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Does Anytime Fitness Have a Pool?

As the name suggests, Anytime Fitness derives its popularity from its easy accessibility in most parts of the world. Most importantly, it offers a wide spectrum of exercise equipment, workouts and amenity variations, which contributes to its popularity. But do fitness studios have a swimming pool as one of their amenities?

Does Anytime Fitness Have a Pool?

Overall, Anytime Fitness does not officially guarantee a swimming pool as one of its amenities. Therefore, your package may, unfortunately, not offer the luxury of a pool. However, there are specific Anytime studios that have gone the extra mile. Each location of anytime fitness is individually owned and run by a different owner. So, yes, you can get a swimming pool in some of Anytime Fitness’ studios.

But it’s very low, so before joining, your local anytime fitness studios, contact them to confirm whether they have a pool or not. For example, in Minnesota, Thief River Falls’ has pool facilities.

What Relaxing Amenities Does Anytime Fitness Have?

As mentioned above, most Anytime Fitness studios do not feature a swimming pool as one of their amenities. And sadly, neither are there saunas and hot baths to go with the popular gym.

However, there are amenities that you can expect from all or most of the Anytime Fitness studios. These amenities include:

1. Showers 

Showers are always a welcome relief in a gym, especially when you have to walk or drive quite a distance to get home. It is even better for people who visit the gym and head straight to work later.

Generally, all Anytime Fitness studios have showers, and you have the option of cold and hot showers. There are also lockers to go with the showers in most studios, making up for missing amenities.

2. Tanning Beds

Everyone misses a good sunbathe… well, most people do, especially when summer is still a long way to go. But you no longer have to wait for the natural sunlight, at least with the availability of tanning beds in fitness studios and beauty parlours.

Some Anytime Fitness studios feature tanning beds for your sunbathing cravings, and the good news is that the tan beds are becoming popular among most studios. So now, it has become almost obvious that you will get the sunbathing bed in an Anytime studio.

3. Hydromassage

If you’d rather have your beauty massage and get all that tension off your body after an exercise, most Anytime Fitness studios will not disappoint you. Also, this is the best make-up for the lack of a swimming pool as one of the amenities.

So, you will get the amazing moisture jets that will get your muscles feeling relaxed for the duration of time of your choice.

What Benefits Would Having a Pool in a Gym Be?

Though most Anytime Fitness studios do not have swimming pools, some are coming up with the inclusion. Evidently, it is an exquisite addition.

But why is a pool so crucial in a gym, and what benefits does it offer?

  • A pool in the gym makes swimming activities available at all times, regardless of the outdoor weather.
  • Swimming is a full-body cardio exercise which works on all body muscles, including the legs, abs and core, arms and chest, hence an excellent addition to gym amenities.
  • Swimming improves balance, posture and flexibility, hence excellent for physical fitness.
  • Besides swimming, one can take aquatic aerobics in a swimming pool, a different exercise environment.
  • A pool at the gym allows for either having aquatic or regular gym exercises.
  • Swimming pools have no age limits. Therefore, you can tag along with a younger kid or a senior adult to the gym since there will be an activity for them as well.

Alternatives to Anytime Fitness with Pools

Since most Anytime Fitness gyms do not have swimming pools, you can look into alternative gyms that have this facility. They include:

  • LA Fitness: LA Fitness have swimming pools that are a wonderful relief from the sweaty exercises. Besides the swimming pool, you get hot tubs, saunas and private showers, and additional amenities that are not guaranteed at Anytime Fitness.
  • Lifetime Fitness: Lifetime Fitness offers swimming pool activities, as well as other luxurious amenities that you want in a gym. And in addition to all this, the fitness company has a digital app platform for when you feel like being indoors.
  • 24 Hour Fitness: The fitness company is great when you want more than just a swimming pool, a sauna and a hot tub. There are steam rooms as well, and the gym and pool activities available at all times.

Why is Anytime Fitness So Popular even Without a Pool?

Anytime Fitness studios may not have a pool as a basic amenity, but the popularity is obvious. Actually, its greatest competition is big gym chains that have swimming pools and other cool amenities. Below are some of the reasons people still prefer Anytime Fitness despite the amenity shortcoming;

  • It is inexpensive compared to its competition, with a range of discounts and vouchers users utilize.
  • The employees are friendly to everyone, including guests who don’t even intend to be members.
  • The membership is global. Your Anytime Fitness key fob fits into all Anytime Fitness studios. Even better, the experience is almost the same in all studios, so one will always feel at home away from home.
  • Anytime Fitness may not have a pool, but most other gym activities and equipment are available and well-utilized.

Anytime Fitness Studios with Pool

While most Anytime Fitness studios lack the luxury of a swimming pool, it is worth noting that some definitely feature the amenity. So, which Anytime Fitness studios have swimming pools? Let’s have a look at a couple;

1. Thief River Falls Anytime Fitness

2. Lynnwood Anytime Fitness

The good news is that these studios offer pool activities and all other Anytime Fitness exercises and amenities.


Most Anytime Fitness studios do not have a pool as part of their amenities. However, a few already have the pool installed, and more are following suit.

Essentially, Anytime Fitness is a chain of gym studios that are independently owned. So, your closest may just have their administration looking forward to a swimming pool, especially if most people ask for the service.

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