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Does Anytime Fitness Have Free Weights? And Benefits of Free Weights

Yes, Anytime Fitness has free weights in all the clubs, such as Dumbbells, Olympic plates, EZ curl bars, Olympic bars, etc. Anytime Fitness’ free weight area is set up with adjustable benches and dumbbell racks to accommodate a variety of workouts such as biceps curls, shoulder presses, squats, chest presses, and many more.

Free weights are among the most important accessories for strength and endurance training, not to mention muscle mass gain. So, let’s see in detail what Anytime Fitness has to offer in terms of free weights;

Types of Free Weights  and Related Exercises at Anytime Fitness

Amazingly, Anytime Fitness clubs have a wide range of free weights to suit different customer needs. The free weights include the following:

  • Dumbbells that go up to 150lbs
  • Olympic plates
  • EZ curl bars
  • Pre-loaded barbells
  • Olympic bars
  • Resistance bands
  • resistance machines
  • Some locations have BandBell bamboo barbells and safety squat bars.

Basically, most free weights are available at the Anytime Fitness Clubs. Most locations have at least two squat racks, but not all have deadlift platforms. Exercises you can attribute to these weights include the following:

  • Dumbbell chest presses
  • Dumbbell deadlifts
  • Seated shoulder presses
  • Weight squats
  • Concentration curls
  • Incline dumbbell presses
  • biceps curls
  • And many more

Typically, you can target every muscle group in your body with your free weights. You also take classes at will, group classes, and personal trainer classes. Regardless of your membership, you can utilize all the weights to your advantage.

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Benefits of Free Weights

Free weights have the following benefits for the user:

  • Free weights are excellent for building muscle strength and endurance, which prevents injury.
  • They have the highest rate of burning calories, which helps build lean muscle mass and reduce body fats and cholesterol.
  • They help manage overall health and fitness, reducing the risk of chronic illnesses such as cardiac arrest, hypertension, and diabetes.
  • Due to the strain of handling them, the body works more muscle groups than is primarily targeted.
  • They help build core and lower back strength, managing lower back pain.

Free Weights Vs. Machine Weights

Technically, free weights are portable, and you can move them from one point to another. But, contrarily, machine weights are fixed, and the muscle groups to work are already targeted. 

Their definitions alone make the strength equipment different. Let’s get into more differences and possible similarities between the two types of weights;

Similarities Between Free Weights and Machine Weights

  • Firstly, both are weights, which means they have the same purpose on the body; to improve muscle mass, strength, and endurance.
  • Whether you use free weights or machine weights, you will also shed substantial body fats and burn calories, which aid in reducing cholesterol levels.

Differences Between Free Weights and Machine Weights

  • Free weights stress the body to sustain hence working out targeted muscles as well as other muscles, hence good for full-body benefits. However, machine weights only exercise the targeted muscles, hence excellent for target muscle benefits.
  • Free weights are less space-consuming and affordable for home use, especially if one plans on taking at-home exercises. On the other hand, machine weights are mostly only available in gyms.
  • Machine weights are suitable for beginners since they direct form and movement. On the other hand, free weights can cause injury to beginners if not well-handled.
  • Free weights allow for a variety of body exercises with the same set, while machine weights have limited exercises on each machine.

How Much Do Anytime Fitness Bars Weigh?

There are a couple of strength bar types at Anytime Fitness, with different dimensions and weights as follows;

1. Olympic Barbell

The Olympic barbell is the standard fitness bar, with a length of 7 feet long. When not loaded, the weight is 45 pounds, enough for a starter exercise. Then, you can load the bar starting with 2 ½ pounds, all the way to double the bar weight, which is 45 pounds. 

Some collars help lift the barbell bar after loading the weights, which is essential for safety.

The Olympic barbell is the best option to build on your strength training.

2. Pre-loaded Barbell

The pre-loaded barbell is shorter, with a length between 4 and 6 feet. It presents a fixed weight, which varies between 20 and 120 pounds depending on your preferred level and availability at the club.

The pre-loaded bar below 45 lbs is the best option if you are not confident with the Olympic barbell bar yet, and the best training for the larger bar as well.

It is also the safer option for beginners because you don’t have to remember to load the protective collars on the plates.


Anytime Fitness clubs have free weights as one of the basic gym accessories. Therefore, you will get them in racks regardless of the club’s location.

Free weights are great for flexibility in exercise, and they also help target multiple muscle groups at a go. The best part is that Anytime Fitness clubs are popular for their friendly trainers, who will have your back even when you are only a novice with weights.

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