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How to Cancel Orangetheory Class? (Policy & Fees)

Orangetheory has classes that entice you to attend consistently, given the extensive fitness impact. However, there are times when you just can’t make it, regardless of how much you want to be there. For instance, you may be unwell or have a sick little one travelling, among other unavoidable circumstances.

For this reason, Orangeteory has a policy that allows you to skip the class with notice. Nonetheless, the notice has a timeline, and failure to adhere to the timeline has a cost. So, let’s discuss how to cancel Oranegtheory class, policies in place and fees implicated.

Orangetheory Class Cancellation Policy

In general, Orangetheory Fitness studios allow members to cancel scheduled classes. However, you will need to give notice to the studio at least 8 hours before the class starts. Actually, the timeline varies, and some studios want you to give notice as early as 12 hours before the class commences. Therefore, you may have to liaise with your studio to know the policy in place for you.

The reason for the early notice is that there is usually a waiting list for most classes, people waiting to be slotted in if there is a class vacancy. Consequently, failure to report that you will miss a class on time fails a person on the waiting list who could have taken your place.

Therefore, if you fail to report that you will not make it to class within the stipulated time, say 8 hours before class, the studio will charge you a fee, usually $10 to $12. 

Orangetheory Late Cancel and No-Show Fees

So, if you cancel the class later than 8 hours or 12 hours, depending on your studio class cancellation policy, you will pay approximately $10 to $12 for it. Therefore, it is always advisable to send the notice on time to avoid the pinching cost of failure.

How to Cancel an Orangetheory Class

There are a couple of ways you can cancel an Orangetheory class;

  1. Call your Orangetheory studio and cancel the class
  2. You can cancel via the Orangetheory app; go to your schedule of upcoming classes, then select delete or cancel the class.

However, remember that in order to avoid cancellation charges, you should cancel the class at least 8 hours before the class starts. Also, contact the studio before you have to cancel the class to know whether the timeline is different for your specific studio. For instance, if your studio’s class cancelling policy states a timeframe of 12 hours, cancelling only 8 hours before time will not be effective.

What Happens If You Miss an Orangetheory Class?

If you miss an Orangetheory class but had cancelled the class early enough, usually 8 hours before the class, it’s a normal thing. OTF will not charge an Orangetheory no-show fee of $12. However, you can contact your studio to see whether they could allow you to make up for the class with another class.

On the other hand, if you miss an Oranegtheory class but did not communicate on time, your studio will deduct approximately $12 from your credit card. This charge is referred to as the late cancellation or no-show fee.

Can Orangetheory Waive the Late Cancel and No-Show Fee?

Usually, Orangetheory Fitness does not waiver the late cancel or no-show fee. Thus, you should expect a charge on your credit card soon after the class. But, as they say, the fees prevent people from missing the classes without notice often and, in the process, also failing people on the waiting list.

However, there are instances where you did not know that an emergency would come up, and neither did you just oversleep past class time. You were probably under the weather or had to rush a family member to the hospital. 

Fortunately, some studios will consider the late cancellation or no-show to class in these unavoidable circumstances. This is even more so if you rarely miss a class. Also, if you miss a rarely entire class with no waiting list and had a good reason to miss or cancel the class late, you may not get charged. For instance, if you had never missed a class without prior notice or when you missed more than 6 months before.

However, these situations are simply a courtesy of the studio, not a policy at Oranegtheory. Therefore, it is not guaranteed that you will get the waiver favour, even with good reason to miss a class or cancel it late.


How to cancel an Oranegtheory class is as easy as placing a call to your home studio or simply cancelling the class on the OTF phone app. However, all this has to be done at least 8 hours before the start of the class. 

Failure to cancel the class on time attracts a late class cancellation fee, which pains almost every member, discouraging the late cancellations.

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