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How Long Does It Take to Walk 5km by Age and Gender?

5km walks are common, especially among charity walks and friends’ fun walks. Therefore, it is only fair that you know how long it will take you. However, my advice is that you start practicing earlier, at least for confidence in yourself during the significant activity.

Generally speaking, it takes the average person around 1 hour and 2 minutes to walk 5 km. According to The British Heart Foundation, the average walking speed is about 4.8 kilometers per hour or 12 minutes per kilometer. Again, this can change depending on your walking pace.

How Far is 5km Walk? 5k basically refers to 5km. A 5-kilometer (5K) walk is 3.1 miles long.

How Long Does It Take to Walk 5 km?

On average, it takes 50 minutes at a Moderate speed of 6 km/h to walk either outside or on a treadmill for 5km across healthy men and women. However, the range varies depending on fitness, skill level, age, gender and health condition.

Typically, beginners take the maximum time for a healthy person to walk 5km, which is 60 minutes. However, professional athletes may take 30 to 40 minutes to complete a brisk walk.

Walk SpeedTime for 5 km walking
Easy Walk(4.8kph) / 12.5+ minutes per kilometer/ 80 to 99 steps per minute1 hr 2 min
Moderate Walk (6kph)/10 minutes per kilometer/ 100 to 119 steps per minute50 Minutes
Fast Walk(8.5kph)/ 7 minutes per kilometer/ 120+ steps per minute35 Minutes

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5 Km: Average Walking Times by Age and Gender

Interestingly, men walk slightly faster than women in almost all settings. Usually, they have longer strides and tend to be more flexible than women.

AGEGENDERSpeed: Km/hAverage Time need for 5 km
20–29Male4.89 Km/h1 hr 1 min 21 sec
 Female4.82 Km/h1 hr 2 min 8 sec
30–39Male5.14 Km/h0 hrs 58 min 15 sec
 Female4.82 Km/h1 hr 2 min 8 sec
40–49Male5.14 Km/h0 hrs 58 min 15 sec
 Female5 Km/h0 hrs 59 min 54 sec
50–59Male5.14 Km/h58 min 15 sec
 Female4.71 Km/h1 hr 3 min 38 sec
60–69Male4.82 Km/h1 hr 2 min 8 sec
 Female4.45 Km/h1 hr 7 min 18 sec
70–79Male4.53 Km/h1 hr 6 min 7 sec
 Female4.07 Km/h1 hr 13 min 41 sec
80–89Male3.49 Km/h1 hr 25 min 54 sec
 Female3.37 Km/h1 hr 28 min 45 sec

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How Long Does It Take to Walk 5km on the Treadmill?

A 5 km walk on the Treadmill takes approximately 1 hr 15 min at a slow pace of 4.02 km/h. At a moderate speed of 5.6 km/ hour, it takes 53 minutes and even less time at a brisk speed of 6.4 km/h, approximately 45 minutes.

Essentially, walking on the Treadmill bares the same results as walking outdoors, given that you can always change the incline and speed on the Treadmill. However, it has the benefit of evading challenges such as blocks of people, animals and buildings, not to mention adverse weather conditions.

Treadmill Speed/Miles per hour (mph)km per hour (km/h)Time need for 5 km
2.541 hr 15 min
2.64.11 hr 11 min 46 sec
2.74.31 hr 9 min 7 sec
2.84.51 hr 6 min 40 sec
2.94.61 hr 4 min 22 sec
34.81 hr 2 min 14 sec
3.14.91 hr 0 min 14 sec
3.25.158 min 21 sec
3.35.356 min 29 sec
3.45.454 min 50 sec
3.55.653 min 17 sec
3.65.751 min 48 sec
3.75.950 min 25 sec
3.86.149 min 5 sec
3.96.247 min 50 sec
46.446 min 39 sec

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How to Track My 5K Time

Fortunately, there is a range of phone apps that you can use to track your 5k time, such as Strava. With the phone app, you only need your phone on the Treadmill or outdoors, and you can track your pace, distance, and time, and even map out your trails outdoor.

However, I prefer a heart rate monitor, preferably an armband, which also tracks the heart rate and calories burned on top of the metrics above.

Is Walking 5 Km A Day Good Exercise?

Yes, walking 5 km a day is definitely an excellent exercise for your health and fitness. Not only does it help with your physical health, but you also reap mental and emotional benefits as well. Besides, 5K is not a strenuous distance, especially if you practise it over time.

Some of the advantages of walking 5K per day include:

  • Preventing chronic health illnesses such as stroke due to optimal blood supply to the brain and other body parts.
  • Prevent building up body cholesterol and fats, maintaining healthy body weight.
  • Strength the bones, joints and muscles in addition to improving their endurance.
  • Walking is a good start for running exercises for beginners.
  • It improves balance, posture and coordination.
  • Walking has a way of improving the mood to positive vibes.
  • It builds up the confidence to join the charity and disease campaign walks.


In most cases, it takes 45 to 60 minutes to walk 5K. So a daily walk of this distance is healthy, and it has all the cardiovascular benefits you can think about. Actually, you can even lose weight over time by just committing to the 5km walk.

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