 10 km
20 to 294.822 hrs 5 min
30 to 394.822 hrs 5 min
40 to 4952 hrs
50–594.712 hrs 7 min
60–694.452 hrs 15 min
70–794.072 hrs 28 min
80–893.372 hrs 58 min

How Long Does It Take to Walk 10 km on the Treadmill?

Generally, a 10-km walk on the treadmill ends up with an average of 2 hrs 5 min at a moderate speed of 4.8 km/h. Surprisingly, one takes almost the same amount of time walking on the treadmill as they would outdoors. 

Nonetheless, walking on the treadmill may end up slightly faster, given the lack of limiting factors that one experiences outdoors. For example, there are no people, bikes and cars to bump into or harsh windy weather to counter.

Treadmill Speed/Miles per hour (mph)km per hour (km/h)Time need for 10 km
2.542 hrs 29 min
2.64.12 hrs 24 min
2.74.32 hrs 18 min
2.84.52 hrs 13 min
2.94.62 hrs 9 min
34.82 hrs 5 min
3.14.92 hrs
3.25.11 hr 57 min
3.35.31 hr 53 min
3.45.41 hr 50 min
3.55.61 hr 47 min
3.65.71 hr 43 min
3.75.91 hr 41 min
3.86.11 hr 38 min
3.96.21 hr 36 min
46.41 hr 33 min

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Is Walking 10km a Day Good?

Yes, walking 10km a day is good, with tonnes of benefits. Let’s have a look at some of the pros;

  • Walking is low-intensity, hence suitable for recovery from injury, especially at a slow pace.
  • It is an excellent point to start marathon and half-marathon walks.
  • 10 km a day will help with calorie burning and subsequent weight loss when combined with a healthy matching low-calorie diet.
  • Two hours of the walk will definitely help you keep off cardiovascular illnesses such as high blood pressure and uncontrollable cholesterol.

Is Walking 10km a Day Too Much?

Yes, it is. Walking 10 km a day means walking approximately 2 hours a day. For this reason, it is recommended that you take a rest day between two walking days. Also, it would help if you alternated the walks with lower body strength activities, which will help reduce fatigue and injury.


Walking 10 km will take 2 hours at an average pace. Fast or experienced walkers will take less time, approximately 90 minutes. So, it gets easier with time, as with all other activities.

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