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How To Remove Toe Cages for Peloton Bike? – Super Easy Way

Toe cages/ toe clips on a Peloton bike are always the best way to ride on a peloton using regular sneakers. They also allow multiple riders on the bike without necessarily having extra expenditures on the cycling shoes.

However, there is this one time when you really miss a good position on the Leaderboard and when you want to break your maximum output record. However, you and I know that it is only possible with optimal power transfer. And, better power transfer is definitely via the cycling shoes on the clipless pedals.

So, how do you remove the toe cages from the Peloton Bike for your convenience? 

We will get onto that, but first;

Types of Toe Cages/ toe clips Clipping on the Peloton Bike

Luckily for us, there are multiple companies, other than Peloton, dedicated to designing toe cages specifically for the Peloton bike and bike plus pedals. More than that, there are toe cage options for you to choose from.

They include;

  1. Toe cages were installed on the clipless platform, on the cleat surface.
  2. Toe cages installed on the opposite side of the cleat surface allow Ride with Sneakers and also allow cycling delta shoes. Convert Look Delta Pedals to Dual Function Pedals.

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How to Remove Toe Cages from Peloton Bike pedals

Toe cages can break during removal, which leads to loss. Even worse, they could leave pieces on the pedals that inconvenience clipless pedal cycling, especially if they install on the pedal platform.

So, how do you easily remove toe clips for peloton bike?

1. How to Remove Toe Cages from Peloton Pedals That Adjust on the Cleats

You will need; A 3-millimeter Allen key that comes with your Peloton Bike.


How to Remove Toe Cages from Peloton Pedals That Adjust on the Cleats
  • First off, turn the resistance knob all the way to the right, which will prevent the pedals from moving during the procedure.
  • Next, use the Allen key to loosen the tension screw at the bottom of the Peloton pedal.
  • Finally, Clip out/pull the toe cages off the pedals, which should be with a bit of force, but they should be safe.

And there, you have a free platform for your Peloton cycling shoes.

2. How to Remove Toe Cages from Peloton pedals that Adjust Opposite to the Cleat

More often than not, these cages offer cycling convenience, and most people will not want to remove them. However, it comes to a point where no one probably needs them in a long time, and you feel that they are safer off the bike. Other times you probably feel you could ride more freely without the toe cages hanging out and probably making you feel like they would get stuck somewhere along with the pedal rotations.

In this case;

You will need;

  • A 3mm Allen key included with your Bike.
  • The pedal platform cover and its bolts


How to Remove Toe Cages from Peloton pedals that Adjust Opposite to the Cleat
  1. First, turn the resistance knob to level 100, all the way to the right, so that the pedals remain still during the removal process.
  2. Second, loosen the bolts inside the toe cages, which attach the toe cages to the Peloton pedals. Then, remove the bolts from the platform.
  3. Third, the toe cages should come loose, so you can simply remove them from the pedals without any force.
  4. Fourth, put back the platform cover, and attach all its bolts in place. Finally, tighten the bolts with the Allen wrench.

Now you are free to have a toe-cage-free peloton cycling session. 

How Long Does It Take to Remove Peloton Pedal Toe cages?

Good for you; removing the Peloton toe cages will take you less than Five to ten minutes, at least with the process in mind. Therefore, it is possible to get rid of the Peloton toe cages and still take that class you promised to beat your friend in that is up within a few minutes.

How to Unclip Peloton Toe Cages

Are you stuck in the toe cages after an extraordinary Peloton session and wondering how to unclip safely? 

For the Peloton brand toe cages, the toe clips attach to the Peloton pedals the same way that the shoe cleats do. Ooh, yes, the toe cages actually have cleats at the bottom.

Let’s get onto the process of unclipping the toe cages from the bike;

  • Firstly, Kick your heel outwards from the pedal with some force. You should hear a pop sound, which means that you unclipped successfully.
  • If hard to unclip then Loosen the Peloton Pedals Tension screws using the 3-millimeter Allen key included with your Bike.

How Do You Loosen the Peloton Pedals Tension screws?

How Do You Loosen the Peloton Pedals Tension screws?

The Peloton pedal tension is adjustable from the bottom of the pedal. It is visible as a stand-alone bolt at the edge of the pedal cover plate.

So, use a 3mm Allen Key to turn the tension bolt counterclockwise. This will get the tension loose. 


There are two types of Peloton toe cages attach directly to the bike pedals. One attaches on the top platform, where the peloton shoe cleats clip in, while the other attaches at the opposite side of the cleat platform, encouraging dual function.

While the removal of the two types of toe clips differs, all you need is a process for your type of toe cage. And, within a few minutes, you should ride on a toe cage-free Peloton bike.

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