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How Long Does It Take to Walk 6 km by Age and Gender?

Walking duration varies from one individual to another due to differences such as health conditions, age, gender, muscle strength, speed, and body weight, among others. Therefore, some take longer than others to complete 6km walking.

How Long Does It Take to Walk 6km?

On average, with a moderate intensity speed of 4.82 to 5 km/h or 3 to 3.2 mph, one would use between 60 to 80 minutes walking for 6km.

Walk SpeedTime for 6 km walking
Easy Walk/ 80 to 99 steps per minute/ 12.5+ minutes per kilometer1 hr 15 min
Moderate Walk/ 100 to 119 steps per minute 10 minutes per kilometer1 hour
Fast Walk/ 120+ steps per minute/ 7 minutes per kilometer42-45 Minutes  

6 Km: Average Walking Times by Age and Gender

Generally, age and gender are significant determinants of walking speed. 

However, the gender variation is not much, given that the speed difference is negligible in younger years. For example, between 20- 29 years, men walk only 0.04mph faster than women. Nonetheless, it is important to note that this difference widens with age due to men being more physically fit than women. Therefore, by the time they are in their 80’s, the difference is almost 0.1mph between men and women.

Consequently, men on average take 60 minutes to walk 6 km, while women take 70 minutes on average to walk 6km.

Usually, younger people walk faster than older adults. Therefore, they take less time to complete a 6-km walk compared to older people.  This translates into younger people in their 20’s to ’40s taking 60 to 70 minutes to complete 6km. On the other hand, it takes 80 to 90 minutes for older people to complete a 6km walk.

How long it takes to walk 6 km: Men

AgeAverage speed (kilometers/hour)Average Time need for 6 km
20 to 294.891 hr 13 min 37 sec
30 to 395.141 hr 9 min 54 sec
40 to 495.141 hr 9 min 54 sec
50 to 595.141 hr 9 min 54 sec
60 to 694.821 hr 14 min 33 sec
70 to 794.531 hr 19 min 20 sec
80 to 893.491 hr 43 min 5 sec

How long it takes to walk 6 km: Women

AgeAverage speed (kilometers/hour)Average Time need for 6 km
20 to 294.821 hr 14 min 33 sec
30 to 394.821 hr 14 min 33 sec
40 to 4951 hr 11 min 53 sec
50 to 594.711 hr 16 min 22 sec
60 to 694.451 hr 20 min 46 sec
70 to 794.071 hr 28 min 25 sec
80 to 893.371 hr 46 min 30 sec

How Long Does it Take to Walk 6km on the Treadmill?

On average, walking on the Treadmill equates to the health benefits of walking outdoors. Likewise, it would take the same amount of time to walk on the Treadmill as it would outdoors.

However, a couple of variations alter a 6km walk on the Treadmill, which include the freedom to increase the incline and the speed for a more intense workout. Therefore, a 6km walk on the Treadmill ends up with an average duration of 1 hr 14 min 41 sec at the moderate speed of 3 mph, that is, 4.82 km/h.

Treadmill Speed/Miles per hour (mph)km per hour (km/h)Time need for 6 km
2.54.021 hr 29 min 33 sec
2.64.181 hr 26 min 7 sec
2.74.341 hr 22 min 56 sec
2.84.51 hr 20 min
2.94.661 hr 17 min 15 sec
34.821 hr 14 min 41 sec
3.14.981 hr 12 min 17 sec
3.25.141 hr 10 min 2 sec
3.35.311 hr 7 min 47 sec
3.45.471 hr 5 min 48 sec
3.55.631 hr 3 min 56 sec
3.65.791 hr 2 min 10 sec
3.75.951 hr
3.86.1158 min 55 sec
3.96.2757 min 24 sec
46.4355 min 59 sec

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Is Walking 6km a Day Enough?

Yes, walking 6km a day is enough for sufficient health and fitness. In addition, it keeps the heart racing, which enhances cardiovascular and respiratory systems’ health. 

Moreover, 6km a day helps strengthen muscles, especially the lower body, which is essential for avoiding senile challenges for seniors. Besides, walking is low-impact, the ideal exercise recommended for people with health challenges.

And let’s not forget that 6km walking is long enough to help you burn calories, which is a prerequisite for weight loss.

However, walking on its own is not enough for weight loss. For overweight persons who want to shed more body fat, it is more efficient to incorporate a run into the walking exercise.


How long does it take to walk 6km? On average, 60- 70 minutes is enough to complete a 6km walk. Whether you take a walk on the treadmill or outdoors, the health benefits are the same. Therefore, there is no reason not to get fit or train for that charity walk you want.

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