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Look Delta Vs. Look Keo: What’s the Difference?

Look Delta and Look Keo are both Look Cycle products, so are they really different? Definitely! Delta and Keo may be Look, but all they share is a three-hole cleat design and a parent company. However, they are incompatible and different in a lot more ways than they are similar.

The main difference between the two cleats is that the KEO cleat is smaller and has a larger platform surface than the Delta cleat. The Look Keo cleat format was created with the goal of reducing pedal weight. In comparison to the Delta, the tension on the Keo has greatly improved. The Keo are a little harder to clip in than the Deltas, but it’s still pretty easy and they feel more secure where the Deltas used to get a little loose as the cleats wore. All Delta and Keo cleats, on the other hand, are excellent for power transfer.

Is Look Keo the Same as Look Delta?

No, Look Keo is the newer invention of Look, while Look Delta was invented earlier.

Basically, Look Delta is an older invention of the Look Cycle, and it had been its pride after Look Arc for a long time. It had a three-hole cleat system, which was the best for power transfer. However, it was wide and heavier, leading to another innovation.

So, Look furthered its research to come up with Look Keo, which is precisely to Look Delta in that it is three-hole in design for optimal power transfer. However, Look Keo was better than Look Delta because the cleats were lighter and the outlook sleeker. They became a great competition to Look Delta in road cycling.

Are Look Keo and Look Delta Compatible?

No, they are not!

Can I use Look Keo cleats on Delta pedals? Can I use Look Delta cleats on Look Keo pedals? In both cases, the answer is no!

You cannot use Look Delta cleats on Look Keo pedals, nor can you use the Look Keo cleats on Look Delta pedals.

Are Look Delta and Look Keo Shoes the Same?

Yes, they are same. Both have a protruding cleat plate and a rigid bottom that makes walking impossible, but they are great for power transfer. Most importantly, the shoes have a three-hole cleat plate design, with most suitable for the three-hole Keo and Delta cleats.

Which Cleats are Compatible with Peloton; Look Delta or Keo? 

Look Delta cleats are compatible with Peloton since the Peloton pedals are Look Delta by default.

Can I use Look Keo cleats on Peloton pedals? Unfortunately, no. the Peloton default pedals are Look Delta, which is not compatible with Look Keo. Therefore, you cannot use the Keo cleats on the Peloton pedals.

Note: If you change your default Peloton Delta pedals to look Keo pedals, then you can use the Keo option.


Look Delta Vs. Look Keo Summary Table

 Look DeltaLook Keo
 BrandLook Look
Memory positionerYesYes
Cleat system Three-hole cleat system Three-hole cleat system 
Pedal outlookSleek and smaller pedals Larger and thicker pedals 
Cleat outlookSleek but large Thick and large 
Cleat float0 (black) and 9 degrees (red)  0 (black), 4.5 degrees (grey), and 9 degrees (red)
Peloton compatibilityyesno
 Best forSpinning and road cyclingRoad cycling

Let’s see the details about the two:

Look Delta

Look Delta was among the first clipless pedal innovations, and it was so impressive for road cycling that it became a reference for Shimano’s SPD-SL road clipless pedal design. 

They even became Peloton’s default pedal design choice, further adding to their popularity.

Sadly, Look is no longer making the Look pedals, only the compatible cleats. On the bright side, other companies are able to continue with the creation, and you can get the Delta pedals and accessories in most cycling stores online and physically.

Look Delta cleat

Look Delta cleat is the main difference between the Delta clipless design and others. It is three-hole, hence triangular in shape. The clips are broad and wide and relatively easy to clip in compared to Look Keo.

The Delta cleats come with a memory positioner, which leaves the cleat design on the shoe for ease in changing the cleats.

Moreover, Look Delta shoes have a protruding cleat plate. Therefore, the cleats fit in with a protruding outlook, which adds to the difficulty of walking in cycling shoes.

Last but not least, the cleats have two cleat float options, which are 9 degrees and zero degrees. Float refers to the movement of the legs away from the pedals while the feet remain locked in the pedals.

The 9-degree float cleat has the advantage of allowing for lateral movement from 0, 4.5, and 6 to 9 degrees. On the other hand, the zero-degree float cleat has no float at all. You will easily differentiate the different float cleats since the 9-degree float cleats are red in colour while the 0-degree float cleats are black.

Look Delta pedals

Look Delta pedals are quite heavy and bulky in outlook. They also have a longer stack height, which is the length between the ball of your shoe and the axle when on the pedals.

Usually, the Delta pedals fit into most spin bike crank arms, with a common spindle length of 9/16 inches.

Maximum use for: Look Delta has proven great for both spinning and road cycling. Therefore, it is a great option for riders who want to optimize indoor and road cycling experiences.

Look Keo

Look Keo is newer than Look Delta, and it was actually designed to correct Look Delta’s faults for perfect road cycling. Therefore, it is sleeker and the pedal stack height shorter than Delta, yet with the power transfer and performance of Delta cleat systems.

Look Keo cleats

Look Keo cleats are thinner than Look Delta, and the three holes quite smaller. Therefore, they are incompatible with the Look Delta system.

The cleats are three-hole in design and so light that they are the best preference for road cycling.

Keo cleats come in three float options; 0, 4.5, and 9-degree floats, represented by black, grey, and red, respectively. This makes them even more appealing than the Deltas since one can get a moderate float at will.

Like Look Delta, the cleats further feature a memory positioner. This means that once you install them on your shoes, your shoe will remember where the cleat sits the next time.

Look Keo pedals

Look Keo pedals have a characteristic sleek outlook, and the stack height is quite short. Due to this stack height, they have a more stable feel that allows for more cycling exploration.

Maximum use for: Look Keo is used optimally for road cycling. They are currently the best road cycling Pedals and cleats, getting ahead of Look Delta and SPD-SL, among others. 

Is Look Keo SPD-compatible?

No,  they are not SPD-compatible. SPD requires two-hole designed cleats, while Look Keo requires a three-hole cleat design. Therefore, the two are completely incompatible.

Final Thoughts

Look Keo and Look Delta may be Look’s clipless pedal designs, but they are incompatible. 

Nonetheless, each is great in its field, with Look Delta shining in Peloton and other indoor spinning as well as outdoor road cycling, while Look Keo gets it best in road cycling.  After all, they are both three-hole cleat systems that are outstanding in power transfer performance.

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