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Does Anytime Fitness Have Classes? (Types of classes offered)

Yes, Anytime Fitness offers fitness classes, and there are several options for choice. You can take cardio and strength exercises using different equipment and accessories. There are also personal training and group training classes. Personal training is a warm relief when you have special needs such as a health condition or emotional breakdown. On the other hand, group classes are excellent for optimal motivation and competition that breeds more productivity.

Which types of classes offer Anytime Fitness?

Other than the apparent gym classes, Most Anytime Fitness clubs offer

  • Spinning Cycles & Classes
  • Cardio Classes
  • Body Conditioning Classes
  • Yoga Classes
  • Zumba Classes
  • Pilates Classes

Types of training sessions at Anytime Fitness? There are two types of training sessions in most Anytime Fitness clubs.

  1. Small-Group Training and Team Workouts
  2. personal training

Depending on the location, many clubs offer Small Group Training and Team Workouts, which are included with regular fees.

But Personal training is not included in the regular membership fee to Anytime Fitness. There may be additional costs for this service.

Find out which classes are available at your local club by contacting them. A class schedule is usually available on the local web page of the gym.

In this article, I have explained the two training sessions, so keep scrolling..

1. Group Training Session at Anytime Fitness?

How Much Does a Group Training Session Cost at Anytime Fitness? On the other hand, group training costs as much as the regular gym. Therefore, you can definitely access the group training for your Anytime Fitness membership. The cost of group training at Anytime Fitness will thus range between $35 and $50, depending on the location franchise management.

Group classes include equipment classes such as treadmill running and walking, fitness bike cycling, rowing, ellipticals, lateral X trainers, Amt cross-trainers, and stair climbers for cardio exercise. Then there are free weights, racks, cable crossovers, Synergy 360 systems, kettlebells, and TRX systems, among others, for strength training.

My favourite group classes are the Zumba, yoga, body strength cardio and Pilates, which are more interesting when taken in groups. Even better, most Anytime Fitness clubs train these group classes for free.

Interestingly, there are also group and family charges, which differ depending on the location. The packages could be daily, monthly, 6 months or even annual. You may love these packages because they are cheaper than individual packages. Most importantly, you get to exercise and train with your team, which facilitates better productivity.

Fundamentally, group classes introduce a base that ensures you have proper form and movement to avoid injury and help build confidence.

What to Expect from Group Classes at Anytime Fitness

Group classes at Anytime classes are so encouraging that you always look forward to the next. Here are the benefits you should expect:

  • Competing exercises that bring out the ‘competitive you’ are definitely the best part of you when exercising.
  • Seeing others push themselves beyond what you expect motivates you to do better.
  • Despite being in a group, the trainer customizes the exercises to suit your individual needs. For example, there are always exercise modifications to suit every fitness level.
  • Group classes reduce fatigue from exercises. For example, 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 1 hour seem way less when you exercise in a group.
  • If the group comprises friends and family, there is motivation and encouragement while building relationship bonds and unity.

2. Personal Training Session at Anytime Fitness?

What Different Personal Training Options Does Anytime Fitness Offer? As a whole, Anytime Fitness offers personal training as a special class option. Naturally, therefore, the cost is different from the regular classes.

Primarily, personal training is suitable for individuals who have limitations such as injuries, which limit them from regular gym activities. It is also ideal for people who feel too shy or those who need extra attention with exercise.

So, what are the different personal training options that Anytime Fitness offers?

Essentially, Anytime Fitness trainers design exercises unique to your needs as an individual. Then, they share and design the plan with you since you are part of the workouts. Even when away from the club, they also encourage you and hold you accountable for your progress.

There are different options of training depending on the number of times you need the trainer:

  • Three times a week
  • Twice a week
  • Twice a month

Personal training may include different exercises, or you could simply ask for cardio or strength training, depending on the area you need help with.

How Much Does a Personal Training Session Cost at Anytime Fitness?

Personal training is quite expensive, actually more expensive than all other forms of exercise at Anytime Fitness. The cost of a personal trainer at Anytime Fitness varies per gym location.

Personal training is not included in the regular membership fee to Anytime Fitness, which is usually between $35 and $50 per month. The cost of a personal trainer at Anytime Fitness also changes depending on gym location. In addition to the monthly membership fee, you can usually expect to pay between $30 and $60 per hour for the personal trainer.

What to Expect from Personal Training Classes at Anytime Fitness

When you take on a personal fitness program at Anytime Fitness, you will enjoy the following privileges;

  • A training program that fits into your unique schedule; you will always have the trainer whenever you need them, depending on your and their plans.
  • You get to build your strength from the inside, know your exercise potential, and shine outwards.
  • The trainer helps you focus on group muscles and training goals of your choice, in addition to their recommendations. Therefore, the result is more satisfying.
  • Save for the group activities such as Zumba and Pilates, and you will have access to all the amenities, exercises and equipment options that Anytime Fitness has to offer.
  • Personal training holds you accountable for all your exercises, progress and plans.
  • Your personal trainer calls you even when you don’t have to meet just to check your progress away from the club.

Personal Classes Vs. Group Classes at Anytime Fitness

In general, personal training and group training at Anytime Fitness have excellent exercise results. However, they differ in a few areas;

Primarily, personal classes are more expensive than group classes.

Then, primary classes are best for people with unique training goals, while group classes are suitable for all other people. 

The bottom line is to identify the classes that will suit you best; in terms of convenience, cost, and efficiency.


Does Anytime Fitness have classes? Yes, it does. There are personal and group classes, depending on your preference. The good news is that the classes are open to everyone, and the membership you choose is customized to meet your workout needs.

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