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Peloton Clicking Noise; Easy Solution to Get Rid

The clicking noise seems to be a common problem among Peloton bike riders. Sometimes it worsens with the position on the bike, especially when standing. It becomes disappointing when you cannot even pinpoint the root of the problem.

Nevertheless, having different ideas that could sort the problem always gives you an edge over the challenge. For this reason, we will look into the different clicking bike problems on Peloton and possible solutions.

Why Does My Peloton Bike Have a Clicking Noise?

There are many reasons why your Peloton Bike could be making noise. I find people with entirely different complaints all the time on the Peloton Reddit and Facebook platforms. 

However, among these problems are the most recurring for most users, which include;

  • The Peloton shoe problem
  • Loose cleats
  • Loose  pedals
  • The bearings Problem
  • The flywheel problem
  • The bottom bracket and the crank arm Problem
  • Loose screws and bolts

What Noise Does the Peloton Bike Make?

So, which noise coming from the Peloton bike should call for your attention. Basically, the Peloton ride should be smooth and silent, regardless of the workout you take. Therefore, any strange noise that jeopardizes smooth or quiet is not suitable for the bike.

Some of these noises include;

  • Peloton clicking noise
  • Peloton making noise when pedaling (Peloton squeaky pedal)
  • Peloton clicking noise when out of the saddle (when standing)
  • Peloton shoes clicking noise (squeaky peloton shoes)
  • Peloton crank arm noise
  • (Peloton flywheel noise) Peloton flywheel bearing noise                  
  • Peloton belt noise
  • Peloton making a grinding noise  
  • Peloton rubbing noise   

What is the Immediate Solution to Peloton Clicking Noise?

Essentially, Peloton recommends that you contact Peloton customer care if you hear any noise from the bike that is out of the ordinary. 

Once you contact Peloton, the staff will ask you about the noise, when you experience it, and probably a video attachment on the challenge. Then, you will either be guided through a solution process, or a technician will be sent over.

What are Possible Solutions to the Different Peloton Clicking Noises?

Now, let’s have a look at solutions to the familiar clicking sounds, which you will solve on your own;

1. Peloton Shoes Clicking Noise (Squeaky Shoes)

Usually, the Peloton shoes will make a squeaky sound due to a couple of reasons;

  • Loose cleats
  • Friction between the pedal and the shoes
  • Shoe problem

Try spinning without the clip; use a tennis shoe. If it didn’t seem to make the noise, then the sound came from your shoes. However, ensure that you are careful with the clipless pedals to avoid slipping off the pedals.

Once you realize that your shoes are squeaky, the primary problem you should look into is the cleat attachment. 

Check if the screws are loose between the cleats and the cycling shoes. If they are, tighten them to the shoe cleat plate. Actually, tightening the cleats solve the majority of the shoe issues.

But what if you tighten the cleats to no gain? Now it is time to consider friction issues due to pedal-cleat attachment. You can solve this problem with a dry spray sparingly into the cleat area.  And I also find grease, specifically on the cleats, quite helpful since it lasts longer than dry lube. However, you will have to ensure that the grease does not come up on the shoe and stays on the cleat holes. Finish the lubrication with spray shots on the pedal tops.

And also try to Adjusting Your Pedal Tension to attach your cleats to pedals.

It is also possible that your cleats are angled in such a way that part of the shoe hits the bike during certain rotation sections. For instance, during a three o’clock or a twelve o’clock pedal rotation. I know it may sound crazy, but the heel of my shoe brushes the sticker on the arm sometimes and makes a similar sound.

In this case, you will have to readjust your shoe angle during pedaling. Then, ride slowly through a few rotations, ensuring that no part of the shoe touches the crank arm or bike part.

Finally, if neither of the solutions works for your cycling shoes, try pedaling with the shoes without the cleats. However, ensure that you are careful with the clipless pedals to avoid slipping off the pedals. 

If the noise is still on, it means that your shoes are the problem, not the cleats or the friction between the pedals and the cleats. In this case, you may have to replace the cycling shoes with a new pair.

2. Peloton Making Noise When Pedaling

More often than not, the noise on Peloton starts when you are pedaling, especially with increased cadence. So, what causes this problem, and how can you solve it?

Surprisingly, your bike could have parts that have trapped dust and debris. Therefore, ensure that you clean the bike thoroughly with a soft wet towel. Turn the pedals after cleaning to see whether they turn smoothly.

Then, tighten every bolt on the bike, from the frames of the bike seat to the handlebars and the pedals. 

Then, look for any loose screws on the pedals and the crank arm. Ensure that you tighten them as well.

These small maintenance procedures will surprise you by solving the clicking problem.

However, sometimes the clicking problem is not a dirt issue. For example, the pedals threads could be dry from long cycling periods without replacement. Therefore, removing the threads and greasing them to enhance smooth pedaling may be precisely what you need.

And Peloton Making Noise When Pedaling, it may become from Squeaky Shoes. Then follow the Step 1. Squeaky Shoes solution.

3. Clicking Sound when Out of the Saddle (When Standing)

Sometimes the bike may be perfectly okay during your low-impact rides, and you never realize that there is a problem until you try a class out of the saddle. During that time, when you stand on the pedals as you cycle, a clicking sound starts.

The cause of this annoying sound could be several factors.

For me, it sounded annoying, and, unexpectedly, it was the round disks on the bottom of the front of the bike. So, I had someone lift the bike onto the back part as I tightened the disks under the wheels in front. 

bottom of the front of the peloton bike

If you are all alone, you can try to place your right bike floor with the bike screen off to protect it from breakage. Then, tighten the disks more conveniently.

Look no further. It’s not the wheels or pedals. The frame needs to be tightened to the base crossbar that holds the legs.

For others, it is the stabilizers and transport wheels, which are not level, or with screws that are loose. The pressure on the stabilizers increases as you stand on your pedals, hence the noise. However, you can manage the challenge by leveling the wheels and ensuring that they are on an even floor. Then, tighten the screws to prevent further clicking.

Try to place your bike plain floor, You can use a Bike mat.

Peloton clicking noise out of the saddle(when standing). It may also become from Squeaky Shoes and crank arm, then follow the step 1: Peloton Shoes Clicking Noise (Squeaky Shoes) and Step 2: Peloton Making Noise When Pedaling

4. Peloton Crank Arm Noise

When the noise is from the crank arm, it is easily noticeable. But, even better, it helps narrow down the bike problem to the crank arm.

Usually, it is a result of;

  • Loose crank arm bolts
  • Dry crank arm

Thus, correction involves tightening the bolts. Good for you, the delivery maintenance box that came with the bike has all the tools you need. Use an Allen wrench for the tightening.

Peloton Crank Arm Noise

Then, lubricate or grease the crank arm, as well as the pedal threads.

These two solutions should bring down the crank arm noise. If not, you should contact Peloton customer service. In most cases, they will replace the crank arm if neither of the solutions above works.

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5. Peloton Flywheel Bearing Noise

Noise from the peloton flywheel is rare, but it has to do with the wheel bearings when it is. You may find that the flywheel bearing fell without your knowledge, leading to the squeaky noise from the wheel.

In this case, your only option is to contact peloton customer service with a video indicating the problem. The Peloton will diagnose the problem immediately, and they will send you the parts if your warranty is still in place. They will even send in a technician to fix the bearings for you.

If your warranty is expired, you will pay for the parts, but they will send a video with instructions on installation.

When it will be the bearings, the wheel bearing is gone. Need replacement. You can continue to ride, and it won’t harm the bike.

6. Peloton Flywheel and Magnets Noise Problem

Magnets may be rubbing against the flywheel. An easy fix that you can do yourself is to see the below video.

7. Peloton Rubbing Noise    

Sometimes the clicking noise on your Peloton is from the crank wheel rubbing against adjacent bike parts, such as the cover. Usually, this is a result of dirt accumulating in the belt area.

Therefore, take the crank belt cover off, and vacuum the rubber peels. Then, using a non-alcohol cleaner, wipe the belt of all possible dirt. This will solve the cranky problem from rubbing.

8. Peloton Belt Noise

Fundamentally, the peloton bike belt is designed with a slightly raised print, which comes into contact with the idler pulley, hence some noise. The noise is normal but temporal for all new belts, hence nothing to worry about. It fades away as your belt adapts to rides.

Besides, the noise will not cause you any risk, neither is it a risk to the bike.

How to Contact Peloton Support Team

The Peloton support team is highly responsive and really commendable in satisfying customer needs.

Therefore, if you have an issue with clicking sounds on the bike, the team will always be in place to help you. 

So, how do you contact the Peloton support team? The most effective way is through an email to support@onepeloton.com You must attach a video on the problem in your email, which will help with the diagnosis. The video will determine whether or not technicians should be sent for help. Also, the team will only call for clarification, having the possible cause in mind, saving you time.

The team gets back to you within three working days. You can also follow up with a phone call.

When You Contact Peloton;

A technician may be sent to handle the following;

  • Bottom bracket issue
  • Replacing the frame
  • Changing or installing flywheel bearings
  • Replacing the crank arm
  • Replace any broken part
  • Any other flywheel challenge

If you have a Peloton warranty still in place, that is, the replacement and diagnosis are accessible within the first year of purchase. You will also get free services if you purchase an extended warranty.

How to Avoid Getting the Clicking Noise on Your Peloton Bike

  • Always ensure that the Peloton clips are well-tightened to the shoe cleat plate
  • Tighten screws and bolts on the Peloton pedals, crank arm, and bike frame
  • Keep your bike clean, following the Peloton bike maintenance manual
  • Keep the bike away from kids and pets, who could add debris to the bike’s delicate parts


Is Peloton supposed to make noise?

No, Peloton is not supposed to make noise. On the contrary, it should offer a near-silent cycling experience. However, if the belt makes noise when new, the noise should fade away within days.

Why is my Peloton bike squeaking?

Your Peloton bike should not squeak. If it is, then check on loose cleats, pedals, and other bike part screws, which cause the problem. In addition, you should tighten all the nuts on the bike and shoe cleats to get rid of basic cycling noise.

Does the Peloton Bike Make Clicking Sounds Under Heavy Weight?

If you are within Peloton’s recommended body weight, approximately 300 pounds, the bike should not make any noise. It means that the bike can handle the weight, regardless of your posture on the bike.

If the bike clicks under your weight, you are not the problem. On the contrary, you should check for possible problems on the bike.

Do Peloton Bikes Require Maintenance?

Yes, they do. Peloton bikes require frequent maintenance measures to keep the bike in good condition. These include keeping it clean and replacing the pedals at least once per annum.

Does Peloton make a lot of noise when standing on the pedals?

Peloton should not make any noise even when you stand on the pedals. Actually, your neighbor will not even know that you are cycling, so you won’t cause a distraction with the bike.


Peloton should not make any noise, as the flywheel and the belt are smooth and silent. However, the bike may make some clicking sounds due to loose screws, dirt, and friction in some areas. 

However, since the noise is not normal on the bike, raising the alarm is necessary. You can either check on the bike on your own or contact Peloton customer service for help.

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