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Do You Have To Use Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor, & Is It Accurate?

Do you need an Oranegtheory heart rate monitor? No, you don’t. Oranegtheory allows you to take the classes even without a heart rate monitor. Some people go without a heart rate monitor; others use other brands’ heart rate monitors.

However, the Oranegtheory heart rate monitors are among the main factors defining the Oranegtheory experience. Therefore, it would be an invaluable accessory for your exercise if you can afford it. Alternatively, you can plan for the heart rate monitor after some classes with the club.

Can you use any heart rate monitor at Orangetheory? If you personally want your name and splats/stats on the otbeat screen, then Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor and the Apple watch with OTBeat Link are only the options. Other heart rate monitors will not compatible with otbeat screen.

About Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor

Essentially, Orangetheory heart rate zones are the gym’s heart, making it outstanding. During the class, the heart rate zones display on the screens in the class, showing members their individual zones at each particular time.

Sadly, not all heart rate monitors will sync to the screen, and nor do all heart rate monitors have heart rate zones in place. Usually, you will need an Oranegtheory heart rate monitor, and lately, the Apple watch is also incorporated.

There are three main Orangetheory heart rate monitors;

  • The OTBeat Core: this was the first Oranegtheory heart rate monitor, and it is the only chest strap in the gym. While most people find chest straps inconvenient, the OTBeat Core is renowned for the best accuracy results.
  • The OTBeat Flex: the Flex is the armband version of the Core, which came in to solve the problem of convenience. With the OTBeat Flex, you can have better rowing and cycling sessions compared to the OTBeat Core.
  • The OTBeat Burn: the Burn is the newest OTF technology in heart rate monitors and advancement of the Flex. It has a more durable battery life and is slick and more elegant than the Flex and the Core. However, it is also more expensive than the other OTF heart rate monitors.

OTBEAT BURN Technical Specifications:

Functionsheart rate detection and transmission (ANT+ or Bluetooth 4.0), battery low alert
Heart Rate Range30 to 220 BPM in 1 BPM resolution
Heart Rate Accuracy+/-5 BPM
TransmissionANT+ /BLE
Power Supply3.8V Li-ion Polymer rechargeable battery
ANT+ or BLE Transmission Distance15 Meters
Battery Life time (PPG&BLE always on)Up to 24 hours of continuous detection
Water Resistance LevelIP67
Storage Temperature-20 to +60◦C
Operating Temperature0 to +40C
Memory capacity6 hours detection

How Does the Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor Work?

Generally, the Orangetheory heart rate monitors sync to the OTF screens immediately after you wear the HRM in class. You will see your name appear on the screen, giving you a signal that you are synced.

As you start to work out, the heart rate monitor will project your different heart rate zones on the screen. 

There are 5 heart rate zones in Orangetheory, which are represented in colors as follows:

  1. Gray zone: this is usually the first zone in Orangetheory, starting when you take off the exercise. It shows that you used up 50 to 60% of your optimal heart rate.
  2. Blue zone: In your warm-up duration, your heart rate zone will rise to blue, indicating 61 to 70% of your optimal heart rate usage.
  3. Green zone: at this point, you already start sweating, and your body fat starts burning. You are using between 71 and 83% of your optimal heart rate, and the zone is recommended [for at least 25 minutes in the whole 60-minute class.
  4. Orange zone: if you get to the zone, you will earn your splat points. Your exercise uses 84 to 91% of your optimal heart rate, hence creating the coveted Oranegtheory EPOC. This means that you continue to burn fats even after the class. OTF recommends that you are in this zone for at least 12 minutes.
  5. Red zone: here, you are already at 92 to 100% of your optimal heart rate, springing out your best potential. Being in the red and orange zones for at least 12 minutes gives you the OTF splat points.

Everyone in class will have their metrics displayed on the screen. Surprisingly, you may be the only one looking at your own pace, and probably your neighbor and friend. The rest of the class will be busy looking at their own and trying to get the splat points.

Do You Need an Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor for Orangetheory class?

Not exactly. The Orangetheory studio screen only displays heart rate zones from OTF heart rate monitors, and lately, the Apple Watch, but it doesn’t mean you need one. 

Most Orangetheory users prefer owning the Orangetheory heart rate monitor. After all, where is the fun of being in OTF if you can enjoy your heart rate zones with the others?

Besides that, the Orangetheory heart rate monitors are pretty accurate, other than the Apple Watch, with the best reviews. This is especially for the OTBeat Core, which most people still prefer due to the high accuracy levels.

You will also appreciate that the heart rate monitors are so durable you won’t need a new one sooner. Actually, most Orangetheory users who stop going to Orangetheory end up selling the HRMs secondhand.

Also, the fact that the heart rate monitors are Bluetooth-compatible makes them a catch. You can use Orangetheory heart rate monitors outside the class! Basically, they can link to any Bluetooth device, hence any other fitness app. Therefore, even after Oranegtheory, it doesn’t mean that the heart rate monitor becomes useless. Besides, you could use the high accuracy levels in other fitness apps as well, right?

On the other hand, the Orangetheory heart rate monitors are high-end products, and the cost is not affordable to some users. Since they are not necessary, one doesn’t have to deplete their resources just to have one. You could go to Orangetheory for the exercise and make it great even without the heart rate monitor.

Also, not every member wants to see their metrics displayed on the screen in front of everyone. Therefore, they opt for other heart rate monitors to help them compete against themselves.

I find a number of users complaining that the heart rate zones on the screen can be distracting or a source of loss of motivation. One strives to get to the orange and red zones and remain there long enough without considering their own fitness and health levels. Others feel disappointed for failing to get all the 12 splat points.

Therefore, the cons and pros of having an Orangetheory heart rate monitor in class balance out. 

Furthermore, instead of getting an Orangetheory heart rate monitor, you can use the Apple Watch if you have one or prefer it more. Oranegtheory has new technology, the OTBeat Link, a device you incorporate on your Apple Watch to sync with Orangetheory. 

What Type of Heart Rate Monitor Does Orangetheory Use?

Luckily, Orangetheory uses both types of heart rate monitors, the armbands and the chest strap. There is also the OTBeat Link for the Apple Watch. So;

  • OTF chest strap heart rate monitor: OTBeat Core
  • OTF armband heart rate monitors: OTBeat Flex and OTBeat Burn
  • OTBeat Link: Apple Watch

Therefore, you can choose the most convenient, affordable, elegant, or preferable option that will give you the best Orangetheory class motivation.

Which OTF Heart Rate Monitor is Best? Which One Provides Accurate Data?

As a whole, all the Orangetheory heart rate monitors are commendable. However, each stands out uniquely;

  • The OTBeat Core is the best heart rate monitor for optimal sensitivity, hence most accurate in Orangetheory, being a chest strap. It is also the perfect value option, as it is the cheapest of the OTF heart rate monitors.
  • The OTBeat Burn is the best option for a long-lasting battery. It is also sleek and elegant, with the best up-to-date OTF heart rate monitor technology so far.
  • The OTBeat Flex is great when you want a convenient armband that is inexpensive for Orangetheory. Being an armband, you can take on any exercise, especially rowing, without feeling uncomfortable.
  • If you already have an Apple Watch, the OTBeat Link is an excellent and inexpensive addition that will save you from buying a new OTF heart rate monitor.

Where Should I Wear My Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor?

You should wear your OTF heart rate monitor depending on the type of heart rate monitor you own. It could either be on your arm or your chest. Also, in order to ensure that it actually works correctly, the additional guidelines below should help;

So, if it is the OT Flex or OT Burn, in which case it is an armband, you can wear it on your arm. So;

  1. Wear the armband on your wrist, bicep, or forearm, depending on the strap and your preference.
  2. Then, press and hold onto the OTF logo on the armband until it lights blue. This will be followed by red and green to indicate complete powering.
  3. Wait for some seconds to connect to the Orangetheory screens if you are in class.

On the other hand, if you own a chest strap, you should wear it around your chest, the sensors across your sternum. Then;

  1. Wet the sensors, and strap the heart rate monitor around your chest. Don’t worry about your size, because the strap is adjustable.
  2. Next, put on the heart rate monitor pod between the sensors right on your sternum, and you are ready to connect to the screens.

Other Precautions for Oranegtheory Heart Rate Monitor

If you want to appear on the screen immediately, you put on the OTF heart rate monitor without a challenge; the tips below will come in handy;

  • Ensure that you don’t leave the heart rate monitor in the cold to ensure ease in conductivity
  • When using the OT Core, always wet the sensors for better conductivity
  • Ensure that you don’t wear the heart rate monitor too loose or too snug in order to get accurate readings.

Where to Buy Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor

You can buy a new Orangetheory heart rate monitor in all Orangetheory studios and their online shops.

However, if you want a used version, you can look it up on eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook.

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Final Thoughts

So, do you need an Oranegtheory heart rate monitor? No, you don’t. How is it accurate? Well, the accuracy levels differ, but they are definitely not 100%. However, it has far better accuracy levels than most heart rate monitors.

Oranegtheory heart rate monitors allow you to track the heart rate, calories burned, distance, and time, which they project on Orangetheory screens. However, you can use other heart rate monitors if the screen projection and heart rate zones do not matter much to you.

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