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Peloton Bike Vs Peloton Row: Which Is Best?

Finally, Peloton has released the long-awaited and rumoured fitness equipment, the fitness rower. They managed to keep the product secret despite guesses and rumours, rendering the introduction a beautiful surprise.

However, confusion comes with the peloton rowing machine; which is better, the rowing machine and the bike? Which offers more effective training than the other? After all, both are cardiovascular training machines.

Peloton cycling is better than rowing for knee injuries, back pains, and low-impact training. In comparison to cycling, which mostly targets the lower body, rowing is a whole-body workout that actively engages 86% of the body’s major muscle groups. Rowing and cycling both provide excellent strength and endurance training.

That being said, fitness machines are similar in more ways than they are different. For example, they are both amazing at maintaining cardiac and respiratory health.

We will get a detailed guide on the differences and similarities between the two, in addition to the features that stand out for each. I’ll start by answering the crucial query: Which exercise is more effective, cycling or rowing and which are burned more calories?

Peloton Rower at a Glance

Peloton Rower

Peloton rower is the elegant piece of equipment you will want to accessorize your living room with while getting fitness benefits. And while rowing can be tricky, the Peloton equipment comes with updated features that ensure anyone gets to row without fear of injury. It has the Form Assist feature that ensures you know your form as you take every pull. The feature couples with Form Ratings and Insights that guide you after every class you take.

On top of that, the rower comes with a large 23.8” HD screen, which helps view workouts and metrics vividly from any point in the house. Since Peloton already features Peloton rower Bootcamp classes, the swiveling feature of the screen comes in handy for off-rowing floor sessions.

When you think about how long a rowing machine is, you probably will give up if you have a small space. However, the Peloton rowing machine has a foldable arm, which allows you to store it upright whenever the machine is not in use. Even better, it has a tethering option that keeps it more secure while upright.

However, the equipment is currently Peloton’s most expensive, going for $3195.

Peloton Bike at a Glance

The Peloton bike is the oldest of Peloton’s line of fitness machines. Actually, it is the most successful, with two bike models, the Peloton bike and the Peloton bike plus, still selling steadily.

The standard bike has a 21.8-inch touchscreen, while the newer bike + model has a touchscreen that measures 23.8 inches. Both bikes are sleek and elegant, which is one of the reasons people adore them.

Basically, indoor cycling is similar to outdoor cycling, where you can take the workouts on and off the saddle. Peloton Cycling is instructor-guided for the majority of the classes, which makes it more interesting.

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Reasons Why Cycling Can Improve Your Fitness

Technically, cycling is a cardiovascular exercise that is good for heart and lung health. It keeps the blood flowing faster, preventing the risk of blood vessel blockage. Besides that, it helps prevent cholesterol build-up that threatens major organ failure in the body.

Cycling is the most convenient exercise for treating knee pain and injuries. This stems from the fact that the workout is least strenuous on the knees, despite the workout being a leg-concentrated exercise. Therefore, it keeps the knee active while moving it sparingly.

Moreover, cycling is effective for lower back pain treatment. In this case, you can adjust the cycling posture to a straight seated position that prevents lower back strain. At the same time, it encourages fast healing because cycling strengthens the core muscles.

Most importantly, cycling is good for burning calories and weight loss. Tin Peloton, multiple types of cycling classes, aim at weight loss goals.

What Can You Expect from Rowing

In general, rowing is a cardiovascular workout with cardiovascular and respiratory health benefits. And with cardio exercise comes calorie-burning and weight loss benefits.

However, unlike the exercise bike, the rowing machine is also strength equipment. Therefore, while it helps significantly with fat-burning and weight loss, it is also efficient with muscle gain and endurance.

More than that, rowing is a full-body exercise involving the arms, the chest, the core, and the lower body. Therefore, it opens up the chest, increasing respiratory health benefits. 

High-intensity rowing has a higher calorie-burning impact. In addition, increased resistance is known to enhance post-workout calorie burning and start a muscle-building journey.

Peloton Bike or Peloton Rowing Machine for Weight Loss

Fortunately, the Peloton bike and the rowing machine are excellent at enhancing weight loss. However, even in the low-intensity rowing options, you still burn a lot of calories and are sweaty within ten minutes or less, as opposed to cycling.

Consistency in either workout leads to a notably leaner body; hence both are good at weight loss. Nonetheless, you will need to combine exercise with a healthy diet with a calorie deficit to make this work.

Calorie deficit: This indicates that you spend more calories than you consume – typically by controlling your diet and/or exercising more.

Peloton Bike Vs.Peloton Rowing Machine: Which Burns More Calories?

The Peloton bike and the Peloton rowing machine have guided exercises, increasing productivity. On top of that, they are both cardio, which is the best for calorie burning.

Both cycling and rowing have the same impact on weight loss at low-impact exercise levels. Actually, they burn the same number of calories in low-impact ranges.

As the intensity increases, though, rowing increases the calories burned per unit time compared to cycling.

Other than intensity, the difference in weight loss depends on the weight of the individual. For example, it is noted that heavier people shed more calories at a unit of time and intensity compared to lighter individuals.

A simplified table below explains the calories burned in relation to cycling or rowing for 30 minutes.

Calories Burned Cycling Charts for 30 minutes: According to Harvard University

Weight  Moderate pace  Fast Pace
125 lb  (57 kg) 210 calories300 calories
155 lb  (70.3 kg) 260 calories372 calories
185 lb  (83.9 kg) 311 calories444 calories

Calories Burned Rowing Charts for 30 minutes:

WeightModerate effortVigorous effort 
125 lb  (57 kg) 199242
155 lb (70 kg)  246370
185 lb (84 kg)  294440

While cycling and rowing give the near result in this table.

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Peloton Bike Vs. Peloton Rowing Machine: Which Muscles are Used/ Built?

Peloton Bike

Primarily, the Peloton bike requires the use of the lower body to exercise. Therefore, it goes without saying that the bike works the lower body muscles. Specific muscles that benefit include the calves, the hamstrings, and the quads. In addition, one also uses and builds the glute muscles in climbs and high-intensity interval training.

Secondarily, cycling helps tone the core muscles, which contract to increase lower body strength during exercise. 

The triceps and biceps also enhance cycling with twists and moves on the handlebars. Then there are the arm rides on Peloton, which require that you take light to medium weights during cycling exercises. 

Peloton Rower

On the other hand, rowing involves all the body muscles, from the arms, the chest, and the core to the lower body muscles. AFPA claims that, the rowing stroke consists of 25–35% upper body work and 65–75% leg work.

It primarily targets the large muscle groups in your:

  • calves
  • glutes
  • quadriceps

Rowing is also known to enhance the following upper body muscles:

  • arms
  • pecs
  • obliques
  • abdominal muscles

You will need the triceps to move forward while the biceps help extend the body backwards. As you extend the body, the chest and the shoulder muscles open up.

Then, the hamstrings, quads, and calves contract and extend vertically during the rowing motion. 

Finally, the core, especially the transverse abdominis and the lower back muscles, offer the strength required for the back-and-forth motion.

Therefore, rowing is more wholesome as it works the whole body, compared to cycling, that only works the lower body most.

Peloton Bike Vs. Peloton Rowing Machine: Workout Difficulty

Usually, both the bike and the rowing machine can be set to high intensity by increasing the resistance levels. However, the rowing machine delivers a more challenging workout due to the involvement of most of the body muscles.

Also, the Peloton bike is more favourable for beginners than the rowing machine. Rowing is more difficult and requires prior skills to gain confidence compared to the bike, which anyone can hop onto and ride.

Thus, the rowing machine has more incredible workout difficulty in comparison to the bike.

The Peloton Bike and the Rowing Machine: Which Has Greater Risk for Injury?

Basically, the rowing machine requires skill and technique to row. Unfortunately, this means that users without the know-how run the risk of injury. And fortunately, Peloton has figured a way around this by proving the Form Assist feature, which helps you avoid the wrong form that causes injury. There are also form-specific metrics and features which help you understand how you fare with correct form in class.

On top of that, the Peloton rower comes with a tethering option, which allows you to secure it to the wall in upright storage. This minimizes the risk of the heavy machine falling on a person or a pet and causing injury.

That aside, consistent rowing could cause shoulder and neck muscle tenderness, which results in pain. Due to the constant bending back and forth, most users also end up complaining of lower back injury and pain.

On the other hand, anyone can hop onto an exercise bike and ride, even kids, were it not for the age limitations. Hence, it is unlikely that one would have injuries on the Peloton bike, making it a safer option.

Moreover, the Peloton bike is always a winner when it comes to back pain, knee injury, and joint pain recovery therapy. This is because it has low-impact exercises that move these muscles gently, enhancing healing.

Also, pregnant women and seniors can all have a haven by cycling a Peloton, as long as they take the correct type of exercise. Actually, one can consider prenatal cycling classes on Peloton for specificity.

Peloton Bike Vs. Peloton Rowing Machine Cost

Usually, Peloton manufactures and distributes high-end products, as evident from the bikes and treadmills already on the market. Given that the bike and the treadmill both started with expensive models, it is most likely that the rowing machine will be expensive.

Update: The Peloton rower, now in the market, goes for $3195, which includes the rower, a 23.8-inch HD screen, delivery and installation.

On the other hand, the Peloton bike goes for $1495, while its high-end counterpart, the bike plus, costs $2495.

Therefore, if you were to go for a budget Peloton fitness product, both bikes are more convenient than the rowing machine.

Peloton Rowing Machine Vs. Bike: Which One Takes More Space?

The Peloton bike and rowing machine are sleek, requiring minimal house space compared to other fitness machines such as the treadmill.

And while the rowing machine may consume larger space when one is working, it is possible to store it upright after use, which further minimizes the space needed.

Therefore, the two fitness equipment are at a draw when it comes to space-saving.

Choosing Between a Bike and a Rowing Machine: Top 3 Things to Consider

Not surprisingly, the bike and the rowing machine have differences that draw and similarities that make it difficult to make a choice. However, the tips below will give you a starting point;

1. Type of Muscles Worked

The type of muscles you want to work on should dictate the workout machine you consider. This means that if you want an athletic outlook with toned legs and already have another option for upper body exercise, the bike is the best option.

On the other hand, the rowing machine is the best option for working the whole body muscles. Actually, you may not need extra exercises with a rowing machine because it targets muscles across the body.

2. Workout Difficulty

Are you recovering from an injury and looking to stay active without compromising your health? The Peloton bike has somewhat lighter exercises compared to the rowing machine. Besides, it has cycling options that keep some muscles less active, such as the back and the knees. An example of these exercises is the low-impact option.

However, the rowing machine is an excellent option when you want optimal workout benefits such as fast weight loss and ease in muscle toning. Providing strenuous exercises also makes it a choice when you have minimal exercise time on your schedule since it delivers the best within a short time.

3. Preference 

Preference may be the last condition, but it is equally important in determining the choice of a fitness machine. The rowing machine is great if you fancy rowing your way into different water bodies or has always been into rowing.

Nevertheless, if a good cycling class facilitates the production of dopamine and other feel-good hormones, the Peloton exercise bike will always be a priority for you.

Rowing Vs. Cycling: The Best Overall Workout

Rowing and cycling each have advantages that the other cannot offer. However, we can all agree that they are great at cardio exercises. Thus, they help burn calories, lose weight, and maintain body weight.

Therefore, the answer is biased; one will love cycling due to the options for low-intensity workouts, while another will appreciate the full-body exercises that rowing has to offer. 

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Final Thoughts

The bottom line is to always go for the best workout machine that works for you. 

Rowing is rich in full-body cardio benefits and helps strengthen most muscle groups across the body. Likewise, cycling has cardio benefits, and it is the best for family exercises, given that anyone is safe on the bike.

And now that Peloton offers both fitness machines, you also have live and on-demand classes to guide you through the workouts. So, which one will you prefer?

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