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Names of Celebrities on Peloton and their Leaderboard usernames

There is no doubt that Peloton is popular, on its own, with its instructors and exercises hitting a global market and fanbase. On top of that, Peloton has hundreds of celebrities who actually love, recommend and exercise on the platform.

So, while making friends with your favourite celebrity in the real world may be challenging, you can make Peloton celebrity friends. The best way to connect with them is when you take a class together, though you would only do so if you had their Leaderboard names. Sadly, most Leaderboard names are far from suggesting one’s real name. And that is why you should read this;

How Can You Ride with a Celebrity on Peloton?

You can ride with a celebrity on Peloton by following them. Once you are friends, you will know the scheduled classes they take and sign up for the same to be in the same class.

In this case, you have to know their Leaderboard names, which do not always reflect their real names.

However, some celebrities have kept their accounts private, in which case you have to request them for friendship, and they have to accept for you to even view their profile.

How to Adding Friends on peloton? Read this.

Types of Celebrities on Peloton

Interestingly, the celebrities who ride, run or row on Peloton are from different fields, from athletes, sportspeople, actors and actresses, TV and radio personalities, artists and the Peloton instructors themselves, among others.

Let’s get into the details of these identities based on the category the lie;

1. Artists /Musicians

You probably know that Peloton appreciates artists and artistic work, from the music they play to the artists they incorporate occasionally. During music series, Peloton has involved Beyonce, Usher, Lizzo, Madonna, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, among others.

Other than riding a class that features artistic work, how about riding, running or rowing with actual artists and probably giving them a high five in class? We have Leaderboard names for some of them;

Name of the ArtistPeloton Leaderboard Username
Melanie CSportySpiceUK
Debbie GibsonDJDebbieG
Mel BOfficialMelB
Diplo diplo1978
Joe Jonascup_of_joe
Jake OwenCoconutMan81

Other artists on Peloton whose Leaderboard names we are yet to discover are Ciara, Lizzo, P!nk, Usher, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Nick Lashey, and Tori Kelly, among others.

2. Actors /Actresses

Imagine if there was a possibility to become Peloton friends with your favourite TV show or movie actor/ actress. The classes would feel even more interesting, and you would probably make friends from there.

While I couldn’t get all the names of actors and actresses on Peloton, I got something;

Actor /Actress namePeloton Leaderboard username
Leslie Joneslesdogggg
Sam Chaflinsamclaf
Sophie Turnersophers69420
Candace Cameron Bruecandyrock
Andrea Barber BookRider
Joe Jonascup_of_joe
Jaime Camiljaimecamil
High Pitch Erikhighpitcherik
Benjy BronkBronkb 
Wells AdamsWellsAdams 
Kaitlyn BristoweSpindyCrawford
Blake HorstmannBalockaye
Jordan Rodgersjrodgers11
Astrid LockeSugT23
Chelsea DeBoerchelsdeboer
Teddi Mellencampteddimellencamp
Emily Simpsonemily_esq
Kyle RichardsKyleRichards

Other actors and actresses on Peloton are Jimmy Fallon, the comedian, Hugh Jackman (Australian actor), Alison Sweeny, and Sofia Vergara, among others.

3. TV /Radio Hosts

Let’s have a look at some of the TV and radio hosts who enjoy a ride or run on a Peloton before or after studio;

TV /Radio Host NamePeloton Leaderboard Username
AI RokerWeatherAI
Bobby BonesBobbyBobbyBones
Wells Adamswellsadams
Matt Jamesmattjames919
Jax TaylorMrjaxtaylor
Kaitlyn BristoweSpindyCrawford

Others include Mauricio Umansky, Charlamagne Tha God, and Angela Yee.

4. Athletes 

Athletes are mostly on the Peloton treadmill, which doubles as a training ground. They include the following;

Name of AthletePeloton Leaderboard Username
Usain BoltUsainBolt
Scout BassettScoutBassett
Allyson FelixAllysonFelix
Colleen Quigleysteeplesquigs
Andre De GrasseAndreDeGrasse

5. Gymnasts /Weightlifters /Fifgters and WWE Wrestlers

Did you know that some of the well-built wrestlers, fighters and weightlifters are on Peloton? You could probably try beating them on the Leaderboard or at least set a goal to compete with these strong-bodied personalities. They include;

Gymnasts /Weightlifters /Fifgters /WrestlersPeloton Leaderboard Username
Johnny GarganoJohnnyGargano
Becky DownieBeckyDownie
Ellie DownieEllieDownie
Conor McGregor

You will easily notice these people because they rise to lead or at least be at the top of the Leaderboard. Therefore, if you want a competition, be prepared to sweat.

6. Football /Volleyball /Basketball /Hockey /Baseball Players on Peloton

When ball games excite you the most, Peloton still has celebrities you can exercise with from NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL teams.

A) NFL Football Players on Peloton

NFL Football PlayersPeloton Leaderboard Username
Joe Staleychip74js
Russell WilsonDangeRussWilson
Gardner MinshewGardnerMinshew
Kam ChancellorTheHybridOne
Cliff AvrilMrSackFumble
Troy Aikman 25back
Baker MayfieldBRM6
Kenny MooregivemeMoore
Patrick Mahomes2PM
Jay CutlerCutler6
Cam Newtonaceboog1e
Matt Leinertmattyice111
Adrian ColbertThePelotonDonx

B) NBA Basketball Players on Peloton

NBA Player NamesPeloton Leaderboard Username
Draymond GreenSpartyon23

C) NHL Hockey Players on Peloton

NHL Payer NamePeloton Leaderboard Username
Jonathan Bernierjobern
Eric Joyce ericjamesjoyce
Nate ThompsonNThomson44
Tyler ToffoliTylerToff
Marc MethotMarcMethot
Roberto LuongoStrombone1
Cassie Campbellccp2010

D) MLB Baseball Players on Peloton

MLB Player NamesPeloton Leaderboard Username
Derek HollandDutchOven45
Mike Napoli MikeNap12
Michael MorseMorseCode38

7. Golf and Racket Sports Players on Peloton

Then, if golf and racket sports such as lacrosse and tennis are your favourite sports, you could look into these Peloton usernames for celebrities in the sports;

A) Golf Players on Peloton

Here are popular usernames for players in LPGA, PGA, and WPGA, among other golf teams;

Golf Player NamePeloton Leaderboard Username
Cara Bankscarabanks
Rory McIlroyrors89
Brandt Snedeker bsneds
Justin Thomasjlthomas34
Jimmy WalkerJimmyWalkerPGA
Catriona Matthew beany25
Billy Horschel BillyHo23
Bubba Watsonbubbawatson
Adam Scottaussiescottie
Brooks KoepkaBlakeKoepka
Annika SorenstamAnnika59
Ricky Barnesrealrickybarnes
Charley Hoffmancharleyhoffman

B) Tennis and Lacrosse  Players on Peloton

If you love these racket games, you may get a chance on Peloton with some of them. The best way to connect with racket players and fans is through hashtags targeting these sports. However, having Leaderboard names of some of the most popular will help take classes and connect with them;

Tennis and Lacrosse Player NamesPeloton Leaderboard Username
Roger Federer (tennis)federer1
Monica Puig (tennis)MonicaAce93
John Isner (tennis)jisner85
Paul Rabil (lacrosse)paulrabil

8. Swimmers and Surfers on Peloton

Whether a triathlete or swimming fan, you probably want someone who has already made it in the field for motivation. What better way than having a Peloton class with them?

Swimmer /Surfer NamePeloton Leaderboard Username
Michael Phelps (swimming)UnderpantsFloat
John FlorenceJohnFlorence

9. Drivers

The only racing driver on Peloton whose Leaderboard name I got is;

  • Kurt Busch: Leaderboard name being kbracer1

Other Celebrities on Peloton

Other than athletes, sportspeople, artists, media personalities and actors /actresses, Peloton has other personalities such as politicians and entrepreneurs. Some of them include Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, and Richard Branson. Unfortunately, I did not get their Leaderboard names, which are most likely private.

Final Thoughts

Peloton has attracted all types of people, bringing in an aspect of an all-inclusive family. Therefore, this is the best chance to create a connection or even a friendship with people you would only hear, read about or watch.


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Luky k.