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Can You Convert Peloton Default Pedals to SPD or Flat Pedals? Yes, You Can!

It can be challenging to clip into Peloton pedals, then have to leave mid-class to attend to a crying baby, answer a knock, or even prevent the pet from hurting itself. Then there is the situation where more than one of you in the household are avid spinners, and you probably only got one pair of Peloton shoes for a start. However, you still own a previous spinning class SPD pair. Or you love SPD cleat system shoes for easy clip in and out.

The good news is that you can solve either of the cases or even both for a more convenient cycling session.

Even better, you don’t have to switch the pedals and probably jeopardize your bike warranty. This is because you can convert the Peloton default pedals to SPD or flat pedals.

Luckily, with the Peloton pedal adapters and converters, you can achieve the type of versatility with the pedals. And, you will not even need professional help for installation, nor are the changes permanent.

How Do I Convert My Peloton Pedals to SPD (Dual Function)?

Essentially, the Peloton pedals are Look Delta clipless pedals. Unfortunately, this means that they are only compatible with three-hole shoe cleats and in either Look Delta or SPD-SL cleat design.

Obviously, Look Delta pedals would never be compatible with the SPD shoes, which are two-hole. However, the peloton pedal(Look Delta) will convert to the SPD pedal(dual-function) using a pedal converter.

My top recommendation of a Peloton pedal Adaptor is the Venzo Converter of Peloton Pedals to Dual Function at Amazon.This is because the converter is actually made for just the Peloton brand bikes and is compatible with both the standard bike and the Peloton bike plus. Other than that, the pedal converter is easy to install without professional help, and you will save on SPD cleats as it comes with a pair. Therefore, you can use the Peloton cycling shoes(look delta shoes) on one side of the pedals and SPD cycling shoes on the other side of the pedals.

Let’s get into the process of converting Peloton pedals to dual-function pedals using a pedal adapter. 

How to Convert Peloton Pedals(look delta) to SPD (Dual Function)
  1. Switch your pedals into an upside downstate, where the pedal plate is attached. Finally, remove the pedal plate by unscrewing the bolts attaching the cover plate to the pedals.
  2. Next, attach the SPD adapter onto the surface of the pedals where the pedal plate cover was installed. Finally, put the bolts in their respective points and tighten the adapter onto the pedals.
  3. Fortunately, the adapter has adjustable spring tension. Adjust the tension appropriately to enhance a more relaxed ride. 
  4. Finally, get into your SPD shoes and hop onto the bike, the pedals in the SPD style. And, whenever you need to use the Peloton shoes, you just have to get onto the Look Delta side of the Peloton pedals.

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Is Peloton Conversion to SPD Pedals Permanent?

No, it is not. You can always remove the SPD converter from the Peloton pedals by reversing the process of installation above. Besides, the SPD pedal adapter does not affect the Peloton shoe cycling surface. On the contrary, they give you the freedom to either ride in SPD or Peloton shoes.

Can I Convert Peloton Default Pedal to Flat Pedal to Use Regular Shoes?

Yes, you can. One of the main features that indoor fitness bike owners dislike about clipless pedals is the inability to use regular shoes on the bike. The same case applies to the Peloton bike users, especially for people who don’t fancy being locked into the clipless pedals.


However, you can now convert the Peloton pedals to flat pedals and enjoy using regular shoes with flat pedal converters at Amazon. What are flat pedal converters? These are plastic plates that one attaches to clipless pedals to transform the clipless pedals into flat pedals. Flat pedals have a suitable surface where regular shoes can have a grip and do not require the use of special cycling shoes.

So, you attach these plates to the pedal to make the clipless pedals flat pedals.

How to Convert Peloton Pedals to Flat Pedals for Regular Shoes

There are two ways to ride the Peloton bike with regular non-cycling shoes

  1. Use of Peloton-compatible toe cages or toe clips
  2. Use of a flat pedal converter on the Peloton pedals.

Our focus is on the flat pedal converter, which is the easiest to ride and get off the pedals. 

My top choice is Doubleplus Pedal Converters for Peloton at Amazon, which is specifically built for Peloton standard bikes and bike plus indoor bikes. They are easy to install and uninstall and don’t require any installation equipment at all.

So, how do you convert the Peloton pedals to flat pedals with the flat pedal converter?

  1. Attach the converter onto the Peloton clipless pedal, with the narrower side at the front. Attach from the front and press it at the rear side for a successful installation.
  2. To remove the converter, simply hold onto the pedal with one hand and use the other to detach from the rear to the front.

With the flat pedal converter, you still have an option to use your Peloton bike cycling shoes. However, this time you have an option to use sneakers and even sandals on the bike as well, hence versatility.

My flat Pedal Adapter is Difficult to Detach from the Peloton Pedals

In this case, get the Peloton pedal Allen wrench and unscrew the tension to release some tension from the pedal. Then, try removing the converter again, and the detaching should be seamless.

Is Peloton Conversion to Flat Pedals Permanent?

No, it is not. If you consider the flat pedal converter, this means only adding a flat pedal plate onto the Peloton pedals, which you can install and uninstall within a minute. 

Benefits of Dual Function Pedals

  • Dual function pedals allow you versatility in pedal cycling styles. With Peloton dual pedal options, you can either use SPD and Delta cycling designs or flat pedal and Delta cycling options.
  • The dual pedals with a flat side allow one to be accustomed to indoor cycling before taking on the clipless pedals. Both cycling and clipless pedals could be strange and too much to take in for some; hence the option to handle one at a time is a welcome idea.
  • Multiple users can ride on the bike. Remember that with a Peloton bike, you can have multiple accounts. However, since not everyone may have the luxury of owning Peloton shoes, dual-function pedals will be helpful. For instance, with the flat pedal option, other household members and visitors alike will have an opportunity on the bike without the limitations of the special cycling shoes for clipless pedals.
  • SPD cycling option allows spinning fans to reminisce the good old spinning studio days with their old spinning shoes.
  • Dual function pedals do not force you to forego Peloton pedal cycling. You can always ride in Peloton’s shoes and alternate with other options at will.
  • I also love the fact that the dual adapter options do not compromise your Peloton parts warranty. They are accessories that do not affect the overall functioning of the pedals.
  • Converting pedals to dual options doesn’t require much investment, yet the benefits are worth more than the cost.


You can actually convert the Peloton pedals to dual SPD or flat pedal designs for more versatile options. The best part about the change is that it is easy and doesn’t affect your Peloton pedals negatively.

So, do you want to make your Peloton pedals convenient for riding in shoes other than the Peloton Look Delta shoes? Try out one of these Peloton pedal adapters!

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